The 10 Best Places In The World For Kayaking

You certainly ought to be on your bucket list because you are an adventure and nature lover.

In order to enjoy the sensation of heading to the sea in the beautiful countryside There are endless places of beautiful weather waiting for you to take your breath away.

Pack up your bags because you’re likely to want to go and have some fun right away.

This is the best destination in the world for kayaking:

1. Sea of ​​Cortez, Baja California, Mexico

Baja California
Baja California

High cliffs and sandy beaches are a characteristic feature. You have warm and cool crystal clear waters. The warm weather is one of the best destinations for kayaking.

Only imagine for a while that you are sailing in your kayak and encounter the whales or the dolphins. Do not worry, Orcas would normally go with you when you walk past them. (After getting over fear)

2. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver Island
Vancouver Island

Western Canada is one of the favorite water sports enthusiasts destinations in Canada The list of choices is still on Vancouver Island.

Its almost untouched nature is ideal for risky sports because it combines massive mountains with lush forests.

The favorite part of the tour This celestial location has the potential of sharing the sea with orcas, humpback whales and dolphins, with bears on earth and eagles will cover their heads when you look up into the sky..

From June to October is the perfect time to kayak and meet these creatures.

You’re at the game? Then don’t forget your water resistant camera.

3. Amazon


In this guide through the big Amazon River Latin America is featured. One of the destinations in the list of tips for kayakers should not be missed. Its tranquil waters and its few barriers make this an ideal place to begin your adventure.

But don’t let your apparent passiveness fool you, this river provides another kind of adventure.

Leaning from civilization, the Amazon rainforest awaits you on an exciting tour in the midst of indigenous peoples and lush greenery.

A reality not to be ignored: the piranhas are infested on this river. Come on, but don’t let you stop, come on!

4. Na Pali Coast, Island of Kauai, Hawaii

Island of Kauai
Island of Kauai

Kayaking is one of the ways to navigate this remote island of Hawaii (apart from walking or helicoptering with an inflatable kayak).

The island offers the chance to navigate between dolphins and tropical birds and seals, characterized by lonely beaches and lava-shaped caves. But no culture, so forget the hotels and the convenience of the city. during the trip.

5. Svalbard, Norway


We are moving to the cold of Norway from tropical heat. Svalbard allows you to paddle in safe waters between icebergs.

There are no dolphins here but the best photographs of Polar bears, Arctic foxes, walruses and renes can be released in social media.

6. Andino Fjords, Patagonia, Chile


Again, we are surprised by Latin America. The ideal blend of rainforest and glaciers can be found in Patagonia.

In the middle of cold turquoise seas, the characters are dolphins, sea lions and penguins.

7. Torre del Paine National Park, Chile

Most kayakers in the world live in Chile. The hot springs around volcanoes, rivers, lakes, glaciers and mountains can’t be resisted by any fan of this sport.

The more experienced argue that the adventure and unspoiled nature combine well.

Chile has something for everyone, whether you’re a sailor finding a shot to catch the moment or just a leisure paddler.

8. Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

Croatia is one of the kayaking enthusiasts’ favorite locations. Croatian Dalmatian Coast is the ideal destination, thanks to its crystal-clear waters, warm environment and historical architecture and the possibility to navigate on a private beach of its own.

9. French Alps

French Alps
French Alps

The French Alps may only be regarded as a “Kayak playground,” even though they have always been synonymous with skiing, snowboarding and winter sport.

They are great for all tastes from the Ardèche for beginners to the Sunshine Run in Durance for older people. Indeed, it is a must-have in the Austrian, Switzerland and the Italian alps for professionals who want to increase their risk.

10. Ottawa, Canada

Canada has returned to fill the kayaking world. This time, your mouth will open up on the Ottawa River and its large quantity of water, waves and quicks.

The great waves welcome surfers in the summer but kayaking lovers tend to sail in spring and winter.

Every year there are also big skiing and whitewater competitions on this channel.


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