Rossignol Soul 7 Reviews

Rossignol Soul 7 Reviews

The Rossignol Soul 7 HD is a powerhouse for skiers who love the fresh and soft snow. The floaty side of the ski comes primarily from its 106 mm waist width. At 180 cm in length, the skis have an 18-meter turn radius, and this allows for fantastic speed control. The Air Tip 2.0 lightens the extremes and drastically lowers swing weight. With a Paulownia wood core with carbon alloy matrix laminates, the ski has a burly middle section.

The Soul 7 is a turny ski that can make a bunch of different turn styles. It’s damn near effortless to ski, and it’s a great choice for powder skiers of all ages and skill levels. It has a wide and stable platform as well as the quick and nimble nature of this wicked freerider. The 2020 Rossignal Soul 7HD fills a nice niche in the ski world, and for those skiers, this is an amazing ski.


Rossignol Soul 7 HD Skis

  • Maximum Flotation – Powder Rocker offers effortless float and control in deep snow with energy and grip for progressive freeride performance
  • Balanced flex, Full Power – Carbon Alloy Matrix creates a balance of flex, edge grip and vibration absorption for maximum power
  • Light, Playful Performance – Air TIp technology enhances flotation and control in deep snow conditions
  • Easy Steering, Playful Feel – Centered sidecut provides confident control underfoot for playful maneuverability
  • Lightweight Stability – Paulownia wood core reduces ski weight for a balance of weight, power and maneuverability

Overview Of Rossignol Soul 7

The Rossignol Soul 7 HD has a big tail and a tendency to powder. There is no speed limit for skis from 164 to 188cm. This is around 30 dollars less than the selling price of all Powder Skis and the regular retail price is $649.99. It’s a mid-range style, and the strength of the skis to drive it to the edge fascinates competitive skiers.

Rossignol Soul 7 Feature


The v3 Soul 7 HD weights about 2035 grams per ski for a total of 50/50 skis of this width on a fairly medium basis. It is still light though theoretically it is on the heavier end of the skis mentioned below. And above all it’s mainly a pleasant look at how light “all-mountain” skis are growing these days.

Interestingly, while Soul 7 has a little bit more weight between v1 and v2, weight changes for v3 are very little. So, while Soul 7 is one of the first “soft” mountain skis, Rossi did not want to reduce the weight on Soul 7 is curious.


In Sluff-ability, the Soul 7 won 10s, 9s and 8s, like the general classification, testers commenting how lightweight skiers sound – particularly in tips – makes it simple to pick up on the softer material. With a considerable tip and a gradual flexion, it’s so fast to start that in the steep, soft pockets in the woods you can just slow it down and catch up with a little white wave.

Carving Performance

With regard to its results, the Soul 7 HD came right in the center of the pack! Our experts were adamant they would put them on the edge of the weather, but the Soul 7 tended to lose a little edge while the snow area was uneven or steady.

This Seven Soul is indeed superb at short distances and quick gravure turns. Rossignol is obvious in this ski, even if we haven’t verified the whole history of his influenced cousins on the piste. There is a lot of pleasure if the skis are on the rim. You just have to make the circumstances a little bit more smart.


What makes Soul 7 interesting in powder is very good for our genre of playfulness. The skis are simpler to move and rotate in the breeze. They are light in weight.

The skis just have enough tail rocker to turn, but don’t have to be paired with a real twin top. Our testers were operating in our test areas on the Soul7, as long as the landings were soft.


The Soul 7 HD doesn’t even matter to a bump skier. They will surely bring you down to some moguled-out race, but if you live to bumps, they would certainly not be your first pick.

The Soul 7 is a little long and in the troughs it sounds clunky. It has a low swing weight and this will help you to bring your tips around whether the moguls are not too deep or tight. The underfoot depth is not suitable for bumps. All these things said, this might be the proper product for the work when your bump line is covered in two feet of new.


The snow was as good as a ski, but we keep them in a high bar and they need all the skills of MOUNTAIN. They seem to glide down our ranking scale if they struggle in one place like Soul 7 does for strong snow. Check that if you expect to slay the pow, you bring them. From the 3 models we tested, the Rossignol Soul 7 HD has the highest consistency in finish. The latest “Air Tip 2.0” in the ski is more light, more powerful and “fully optimized.”

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