We want to give back!

Integra Air is more than just an airline. It has always been our philosophy that if we want the community to support us as a business, then we better be there to support the community. As a locally-owned and operated business we are committed to the communities and the people we serve and to making them a better place for all people to live, work and prosper.

Integra Air is involved in the community through sponsorship and support of special events, charities, sports teams, and school activities. This is what the Community Support Program is all about and we are proud to be part of each and every event that we sponsor. We support local events sponsored by non-profit organizations or associations by providing a discounted an complimentary airfares and/or promotional items.

To qualify for support, event organizers must complete and submit an application at least one month prior to the scheduled event and agree to specific conditions and promotional considerations. Each application will be reviewed by Integra Air and the event or activity must be non-profit and be of benefit to, and be supported by, the local community.