Overall, Tact Bivvy Emergency Sleeping Bag is constructed out of a small polyester reflective film with a compact sleeping bag that weights below 5 ounces. The object reflects up to 90% of the body heat of the human when it is inside. According to its long-lasting nylon bag, it would not rip or tear once crammed with several other equipment. The bag is easily placed in a BOB, emergency kit, or in a travel case. It compresses into its nylon materials bag very nicely, so it is lightweight and simple to carry everywhere. It has a whistle to survive, a para-tinder and a bag of stuff. The bivy bag is water-resistant, wind-resistant and waterproof.

Tact Bivvy Emergency Sleeping Bag Features

Windproof and Waterproof

Bivvy defends all consumer from difficult situations, developed to hold the worst, coolest weather out of your pack. The Survival Frog TACT Bivvy is taped at the seams to prevent any winter temperatures. This fabric is designed to protect astronaut in outdoor space. This product is water-resistant and wind resistant and the best design for those at risk.

Highly Durable

The Tact Bivvy has a specific Mylar cover, which uses a technology called Heatsheets, designed to avoid tears and heat escape. This unique coating avoids tears and is very long and long-lasting. While the bag rolls, scraps, cuts, or unintentionally puts the sharp items in contact, it also does not snap or cut. It also makes sure that the heat in the bag is at all times locked in it.


If you need a night of great warmth and relaxation, see Helium or Alpine outdoor study. You sound as though nothing would touch you next to the Frog Tact. For the unbelievable few the Frog Tact is. It accumulated more dampness than every other model, there was no closing mechanism and in heavy wind it was really noisy and crunchy. Both these aspects have been sliced into our sleep night. The point is not hidden that it’s an extremely minimalist bivy, it’s better than nothing. The rain stayed away from us, and although the wind and the rain were a lot of noise, it was enough to protect the elements.


The lightest bivy that we reviewed was totally. The makers of this bag seem to want a bivy, the lightest it can be, without any addition. It’s only as easy as 128 g or 0.28 lbs. For this tiny weight, what will you get? It arrives with a waterproof bag and a simple polyester film bivy. No closing mechanism, including a zipper or a rope, is available and, very simply, the content is insufficiently sturdy for these extras.

Tact Bivvy Emergency Sleeping Bag Pros and Cons


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Wind and water resistant
  • Can be used as a broad signaling tool
  • 120 Decibel emergency whistle included
  • Included piece of fire cord
  • Included carabiner
  • May be found in refuge buildings
  • Affordable
  • Reusable before the content is affected
  • Can even be used to create a refuge


  • You must take great caution not to tear the bivvy material.

Some User Reviews

“Tact 2.0 HeatEcho Emergency Sleeping bag is perfect for carrying one often for such surprising events in your car or in the survival bag. If such a scenario occurs, it offers a sense of preparation.” – Marry J.

“This item is really simple to use and very lightweight to bring. I really like color because the bag is simple to find and takes up so small room. When moving in winter or in summer, it is perfect for emergencies. Ultimately, many of these are worth owning for your entire family.” – Terry M.

“The distinction between surviving or being causal may be these bivvy bags. A perfect little thing to store in a bug or an emergency package for a car.” – Jean.

“This is identical to other “sleeping bags” for survival or disaster but has an additional coating to keep it sustainable and certainly reusable. The bag allows repackaging and stocking for later usage more easy. The whistle is loud, but somewhat more.” – Sarah Clark.


The Survival Frog Tact Bivvy bag is an ideal sleeping bag for those who are surviving, who are prepping or anybody who wants to go out to the wild. These units would help you to sleep and relax in a nice and comfortable zip-up bag instead of concern about being unhealthy or at danger of being freezing by elements.

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