Top 10 Best 8-Person Pop Up Tent Reviews in 2021

Pop up tents can be put up in 10 seconds or less, also known as instant tents. It is smaller, compacter, durable and fully water resistant. The right instant tent option can be a difficult challenge with so many versions available on the market. For any use, from family camping through to couple tents, we have assembled a list of the best pop up tents. Read on to find today’s best 8-person pop up tent.

List of 10 Best 8 Person Pop Up Tent Reviews

1. EnjoyShop 8 Person Automatic Pop Up Hiking Tent

The outdoor tent is intended for 8 people. In this big tent with your family or friends, you will enjoy the fun picnic time, barbeque or other outdoor activities. This dome tent also features zip panels for protection on windows and doors and has indoor pockets for organizing your gear. This robust, waterproof, windproof and sunny tent is made of 190t polyester with PU coating, B3 fine gas and 11/29/6 mm Fb poles. This tents of 8 persons contains a bag for carrying or storing the tents with ease. This tent is constructed of high quality, robust and durable material. Do not hesitate to buy this if you’re hunting for such a tent.

2. Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent

In just 10 seconds, lightweight camping tents assemble. Pre-assembled poles make set-up simple. And if the field is dripping wet, tapeted floor seams hold you dry. Multi-position rainfly provides ideal safety and ventilation balance. This four-person tent is flat for easy storing and easy to handle. Measures 9 feet 2 inches by 6 feet 6 inches with a middle height of 3-foot 4-inch. The Instant Tent Coleman is great for any camping trip. The waterproof polyester fly protects you from rain. The tent sleeps up to 4 persons and is spacious. It has enough space to accommodate four camp pads and has built-in storage pockets for small items. It folds flat and with the flat packing feature can be packaged with minimum tension and disruption.

3. Gazelle Tents

Gazelle Portable Gazebo is suitable for 8 guests and has a table and a central table. Made of UV waterproof fiber in polyester. There is a dense mesh for each Gazelle wall such that all the smaller bugs are retained. Each Gazelle comes in a handy, compact pack, weighing just 34 pounds. Heavy plastic for reinforcing is sewn over the corner joints. An simple storage over-size storage bag. Sold separately wind panels. The roof panel in our portable pavilions is UV 50+ so that unhealthy sunshine can be screened. It is also screened to repel water and to keep you warm and dry during the rain. Up to 2000MMH HH with a UV50+ rating, it is waterproof. Mobile and easy to use.

4. 5-8 Person Instant Pop-Up Tent Waterproof & Anti-UV

Tent consists of silver covered fabric with 190 T sunscreen and cotton of 210 D oxford. It is immune to water and wear rather than most cheaper tents. Sleeps 5-8 people with plenty of camping gear in their sleeping bag or 5-6 people. It is taken down and kept everywhere thanks to the unusual pliability of this tent. The front and back doors have ample ventilation to shield you from insects. Double curtains are also available for privacy.

5. SGODDE Large Pop Up Beach Tent

Oxford cloth with UV cover 190T silver coated polyester. Beach Tent Pop-up size 86.6″x74.8″x51.2″ suits 4—5 family members. The temperate inside the tent is minimized by two expanded mesh windows, which give you great ventilation and briefness. Underneath the two side windows, two large mesh plastic bags are added to hold your phones or towels. The beach will provide cool beach shade during the day at the resort, on the bay, on a campsite, on the beach, on hiking trails, in fishing and during week-ends, on musical festivals.

In windy weather, our tents can be fixed outside, ideal for a wide range of outside events with a nail and filling holes. The 190T fabric is also strong waterproof; in light rain you can stay dry. In order to shield yourself and your family from the damage caused by the dangerous sun rays, our pop-up beach tent selects a high quality cloth – 190T silver polyester Oxford fabric with UV cover (UPF 50+ UVA < 5 percent).

6. 3-4 Person Pop Up Camping Tents

Instant Family Tents for big family tent simple setup and waterproof campsite tents. 78x78x53in tent is perfect to go camping and play in the open air for couples or families of three. The inner door is gauze and the door on both sides is two layers on either side, so that in the tent you won’t be stuffy or sticky, so you can enjoy outdoor scenery. 210D Cotton fabric Oxford is waterproof and wind tolerant and can as well obstruct UV. The back of the tent waterproof lining. You can still use the fitted windproof rope outdoors. It can avoid sprinkling and dropping water, but is not recommended for heavy rain use in tents. This is a very comfortable campground tent outside.

7. Gazelle 22272 T4 Pop-Up Portable Camping Hub Tent

Using a height of 78 square feet and with a floor area, sleep up to four individuals. Air, wind and mildew resistant with a rated content 50+ UV. A 90 second set-up and a 67,5-inch duffle bag is packed. Each corner of the interconnected poles is inserted before the roof emerges. With a thick strip of additional strength hook and loop tape, the robust polyester floor is tightly secured. It should be cleaned easily enough that gravel and sand are removed. In order to build a sturdy wind resistant frame we are using only metal jacks and solid fibreglass posts.

8. ayamaya Pop Up Tents with Vestibule for 4-6 Person

A double layer connected by hooks in the inner and outer layer, that can effectively avoid condensation. Unique configuration of the vestibule provides a separate space for certain camping appliances, sneakers or a big dog. On the left and right side 4 Zipper style mesh windows. Double panel Windows & doors can be completely open on all sides. PU3000 Sealing seams for processing and ventilation – more water resistant. It prevents sealing water from escaping into the link area. Vented rainfly incorporated keeps you safe. The front door is better than the side open type, rolling up and down. A simple installation tent is installed in seconds with pre-assembled poles. Tent is supplied in a smaller compact bag.

9. 6 Person Easy Pop Up Tent

The size is 12.5 x 8.5 ft. Sleeps 4-6 adults or 3-5 individuals with plenty of carry-on. Offers room for 3 to 4 camp mats. Water resistant and wind proof absolutely. Double-layered Tent with incorporated rainfly holds the water out thanks to cloth and the taped floor seams. For all external activities, protect yourself from the light, the wind and the sea. Equipped with 2 integrated lantern hook and storage pockets to help you organise small objects. Perfect tent to walk and escalate in 4 seasons, to fly, outdoor festivals and camp with friends and family. On the left and right edge, it has very wide mesh windows with constant air flow. Access port for the electric card. You can connect a power cable to the systems of your tents from an external power source through the E-port.

10. Toogh 3-4 Person Camping Tent

For anyone, Toogh is the perfect tent for backpacking, family camping and all other outdoor sports. Designed to be comfortable and yet hard to operate. The grooves and floors of the tent are made from non-stretched polyester fiber, with extra rip-stop for longevity. Take the summer sea to the summit of every mountain or camp with this Toogh tent and have plenty of space to sleep! Will house 2 adults and 2 children at least. In just 60 seconds can be set up and taken down.


A spacious tent is the place to host everybody when camping with your mates. In this list, the majority of pop-up tents are single room tents, meaning that you have to sit all together. A sturdy tent with higher odds of resisting strong winds is expected to be safer. Usually, lightweight tents are often larger. Before purchasing the best camping tent instantly, you can search its style for another important aspect. Today, most tents have an inner sleeping area and an interior vestibule. The front door and dorm on either side of the tent are the rest of the larger tents. This unique design is suitable for families because it provides the best choice for secrecy. It provides enough room for two people in an 8-person pop up tent. There will at least be ample space to store, rest, hang clothes or store your equipment.

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