The Fjallraven Kanken was first introduced in 1978 and was designed for students to carry their school essentials comfortably and easily in a lightweight but sturdy backpack.

Despite the fact that the company has launched many revised models since the original (such as the Kanken Laptop and the Kanken Mini), the Kanken Classic remains the most timeless of their offerings. The Classic is the most similar in design to Fjallraven’s first bag, and according to many Fjallraven Kanken product reviews, it is still the most popular of the company’s nine versions.

We’ll see how this backpack stacks up against the hundreds of other famous brands on the market today in this study. Is it a better backpack than the Northface or Osprey, or does its ‘Classic’ appearance imply that it lacks modern innovation? Let’s take a look!

Fjallraven, Kanken Classic Backpack for Everyday

  • Crafted also with two flat pockets on the side and in the front it has a zipped pocket on the front for plenty of storage
  • In the inner pocket on the back It has a PE foam seat for optimal cushioning
  • It has at the top Two handles and also shoulder straps that can be adjusted as needed
  • It is equipped with a main compartment that has a zip closure for an easy access
  • Made of Vinyl on F fabric that is very lightweight and durable

Overview of Fjallraven Kanken

Fjallraven began as a school bag for Swedish children as a way to avoid wearing bulky books on their backs. It is still one of the most famous daypacks in the world, 40 years later. There are over ten different styles of Kanken available, as well as a variety of accessories. Fjallrven is one of the most common backpacks in the world, with rapid and steady sales.

Fjallraven Kanken Feature

Materials & Aesthetic

The 13″ Kanken Laptop Backpack can be ordered in 15 colours. Vinylon F is the principal content in this kit. It is an artificial textile used in the very start to make the pack. The fabrics swell when warm, rendering it immune to water. This package is not water resistant, so we suggest you choose the up a rain protection for your trip to weather, which is handy for Fjallraven on the web. Over the three years of our testing this bag, we found that the colorways have changed regularly, so if you don’t have a colour, you can search it back later.

The box-like form on your back is held by the covered laptop sleeve, and the more you pack, the boxer it gets. The fabric is very robust, however wear has occurred over time. After a couple of hours in the center of Chicago in a snow shower, the pack finally got drunk. We considered this fabric to be rather resilient throughout the after impact of the snowstorm. All the zippers are YKK #5, so they are solid, sturdy and tough With Fjallraven growing and developing, they have established environmentally friendly packages.

External Components

On a tablet edition, but not on the initial Kanken, you can get padded shoulder straps. The notebook sleeve includes a robust back panel that protects your notebook. The pack has no sternum brace or hip buckle, but Fjallraven has sternum straps which are removable. The bottle slips into the base of one of the two pockets on each side of the bag but it’s hard to locate a bottle.

The top of the pockets for long things is almost impossible, but we find it difficult, because they are too tiny to fitt into the key pockets of a pile, to use them for water boxes. The package of 13″ offers an integrated daily package for fast journeys and brief transportation as an extra bag for a bigger package It equipped two fast-grab handles, which are bound to the handles always with a ring.

Inside The Pack

Cubes and sackcloths come in great handy to maintain your things in the bag. Basically, the main section is a large seal, through which you can throw your products. There’s no need to clean out the notebook compartment from the rest of the package. The fast pocket is plenty wide to contain the things you need to easily collect including your telephone and bag. It is worth noting that only a 13-inch notebook would be holding this notebook pocket without the cover.

The 15″ and 17″ notebook backpack is included in the Fjallraven Kanken as well as a bigger edition for larger portfolios. The pack even has a quick-taking pocket, but there’s no extra protection in this pocket for telephones and wallets.

Durability & Testing

Our longevity and continuous reliance have amazed us with the Fjallraven Kanken. The desktop is large enough to carry without the case a 13″ laptop. While it is not the smallest or most compressible box, it is packed flat — so it also worked great in our bigger one-bag pack. We have  reservations about the zipper covers, which don’t function the way we want. The more fabric is wearing and the less stable it is, the more swings the zip cover and is susceptible to elements.

When the bag is fully capable and “boxed” at most the coverage remains above the zipper, but where there is some slope in the package, the cover moves automatically and leaves the zips exposed to elements. We choose this special security for your technology equipment (particularly if you depend very heavily on it) but we found that, since the laptop sits on your back, there is plenty protection for a daypaket.


Vinylon, the material that is made by the business itself, is the cloth used in producing the Fjallraven Kanken Mini and Classic sacks. The substance is recognised for its capacity and consistency in waterproof. In contrast to other models, the shoulder pads are placed in a design that makes the bag more balanced. They have 4 compartments with a fifth if the bag has a seating pad inside. The packages have a toughness and not comfort. The backpack has two handles, one on the front and another on the back, which enable the weight to be uniformly distributed over the four joints of the case.

The classic pack also has two different pockets, one for water and one for a backpack for the seat pad on both sides. The bag consists of four separate sleeve styles and a fiveth inside sleeve pocket.

Storage and Organization

The main room is plenty spacious for a school pupil or an ordinary worker to handle the main objects. One side of this bag is the shortage of organizing solutions. In the middle of the key picture is the front pocket significantly bigger than the normal bag pocket today. The backpack would not have anti-theft characteristics, because it will be all too convenient for anyone to unzip and pull everything out of their backpack undetected. This is ideal for putting tiny and minor objects. For each hand, the side bags are large enough for things including a bottle of water of nearly 1 liter, gloves or umbrella.

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