What do you need for your first day of hiking?

A lot of hiking and camping routes are available in the USA. But not everyone in Spain has gone through them. You need to be very informed of what you need on the first day of your walk if you feel called to an adventure this time around.

It’s wonderful to take one of these coordinated community tours and have the opportunity to laugh and joke, as it is often known. The argument is that these are long journeys and you are going to be called Maria if your drinking water sources, your navigation devices (Compass or mountain GPS) have been left at home in order not to get lost.

It’s therefore best to make sure you have a list of your own. Don’t you know how your bags should be packed? We share this plan with you, which contains the most basic objects such as a survival kit and many other things practical only for adults and children.

1. Appropriate footwear

You would certainly need walking and climbing shoes if the trip involves rolling roads, rough terrain and steep cliffs. Proper shoes help you to feel more relaxed and to feel more comfortable when walking.

2. Hiking backpacks

The most appropriate for these outdoor sports activities are bags or bags designed especially for carrying large numbers of utensils required for long trips. Another advantage of hiking backpacks is that you keep it packed and well balanced to avoid back pain in the compartments. An unforgettable post. An article.

If children, particularly babies, belong to the party, they will have to be helped during the journey, so a baby carrier is sufficient.

3. Navigation instruments

Perhaps a map with its cover and a compass will help you find your way on the road if you want to do things in the old style. A compass, a GPS, a hiking clock are also tools which can help you to better orient yourself.

4. Food and water

You have to stay hydrated to practice so much, that’s why water bags are required. But it’s not sufficient. There is a time when the fluid is gone and you must plan. There is usually a river or lake near the routes, but the water purity may not be 100%, so it should include a personal water filter in the list.

Be sure to carry sufficient practical camp supplies when it comes to food. High calorie foods such as power bars and candies and balanced mixes are easy. Vegan protein bars are also available to meet the need.

You can need cooking equipment, fire starters and even campsites depending on what you have.

5. Mountain clothing

You should think about what kind of clothes you are wearing, depending on the time of year you plan to go on a group hike. For instance, shorts are required in summer. The rain is likely to come somewhere, so don’t forget water-resistant ponchos, hiking pants etc.

Accessories for clothing should also be borne in mind. Saddlebags are nice to wear a knife, torchlight and many more. You will also get safety bracelets that will help you in some temporary outdoor activities.

6. Lighting

For night walks at least one LED flashlight or lamp is mandatory. You should use the time and not stop walking in this way if a significant point comes soon. If you worry that your hands are full, headlights are the perfect way to clear the way.

7. Shelters

It is very common to spend the night while walking somewhere in the middle of the night. Therefore, it is very important for each group member to carry the tent and sleeping bag. You may select a tent for the number of people who follow you in several styles and sizes. Betten for walking are also available.

8. Skin protection

Sun protection is important, especially when the sun is bad in summer. Any antibacterial, mosquito and lip balm gel will be nice to put in your backpack. For your eyesight, you may also need sunglasses.

9. Communication and registration

You cannot leave your mobile phone, so add it on your list. It is best to have it handy for any emergency and communication needs.

On the other hand, you want to save those beautiful sceners and remember your friends and family for this great experience, so you need a good camera.

You will want to watch the birds and the rest of the country from a distance if you enjoy wildlife. For this reason, a spotting range is suitable.

10. Tools

You need a few handy tools to set up the tent, cut some branches, etc. The most suitable alternative are multifunctional clothing or a small repair kit.

Additional tips:

  • Take into account who and how many people you fly with. For children or animals, additional things like leashes, favorite treats and small toys will be needed in order to distract yourself at particular times.
  • Try to get in shape before you start walking in this natural setting for several days if possible. Jogging, cycling or sports would be fine if your walks weren’t too tiring.
  • Take the time at least the day before, to put together the backpack so that you leave nothing and still review the list to ensure that everything is properly packed.


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