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Top 7 Best Skyway Luggage Reviews of 2021 You Must Read Before Buying

Since 1910, Skyway Luggage has been producing luggage and has earned a reputation for premium craftsmanship. Skyway luggage is famous for a variety of reasons, including its high functionality, light weight, and affordability. The Seattle-based company has been manufacturing stylish and practical suitcases for a variety of travelers. Their functional innovations and long-lasting cases have created them one of the century’s leading luggage manufacturers. Despite their international popularity, Skyway’s rates remain on the low end of the spectrum.  After over than 80 hours of testing, rigorous investigation, and partnership with industry leaders, we generated this Skyway luggage reviews post.

List of 7 Best Skyway Luggage Reviews

1. Skyway Mirage Carry-On Luggage

On our list of Skyway luggage, the Mirage 2.0 Under Seat Rolling Tote is the lightest. The case has padded top and bottom handles that are completely retractable and flexible. Since it’s made of water-resistant ripstop cloth, it can look brand fresh even after a lot of usage. It’s made of water-resistant Ripstop nylon, so it’ll keep you dry on every adventure. It has two outer side pockets, a wide zippered sleeve, and a flap pocket large enough to hold a cell phone. The key interior pocket has a hinged front pocket and elasticated straps that allow the case to be opened, revealing a waterproof toiletry pocket.

It will easily store your in-flight necessities under the seat in front of you. This sporty case is made of tough ripstop fabric and has a durable retractable handle and comfortable gliding in-line wheels. The insulated front compartment, an interior mesh door organizer, and a water-resistant bag for toiletries and other small objects are all excellent storage features. The padded top carry handle and bottom catch handle make carrying and handling a breeze.

2. Skyway Sigma 6.0 Lightweight Luggage

Skyway’s Sigma 6 4-wheel Expandable Carry-on is an excellent piece of luggage for any frequent traveler. Its sizes are 21 x 15 x 10 inches, making it suitable for most airlines. It’s made of 100 percent polyester and comes with a full-length mesh zippered utility bag, among other features.

The Sigma 6.0 collection is made to withstand even the most exhausting business or family trips. Crafted with added-durable external materials and roomy interiors, the resilient Sigma 6. 0 collection holds any trip organized and rolling smoothly. 900D polyester is abrasion and moisture resistant. Telescoping handle with a relaxed grip from Hideaway. Suiter device of multi-hanger hook and compression straps that can be adjusted. Two inline wheels that rotate smoothly.

3. SKYWAY Epic Softside Large Check-in

The Skyway Epic 28″ adjustable luggage is made of tough, sturdy materials that will last a long time. The side and top grip handles, as well as the retractable aluminum handle, allow for fast and effortless carrying when rolling is not necessary. Adjustable add-a-bag saves you money by allowing you to quickly add a bag to it without having to buy another one.

The multi-stage locking retractable pull handle scales to your preferred height. Adjustable tie down belts lock your belongings in place. You may use the Add-a-Bag strap to fasten a second bag for better travel. When lifting your case, the padded top carry handle adds additional support.

4. Skyway Pescadero Spinner Luggage

The Pescadero Hard-shell Spinner kit is made of scratch-resistant, impact-resistant plastic. Traveling via the airports or railway station is made easier with 360-degree spinner wheels. Case opens 2 12″ all the way around so that you can put back all the treats you couldn’t avoid or take additional presents with you.

The Pescadero four-wheel upright has a super-tough hard shell outer and a stylish, fully-lined interior. With four 360-degree spinner wheels and a convenience grip stick, it’s simple to navigate. The measurements of this piece of luggage are 28 x 19 x 12 inches.

5. Skyway Encinitas Spinner Upright Luggage

Since it is made of tough ripstop polyester, this luggage can last a long time. Its four wide 360-degree spinner wheels make it easy to navigate from gate to gate or uneven terrain. Two large external zippered pockets are ideal for keeping shoes apart from clothing or storing items that need immediate entry. The bag’s middle is expandable, which is perfect because we all know that things never fall back into the bag as smoothly the second time around.

The Skyway Encinitas is a handy carry-on friend for journeys lasting up to a week. One large packing compartment with plenty of space for your clothes and accessories. There’s no empty space in this bag thanks to a large integrated zippered pocket. The lightweight frame weighs just 5 pounds, so it won’t take up any room in your luggage.

6. Skyway Portage Bay 20″ Carry On Luggage

The Skyway hardside carry-on luggage comes with 2 large compartments for enough packing space. The adjustable tie-down fastening keeps your internal useful objects safe. A full-length zipper mesh fence separates clean and dirty clothing. This fantastic Skyway carry-on luggage is backed by a 5-year Skyway luggage warranty.

7. Skyway Kennewick 25″ Spinner Upright Suitcase

The interior of this mid-sized checked bag is spacious, with organizing features both inside and out. For maximum convenience, the multi-stage retractable handle with ergonomic grip fits securely in the neck. Many interior pockets help you organize your things in the best possible way. Personal objects are kept in place by adjustable tie-down belts. Simple lifting and carrying are supported by padded side and top carry handles.

The adjustable tie-down band keeps your interior items where they should be. The Kennewick set from Skyway is made of water and scratch-resistant fabrics. It also comes with a 5-year Skyway luggage warranty. The telescopic aluminum stick, as well as the side and mounted grip handles, make carrying simple and graceful.

How To Choose The Right Skyway Luggage

Skyway luggage is well-known for being both functional and economical. Delsey is also another luggage company with identical characteristics that also looks nice. They have a wide range of shapes and sizes in their collections. When picking your Skyway luggage, there are a few things to keep in mind:


Skyway luggage is made of materials that are tear-resistant, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant. The zippers are also extremely sturdy, with some also having a self-repairing function. When flying, the handle on any kind of luggage is extremely important. The telescopic handle on the Sky Way luggage package and Skyway case is made of durable metal, allowing for long-term use. The majority of Skyway luggage is either hard to side or soft side, making it easy to clean.


Skyway cases are clear and straightforward, with no needless frills. They have sturdy zippered outer pockets and internal mesh separators. The wheels are usually mounted on the outside to save weight. We’re pleased to report that the Skyway cases on our list are unquestionably appropriate for the twenty-first century. The most of them use dark shades, which are suitable for both business and leisure travel. We check at the case’s structure, architecture, and extra functionality to see how useful they are. For example, you’ll want to think about whether or not the situation provides for wrinkle-free packaging.

Additional Features

We search for some extra features that distinguish our suitcases from the thousands of those on the market. Luggage locks, lockable zippers, and luggage tags are examples of safety features. We went through both of these and saw that the majority of the Skyway luggage had a constructive response.

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