8 Best Road Tires For Mountain Bike of 2021

Mountain bikes are provided with traditional off-road tires. Smooth or grainy roads are not well used as these tyres wear easily. Road tires was developed to convert mountain bikes into a flexible bike for everyday use on the road. We also have a purchasing guide to unlock the secrets and misunderstandings of tires for the right product.

What Are The Best Road Tires For Mountain Bike?

1. Maxxis Hookworm WC Wire Tire

The 60Tpi box improves the strength of the bike while offering the required grip. A rim-to-rim tread that avoids penetration even though running on grainy roads protects the sidewalk. Simple to install when you’re using the right tubing inside. Get there and have a smooth and quick ride by mountain bike on the asphalt lane.


  • Reasonable priced
  • Simple to set up
  • Good sidewalls secured
  • Sustainable because of the 60Tpsi bead to bead tread

2. Schwinn Replacement Bike Tire

The wheels are made for various types of road bikes, including mountain biking. Riding on paved surfaces, as a product of a rare historic gum wall, is super smooth and easy. The Kevlar ribbon in the middle of the ride reduces the chances of ripening.


  • For sidewall defense, outer knobs stretch over tires edge.
  • The big tread will dig into a loose ground to have excellent grip on off-road biking.
  • Includes 19mm to 29mm internal rim thickness.

3. SCHWALBE – Marathon Ebike and Touring Wire Clincher Bike Tire

The Schwalbe Marathon pneumatic has unbelievable strength and endurance. The smart punching guard belt is made of special flexible rubber, which gives specific strength against spines and fragments. Sidewall reflective stripe for improved visibility. Smooth roads and hard tracks are a perfect choice.  For your flexible two-wheeler, the marathon tire is a great pick. It begins with a flat, quick-rolling rubber band in the middle for quick progression on asphalt surfaces.


  • The archetypal high-quality touring tire 3mm thick safety coat
  • The principal sizes for E-bikes up to 50 km/h are licensed and tested (e-50)


Tire has broad patterns of central rib and also patterns of tread. Under the rubber material is a dual nylon fiber structure. You can also use this cycle tire for E-bikes. It increases your traction strength, allowing your E-bike to be longer.


  • Safety for race guards with a double layer of Nylon fabric
  • Adjustable traction on dry and moist surfaces

5. Kenda K838 Slick Wire Bead Bicycle Tire

A smooth and consistent roll surface provides the Kenda K838 Slick. The pneumatic 1.95-inch profile and directional grooves provide the stability that any traveling on the ground needs. The blackwall sides decrease the weight pattern of the tire and the tire’s strength and toughness are increased with the wire bead pattern. Although it is not intended for serious off road biking, this is an excellent option for cyclists who want a smooth, fast road experience.

Kenda K838 has wire bead, hybrid design, motorcycle tyres design. The tire has a flat and safe rolling surface, which helps the tire in pavements and rough tracks to raise and keep up speed. The tire’s wider profile and directional grooves have the required stability to run all-terrain. The rains even channel water successfully to keep the muddy roads perfectly clamped.


  • Simple and easy to mount
  • Wire beads improve strength
  • Lightweight profile on the Blackwall sides

6. WTB Velociraptor Mountain Tire

Constructed to handle nearly all soil, this pneumatic has broad directions that reach deep to give you excellent climbing and angle tractions. With an excellent front steering control, the special version of the WTB VelociRaptors offers a significant rear traction. Lightweight box rolls rapidly, tearing everything in the way. Strengthened tread Aramid maximizes resistance to puncture. They may be vintage, but these babies shred the highest – and will definitely take the single path for years to come. They’re old school.


  • The lean casing and the pliable bead roll quickly and rip through all
  • Front pneumatic lets you monitor and clear the soil accurately.
  • Rear pneumatic rises and brakes with solid revenge

7. Continental Grand Prix 4 Season Road Bike Tire

The Hardshell line of Continental is one of the market’s longest lasting bike tyres. They are estimated to be up to 120 PSI, which enables them to weigh as much as any other tyres. Long distance runners, recreational bikers and cyclists are ideal customers. Not the right tires for a real sports game, but fine for travel. It could be difficult for some people to identify stocks above the two most popular sizes. The Grand Prix four season choice has not the same quality of results. Even for ‘casual’ riders they are not the right for long-distance cycling.


  • Tires with defense against DuraSkin sidewalls should roll with sticks.
  • Manufactured by professional German professionals
  • To make the finest tires on the world, use the highest quality material.

8. Vittoria Mazza G2.0 Enduro Tire

Mazza G2. 0 Enduro Tire is the most aggressive mountain bike puller in Vittoria. Uses a heavy-duty 120tpi box with great flat security. Meaty tread patterns vary from rapid hardpack to loosened silt or loam on a wide range of surfaces. It is much harder than the Vittria Trail case, making it ideal for both the rigors of gravity and the extra tension of e- MTB’s. This 2-ply enduro caseing.

Vittoria Mazza offers the consistency of the most common models on the market an outstanding offensive piping. In the corners, it excels with a robust series of backed side buttons that grip well in a wide variety of situations. The 4C Graphene rubber in Vittoria was remarkably durable with an overall life span. For aggresive trail riders who are trying to try something else, we will strongly suggest it as a front pneu. Compared to equally Competitive Pires of the same height, we find it to be a hard touch, but he rivals the best of his class. The rolling resistance of the tire is a little more than that of a less aggressive tread.


  • Vittoria’s Mazza pneumatic grips well around smooth, sturdy angles and sidehill rock plates.
  • As a rear pneus, it offers an outstanding traction at the expense of a small increase in rolling power.
  • The stepped edges are designed to act as ramps and often provide sharp climbing edges.

How To Choose Road Tire For Mountain Bike?

How To Choose Road Tire For Mountain Bike


Clincher tires can be replaced easily and come in a distinct case containing the inner tube. Because of their structure, tubular tires are different from clinchers. Tubeless or tubular models are available for most tire sizes. The pins are built to excellence in the specific fields of cross-country, downhill, all-mountain, dirt jumps, etc.

The biggest and largest pneumatic fabric in the industry is the downhill pneuma, which has thicker sideways to withstand puncture. and between 2.3 centimeters and 2.7 centimetres. The lightest of the groups was the cross-country pneumatic, with skinny sidewalls, slim buttocks with fast rolling features that are between 1.8 cm and 2.25 cm high. To reduce rolling resistance and support carrying speed, use less drastic patterns.


Mountain bike pneumatics have three diameters: 26, 27,5 inches and 650b and 29-inch. A larger tire has more stability as you corner and move quickly. Bigger wheels appear to be longer than those with smaller diameters. The larger tire reduces the distance from the tire to the rim. The latter is more stable than the large-diameter MTB tyres.


The beads prevent the tyre from blowing at air pressure off the bottom. The bead is the cables of steel or Kevlar plying through the interior of the tire box. Steel beads are called wire beads, too.


Rubber compound affects MTB tyres longevity, flexibility and roll strength. On one tyre too, a number of compounds can be used. On the middle rotation, the hard rubber compound is used to increase wear and rolling speed. Softer compounds in fact have additional grip.

Best Mountain Bike Road Tires: Conclusion

Mountain bikes are built to absorb rocks and terrains with a strong impact. Most mountain bikes have suspensions that are good for off-road cycling. Most cyclists think that it’s safer for riders to have broader tires, which is not exactly true. While many mountain bike wheels are designed for mountain bike tires, road tires may be used.

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