We believe that our business philosophy is best summed up in our mission, values and vision statements.

Our Mission

Integra Air is dedicated to lifting the expectations of its valued clients by providing a level of service unrivalled in the industry. The Integra Air team is committed to delivering the traveling public to their desired destination in the safest, most efficient and comfortable manner possible.

We invest in our employees and maintain a work environment that is conducive to their physical, mental and spiritual well being. As well, by providing our team with challenges and rewards it encourages them to make the meaningful contributions to the company, the community and especially the service to our clients that make this mission possible.

Our Values

At Integra Air we believe that above all else, our business should be based on the following:

  • Empowering our team members to achieve the highest level of service and accountability to our clients.
  • Foster partnerships and cooperation within our industry and the community.
  • Maximizing company growth through continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Maintaining a safe and health environment to both our clients and team members.

Our Vision

Integra Air can and will position itself as the preferred carrier and charter company for small and medium sized communities in Western Canada and the U.S.