X700 Tactical Flashlight Reviews

X700 Tactical Flashlight Reviews

Tactical X700 Flashlight is a state-of-the-art flashlight with improved life and a robust frame for flashlight utilizations. This flashlight is special among other choices and has various types of lumens power. In less darkness, high light can be used throughout the full dark night or medium light mode, although low light is available for emergency as well. This lamp is helpful in household applications and protects you against the darkness during risk. The structure of this light is constructed of aluminum aircraft and maintains long service life. The revolutionary torchlight is designed to comfort you through difficult times.

This flashlight may be worn with you since it requires a limited room in your bag or also in your wallet. During the whole darkness the high lumen will assist you locate your path. Forest guards and military helpers favor this system due to its heavy power consumption of batteries. This flashlight is better to use on long trips than with 3 AAA batteries. The LED bulb in this lamp provides strong light with lower power consumption. This system is inexpensive for masses thanks to its high quality and innovative technology.

  • SPECIAL POWER: High-Efficiency and Great Output LED Chip, Super Bright Tactical Light Pro
  • Adjustable focus range for different usage, stretching to adjust its focus
  • 5 switch modes: high / medium / low / strobe / sos
  • Skid-proof and water resistant design, best suitable for Outdoor Camping, Climbing, Cycling, etc
  • Power Source: 1 x 3.7V 18650 Battery (Not Included) or 3x AAA battery (Not Included)

X700 Tactical Flashlight Specifications

  • 700 brightness lumens
  • Up to x2,000 zoom option
  • Three AAA batteries.
  • Five modes of illumination, low, medium, high, SOS and strobe

X700 Tactical Flashlight Features

5 Modes

Five distinct transition modes include X700 tactical flashlights: high, medium, low, strobe and SOS.

High/low/medium modes: 3 modes enable you to change the light beam in your lamp to suit your requirements and the strength of your lighting.

Strobe Mode: The strobe mode can be used in self-protection against potentially harmful criminals that, you presume, are not fatally shot. It is disorienting for the person at whom it is directed, rendering concentration impossible for them.

SOS mode: The SOS mode allows you to communicate that you require assistance to everyone, but it is a foreign message that every search force would be able to acknowledge in cases of emergencies

LEDs Of High Efficiency

XML T6 LED is being used for X7000 tactical flashlight. The high lumens are up to 500 and have excellent performance. Comparing with old incandescent lamps, the extremely powerful LED gives about 40 times the brightness. You should still change to the low mode to lower power usage if you are concerned about battery life.


As previously stated, a flashlight has to be tested for water immersion to be water safe. IPX66 is rated and planned for use in heavy rain for the X700 Tactical Flashlight. The weather will still take a drastic change throughout your camping or tour. It can even survive high temperatures. The flashlight can not be immersed in a body of water even if it is water-resistant under the storm.

Adjustable Focus

The flashlight is supplied with customizable light. You can only extend and refine the focus to fit your requirements. When you want intense light to track the long distance, you can zoom out (up to 500m). To illuminate a wide region with circle floodlight, zoom in.

Easy-To-Use Switch

When purchasing a flashlight, easy use is an essential consideration.  Although the substance is primarily reserved for emergencies, complex procedures must be avoided. With the easy-to-operate option, you can change with only a press of a button from one light mode to the next. To pick a model of your choosing, all you should do is press the green button on the light.

Hard-Anodized Lotus Head

The role of light weight in survival equipment has been addressed already. This torchlight is constructed of aluminum alloy with good efficiency 606IT. It also offers stability and longevity, in addition to keeping the commodity light and highly compact.

Tail Cover Oriented Towards Safety

You can be damaged in several respects by an overly hot battery. The integrated tail cover of the lamp’s battery safety circuit enables battery security. It protects the torch from being overheated and from more wear and tear.

How Does It Work?

For any case, Tactical X700 Tashlight is useful because it gives several advanced features to preserve the product’s identity and consistency. Normal blowers provide a time beam that is used by a few of us constantly and that consumes full electricity. Here the innovation provides the best explanation for battery life saving, while three AAA batteries are efficient and heavy.

Different modes such as strong, medium and low, enable you to modify the light status according to the demand. SOS offers you the means to send the signs whether strobe lights help you fly a long way. Constant mode is also available for continuous, uninterrupted light flow. In this flashlight, the latest LED technologies gives 700 lumens that matche perfectly for military applications.

It is a really good thing to zoom up to 2000x to distinguish any object not normally apparent. The organization ensures consistency and periodically updates to provide you with the latest value on the market. Holding this lamp with you is like trusting in a life of adventure.


This flashlight Tactical X700 is a smart choice and sure it can be a fantastic tool. Therefore, if it still has your concentration up, you can not lose much time further and begin concentrating on having one. Quality is something all of us expect from a manufacturer so be sure your X7000 Tactical Flashlight doesn’t lack it. Now take your one. Grab your one.

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