The Suunto Traverse GPS watch will lead you on all your adventures – whether you are walking along a busy city street, or on challenging trails. You can chart your journey before leaving home with topographic maps combined with the GPS and GLONASS navigation systems.

You can choose your best route by using the Movescount App via your smartphone or device. Link the path to the integrated GPS device and switch off the battery.

This watch displays its length, altitude, total elevation and vertical speed with ABC functions. You will have access to automated compass and barometric data and to storm alarms.

The highest performance of this GPS hiking watch is seen in our Suunto Traverse watch evaluation.

SUUNTO Traverse 


With features, the Suunto Traverse is suitable for a range of outdoor activities.

This watch is capable of following the statistics and of helping you in many sports such as running, cycling, walking, mountaineering.

The basic characteristics

The Suunto Traverse includes all the basic characteristics of several other tracker fitnesses and activities: heart rate monitors, time of the day, alarms, step counters, caloric counter-sets, incoming calls, SMS and push alerts.

Advanced features

The highlights of this watch are the advanced features. Exploration is made simple with an altimeter, barometer and compass that informs and guides you via GPS and GLONASS navigation systems.

Digital compass and trend data like storm alarms can keep you secure. You should keep it safe.

The Suunto Movescount app with topographic maps facilitates the preparation of the route. FusedAlti TM technology is extremely simple to navigate for tracking speed, distance and altitude.

In addition, information about any position or point of interest can be easily saved from any view by pressing a button.

The precision

  • Altimeter:This watch has a very high accuracy score for its altimeter compared to other GPS watches.
  • Compass:Compared to other watches, the precision of the compass was very accurate. It can also be adjusted manually for a good decline.
  • Step precision:For the number of phases and caloric intake, the Traverse monitoring test has been correctly and accurately verified.
  • Cardiac frequency:Resting cardiac rates tests on the Traverse have correctly recorded results, but the reading is often less than the real cardiac rate count during extreme training.
  • GPS:Although the connection time to a satellite was quite slow, the time or the exactness of the connection to a satellite were not noticeable compared to the other GPS watches at the same cost.


The Suunto Traverse GPS watch is enabled by wireless (Bluetooth) or USB cable for iPhone, Android mobile.

Additional communications can be done wirelessly, such as the customization of a traverse watch, connection between devices, phone notices.

You can also connect your phone with the Suunto Movescount app as a secondary wristwatch monitor.


The Suunto Traverse is compatible with the Suunto Movescount app (iOS and Android), which keeps track and even creates a 3D map of your rides to check your training at a later date.


Certainly the Suunto Traverse is longer, but not without cause. She doesn’t sound, but is not overweight, robust. The display is good. It is readable and even with gloves the buttons on the sides are definitely available.

If you want a different color or material, the silicone strap is flexible and comfortable and can be exchanged.

The style

All in all, this watch from Suunto Traverse is trendy enough to carry an unprecedented accessory on your handle. You can always update your game to a bright orange reload band to look more eye-catcher if you are looking for a little more style.


The Suunto Traverse watch is tested according to strict criteria for its reliability. But you know that on the field he’s solid.


A large mineral glass display is provided for the Suunto Traverse watch, easier to read and features several fonts on the interface.

It is possible to switch the color and improve the contrast. There are three settings for the backlight function: regular, night and turn.

In total, both build quality and ease of use are very impressive for the face of the crystal show.

The bracelet

A silicone brace that fits snugly on the wrist is featured in Suunto Traverse GPS watch. The option between silicone amber black and white is a variety of colours.

Available sizes

The traverse is only available in one size, but the flexible band is ideal for a wide range of users, making it a good option for outdoor activities.

Utilisation facility

With an exceptional on-line manual and video tutorials, Suunto Traverse watch is very easy to establish. You can quickly migrate all your data to the Movescount app to save your commitments.


Suunto Traverse features a strong lithium-ion battery with an extended 100-hour lifespan or 14-day standby. The lithium battery can be recharged using a link cable and charges usually in a matter of hours.

The price

The Suunto Traverse is not the most costly Suunto watch lineup, but it still costs about EUR 240 for you. Having said that, this GPS clock is really inexpensive if you are searching for all the features of the Traverse.

The main characteristics

This watch has the following main features:

  • GPS tracking: You can then download and display your path, time and distance using GPS and GLONASS time and navigation devices. You can then refine your fitness regimen to improve your workouts.
  • Suunto Movescount App: This free app makes it easy to predict the path. Track, pace, distance and comprehensive reports of heights are shown on topographical maps.
  • FusedAlti ™: The High Tracker app tells you about vertical speed and complete increase. It is incredibly easy to manage and is an immense advantage when high peaks rise or fall.
  • Wireless synchronization: With bluetooth technology your screen, tablet and over 100 separate smartphones will wirelessly sync data with your Suunto Traverse.
  • Long battery life: The lithium battery of Traverse can be used continuously for up to 100 hours. It charges in a matter of hours for maximum capacity.
  • Incoming call, text and push notifications: This holds you connected during your workout and shows quietly on the screen.
  • Flashlight and backlight: This feature raises the illumination to maximum power automatically.
  • Waterproof: The Traverse is water resistant to a maximum of 100 meters, but not waterproof, so that you can swim or shower with your watch.
  • Heart rate monitor: Suunto can track your cardiac velocity, but needs a belt or wrist monitor. If you are coupled with Suunto Smart Sensor, you can even monitor your heart rate while swimming.

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