11 Best Portable Shower Tent For Camping Reviews in 2021

Portable shower tent for camping have proved to be a lifesaver for campers and travelers alike. Traditional outdoor tents take up a lot of space, while portable shower enclosures take up a lot less. Shower tents can be folded down to the thickness of a sandwich, weigh a hundred pounds, and be comfortably packed alongside your other belongings. Check out some of the best Shower Tents to help you choose the best for staying clean when camping.

List of 11 Portable Shower Tent For Camping Reviews

1. WolfWise Pop Up Privacy Shower Tent

Set up and fold back quickly, no necessary equipment. Silver-coated tent surface displays up to 98% of the dangerous UV rays blocked by sun light. Waterproof polyester with taped seams to maintain the inner shelter dry. Multi-use and Pop Up design. Ultra-light construction makes simple travel with a bag included. Modern rain fly variant attached above to avoid light rain. to prevent rain. 1 side bag and 1 wardrobe meet your crazy everyday needs. It is also suitable for road trips, outdoor shooting, children’s games, children’s dance contest, clothing sales stalls. It can be folded to 23.2″ L x 23.3″ W x 1.4″ H in a small format. Just 4.8 lbs weighed.

2. Sportneer Pop Up Privacy Changing Tent

Waterproof fabric 100% 190T polyester + UV silver coating. Sportneer’s mobile tent switches automatically and acts as a private shelter. The ventilation and external visibility are provided with two zip-coated windows if required. You can store your articles for easy access with integrated pockets. You hang your towel or clothing on the built-in wardrobe. Open top zips for additional airflow or for inserting a solar tub. This consists of 8 tent sticks with matching loops at the corners of the shower tent, and 4 tie-downs to shield the tent from wind.

3. Abco Tech Instant Portable Outdoor Shower Tent

Abco Instant Privacy Tent gives you an instant private toilet and potty camping, outdoor showers, changing clothing and soft rain shelter. Our immediate popup tents are designed to be extremely convenient and can be installed quickly and easily folded back into the package. We are sure that with this conveniently stable and flexible green pliable tent, you will be impressed.

4. GREEN ELEPHANT Camping Shower Tent

The Pop Up Tent has a length and width of 6’10.7″ and 3 ’11.’ The tent is fast to mount, the utilitarian appears in a jiffy and quickly collapses, pending in the lightweight carrying sac. For use in windy conditions, 8 tents and 4 guy tensioner lines are used. Mosquito nets hold insects as they allow cold air to reach. 4 sandbags with hooks to keep the temple shaking or blowing down for quick connection. During bad weather, the Rain cover keeps tents dry.

The cozy bag helps you to carry it anywhere. There are also accessories packed in the tent. There is storage space for personal items and clothing and also lantern and toilet paper hangers. The architecture without floors retains smoothness during transitions in post-swimming clothing. The mosquito net holds mosquitoes and allows cold air to penetrate the tent.

The shielding of the rain on the tent makes the air dry. And in rugged terrain the 4 sand bags used weigh down your tent. The Utiliten is a large camping bath tent, which has hundreds of uses including: an artists’ or dancers’ change room, a dressing area for shoppers, a hunter’s and fishermen’s toilet, and an emergency room.

5. KingCamp Oversize Outdoor Easy Up Portable Dressing Changing Room

Two mesh-side windows and mesh-roof improve ventilation. 1 indoor pocket with 4 ropes and a pocket, 1 outdoor pocket with 2 clothing and towels. Top iron hooks with 15kg of load. For two adults the scale (66 X 66 X 85 cm) is appropriate. 3.9 gallon/33.06lbs full load capacity. Sustainable floor in the Middle, keep clean while you wash or turn. Oxford solid 150D cloth with waterproof 1500 mm PU. Packs are 23.6 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches, space-saving, storable and transportable. Double layered craft on all four side of the mesh floor to stop the soaking of rainwater.

6. Stansport Cabana Privacy Shelter

Crafted with fiberglass poles 190 D nylon and designed for long life. Wide screen-mounted windows and ventilation winding supplies when necessary. The shelter is light and autonomous. It will fit your family and friends at a height of 84 inches. It is designed so that it can be used year after year to resist the elements.

7. EasyGoProducts Portable Shower Tent For Camping

The pop-up fitting room is in seconds and can be taken down as easily. Portable to transport anywhere, making it the perfect moving dressing tent with its lightweight carrier. 4 stakes to defend and even 4 lines to provide you with ultimate defense from wind resistance. EasyGo Dressing Room can be used from an outside convertible space to an enclosed garment tent. The EasyGo is the ultimate compact pop-up jacket for outdoor activities and photo sessions, from beach to lawn and indoor studios.

8. Your Choice Privacy Tent

The shower tent requires no installation, and many campers will set it up or fold it down in under ten seconds. The tent’s overall durability is improved by the rust-proof steel structure, which is equipped with four stakes and supporting ropes. The silver interior lining reflects and absorbs sunlight to shield the consumer from ultraviolet radiation, and the high-quality 190D polyester waterproof fabric is UV-resistant. Two tiny zipped windows provide adequate ventilation. Roof with a zipper window for air, sun, or a shower. Built-in pockets and a towel strap on the inside allow you to hang your clothes or towel. Wide double-open zippered doors to expand your horizons and make it easier to get in and out. The shower tent’s no-floor nature makes it clean. It’s available in black or white and has two straps for securing the shower head.

9. EasyGO EGP-CAP-002-BLACK CoverU Sports Shelter

For poor weather days, use the CoverU pop up sports tent pod shelter with flat sides. It’s small and compact. This patent-pending design is the simplest to build and uninstall. Two full-size seats can be accommodated in the CoverU chair tent. Watch the noise and action through the transparent windows that zip open and closed to your preferred temperature as you cheer for your squad or watch a parade together.

10. WolfWise Portable Pop Up Privacy Shower Tent

The construction of the zipper buckle allows the zipper to be fixed inside the tent. The built-in floor mat, with its surrounding mesh pattern, holds you off the filthy ground while still allowing bath water to drain. The tent’s pop-up configuration allows it to be opened and closed in a matter of seconds. Fabric that is both water-repellent and sun-resistant. The silver coating makes the cloth thicker and more impervious, offering still more privacy protection. Wire that is both rugged and portable. It’s easy to bear in your hand or on your shoulders and pack into the trunk of a car without trouble. The folded size is 23″ L X 23″ W in, and the weight is just 5.5 pounds.

11. Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Quick Set Up Privacy Tent

The Privacy Tent from Lightspeed Outdoors includes a tent, toilet, tub, and dressing area. The tent has a wide dual zippered mesh rooftop window and a dual zippered D-shaped entrance. There’s enough space for a portable toilet or a commode at the campground. The floor may be folded up or used down (the mesh helps water to drain) ( depending on the ground cover). The tent is constructed of 190T polyester with an 800mm PU surface for rain resistance and a long-lasting PE floor.


Portable shower tent for camping come in a number of styles and colors. Some have fantastic ideas, but they might not be a suitable match for your needs. Pop-up tents are an ideal choice because they are lightweight, compact, and quick to set up and uninstall. For the ultimate experience, use a shower tent that has been designed to withstand the elements. Water and windproof construction can be used in the finest shower privacy tents. Shower tents’ weight and packed size are both critical factors for outdoor campers.

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