The Swiss Army Knife is as well known and popular as the camping table or cabin suitcase because it can be used in many circumstances, but also because it provides more basic benefits. And probably less known. However, to take advantage of all the capabilities of a Swiss Army Knife, you must first and foremost take the time to pick it well, which is nowhere near as obvious as it seems. Though not especially scientific, however, these selection criteria must be analyzed with the greatest possible rigor because your satisfaction would depend very directly on them. That’s why we’ve made this Swiss Army Knife buying guide where you can honestly take advantage of all our recommendations to make the best purchasing decision possible.

Why should you buy a Swiss Army knife?

The Swiss Army Knife is both realistic and flexible tools that would be useful in all circumstances, whether on holiday, hiking, in the countryside or even at home. And for good cause, it includes several different components, all of which have a very precise use and thus allow you to execute small maneuvers without running after the appropriate accessories. The Swiss Army Knife has so effectively developed itself as an important material that many people can’t imagine going on a trip without this precious weapon.

But the Swiss Army Knife still has the benefit of being very lightweight and thus as simple as an emergency survival kit or foldable hiking bag. Indeed, it measures just a few centimeters and weights just a few grams, so you can quickly slip it into your pocket to hold it on hand. Finally, Swiss Army Knife’s last advantage is economic. Just for a few bucks, you would have in your hands a multifunctional gear that will come back to you far less costly than if you were to purchase each part individually.

What are the functions of a Swiss Army knife?

If the Swiss Army Knife is still important for millions of consumers worldwide, this is because it contains a very large range of features, each more valuable than the next. Indeed, depending on the model you chose, you can, for instance, enjoy a can opener, a Phillips screwdriver, a blade of stainless steel, a fish scaler, a multi-purpose pin.

But it’s also crucial to bear in mind that certain high-end Swiss Army Knives are going much further, like Victorinox Swiss Army Knives, which provide additional features you may find necessary. Models selling a nail pad, a bottle opener, a corkscrew, a flat screwdriver, a multi-purpose hook, and a reamer punch can be found. Clearly, whatever your desires, you’ll find the right Swiss Army Knife for you.

How to choose a Swiss Army knife?

As we told you in the introduction to this Swiss Army Knives reference, while these pieces of equipment sound minimalist, they are in fact very complete and complicated at the same time and must therefore be selected with extreme caution. You’ll only be absolutely fulfilled by being very thorough during your study. The first criteria to review would probably involve the different accessories available to you. These should be enough to satisfy all your needs. Do not hesitate to take all the time to research this criteria, which would have a very clear effect on your stay’s comfort and thus on your satisfaction.

Then it’s easier to pick a Swiss Army knife by brand, as can be the case for modern portable picture printers. Obviously, changing to a company recognized in its area is superior to an obscure brand or a poor name. Finally, the last requirement for choosing a Swiss army knife is its user-friendliness. It’s important that the next piece of equipment can be handled as quickly as possible, helping you to tackle emergency situations. To get a good picture of the user-friendliness of a specific Swiss Army Knife, we suggest reading customer reviews that are very rich in advice and details.

Where to buy a great Swiss Army knife?

It is not difficult to find a Swiss Army Knife for sale as these products are available in shops, on the internet or in DIY shops, to name just a few options. Unfortunately, the prices charged are not very enticing or even abusive much of the time, which is justified by the fact that Swiss Army knives are subject to very high market demand.

However, there’s also a very easy solution to keep you happy when promising a reasonable amount. It simply consists of purchasing a Swiss Army Knife on because all year round, the brand provides you with hundreds of versions from big manufacturers that are somewhat different from each other, making sure you choose one that completely fits all the specifications. Often, it’s not unusual for to sell you Swiss Army Knives on promotion, because you can still save a little extra without getting some impasse on the cost to achieve.

What is the best Swiss Army knives?

1. Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife

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As far as knives from the Swiss Army go, the Victorinox Huntsman Pocket Knife is a perfect allrounder. It has a wide variety of tools made particularly useful when outdoors. It’s a fairly lightweight knife that weights only 3.4 ounces and fits perfectly in your pocket with a length of 3.58′′ to hold or slot in a narrow pocket outside your backpack. Comes with a leather carrying case for easy access.

2. Victorinox Swiss Army Pioneer Pocket Knife

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The Victorinox Pioneer is produced from stainless steel of 100 percent consistency and comes with a lifetime warranty. The blade is made to be a little bit more burly than any other knives in the Swiss Army and is perfect for long and long duties. In sliding or noisy operations, the Alox coating makes the knife grippy and easier to handle. Your basic camping tool kit, including a bottler, can opener, wire stripper, and screwdriver, is also available. It is the ultimate pocket knife for messy outdoor duties.

3. Victorinox Swiss Army EvoGrip S18 Pocket Knife

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The knife EvoGrip is designed to help you retain a safe and hands-free item. It has 15 different instruments, including a screwdriver from Phillips, a wood saw and serrated-edge scissors. For the cutter, the locking lever sticks out, which can allow it to get caught on items. The blade even locks, which will assist you with accuracy and keep you from cutting yourself unintentionally.

4. 15 in 1 Swiss Style Army Pocket Knife with Scissors

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Multitool knife Morpilot swiss style army knife assembles about 15 effective tools. The Magnesium Fire Starter is safer and more efficient, even in cold and wet conditions, it can quickly fire. Self-ignition is not easy to even fire with a lighter. The fire effect is stronger than 80% of the items on the market which are identical. In addition, it can be reused thousands of times and even dropping from a high position is not easy to destroy. This solid emergency fire starter is also a magnetic compass that will tell you the way when you get stuck, a 120db emergency whistle that lets you call assistance when in distress.

5. Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Pocket Knife

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This variant of the traditional Swiss Army knife is very lightweight. It can fit in both pockets, so it can also fit in your jeans in a smaller pocket. It has seven main features, including a nail pad, scissors, keyring, tweezers, and a toothpick along with a nail cleaner. There is a risk that the casing will come off if you drop this pocket knife.

6. SwissChamp Pocket Knife

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It’s one of the strongest and one of the thickest tactical knives on the market. It is filled with 33 practical instruments, ranging from the conventional sharp blades to the nail file that is often accurate. It comes with a wire cutter, a Phillips screwdriver and a wire stripper. With tip sizes ranging from 2.5 mm to 6 mm, it also has four flathead screwdrivers. The coated ABS scales give additional toughness and a sleek finish to this Swiss Army knife.

7. Victorinox Swiss Army One-Hand Trekker Multi-Tool Pocket Knife

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This multipurpose knife is perfect for hunting and camping and has a serrated handle. It has 11 other features for daily apps that are fantastic. A Phillips screwdriver, reamer, bottle opener, wire stripper, and wood saw are included. It’s big enough to carry in one hand easily, and small enough to fit in your pocket. For protection, the locking mechanism locks the blade into place, although it can easily be opened. It averages just over 4.5 inches in length and is thicker than half an inch.


A robust and valuable tool is the Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife. It includes all the simple equipment you’ll need at a very inexpensive price for daily life. The Huntsman model is an impressive second choice as well. We hope that this guide has provided you with some information about how to pick the right knife for your particular purpose.

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