If you know how to pick, you could buy a cheap mountain bike that suits your needs perfectly for under $200. When selecting a mountain bike, take into account your height, versatility, and riding style, as a single purchase can carry you a long period. A good cheap bike can improve your handling and morale on the road, and also your technique, allowing you to embark on more difficult rides.

You must be mindful of the scale of a mountain bike in order to have the right fit. Cheap mountain bikes are available in regular sizes including S, M, and L. Sizes are normally identical regardless of the maker’s name. Refer to the manufacturer’s scale chart to adjust your height to the recommended dimension. If you are in between sizes, go for the smaller measurement. In comparison to a larger bike, smaller bikes can carry more attachments to accommodate the height.

Top 10 Cheap Mountain Bikes

1. Merax 26″ Mountain Bicycle

The Merax Falcon Full Suspension Mountain Bike, unlike the hardtail bike, employs a double suspension mechanism to give bounce to both wheels. This allows the rider to maintain balance when traveling through rougher, chunkier surfaces, resulting in a smoother journey. It also facilitates regeneration when jumping from jumps.

The Merax Falcon is constructed of titanium, which is one of the most robust and lightweight components used in bicycles worldwide. There would be little wear and tear from the heat, and indeed a less from dropping or falling. A lightweight bike is not only easier to pick up, but it also lets you stabilize the ride in tight curves.

Shimano is universally recognized for producing high-quality gear sets that enable you to adjust speeds on the fly. The advantage of being able to change speeds without coming to a complete halt cannot be overstated. This cheap mountain bike features a Shimano 21-speed gear package.

2. Schwinn Bonafide Mens Mountain Bike

With the large 29″ This hardtail mountain bike is made for the trail, with high profile aluminum rims and tyres. You’ll ride across trails and knife through brush thanks to the compact frame and strong front suspension fork. Shimano EZ Fire button shifters with 24 speeds and front and back. Shimano derailleurs create changing gears simple and fast. Schwinn alloy cranks have consistent gearing and need fewer upkeep. Mountain tires with a width of 2.25 inches are designed for rough terrain.

For added toughness, high profile dual wall alloy rids are solid and light. The rear derailleur features disk brakes for precise stopping on the trail, as well as Shimano shifters for simple gear changes. The 29er has color-matching end plugs and rims, and the wheels weigh 29 inches and are prepared to be set. It’s as cool to look at as it is to ride.

3. Huffy Boys Alpine Bike

Are you on a tight budget and hunting for a cheap mountain bike? You would be spoiled for competition when it comes to mountain bikes under $200. If you want a bike that will last for several years, I suggest the Men’s Alpine 24″ MTB.

This is a high-quality mountain bike for men with a rough trail steel body. The sturdy frame structure not only makes it long-lasting, but also allows it to support more weight with no breaking. For fast changes and quiet riding, this budget mountain bike has an 18-speed twist shifting mechanism and a 6-speed derailleur. The knobby tires with all-weather aluminum rims are the best attribute of this affordable mountain bike.

The tires work admirably on a number of terrains, ensuring comfortable rides at all times. In addition, this cheap MTB has a Kolo 5200 suspension fork as well as a 3-piece crank for smoother drives. The bike’s braking mechanism includes front and linear pull brakes that enable you avoid or slow down.

The bike arrives with pre-installed components that would need to be adjusted. Caliber positioning, handbrake placement, gear shifter adjustment, and brake friction adjustment are some of the pre-installed components that require tuning. You’ll need to put in the bench, handlebar, wheels, and pedals.

4. Giant Cross Country Hardtail Talon 29er 0

Affordable mountain bikes are still a trade-off between efficiency and price, but Giant will take advantage of massive economies of scale since the Taiwanese bicycle company is the world ‘s biggest maker of bicycles.

You don’t get the world’s largest bike maker by using inferior manufacturing methods, and considering the Talon’s low price, it comes with a high-quality ALUXX SL aluminum frameset.

The Talon 29er is only offered in medium, big, and extra-large sizes; however, Giant offers a 27.5-inch wheeled Talon that is identical except in smaller sizes. The Tempt is a women’s version offered by Giant’s sister business Liv.

5. Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike

North Woods’ mountain bike frame is made of lightweight aluminium, that is most often used in higher-end rigs. This low-cost mountain bike weights just 42 pounds, making it one of the lightest in its class.

It has a steel crown fork with a movement of 50 mm, which contributes to its reliability and ease. North Woods utilizes knobby tires that are larger than many other bikes and have excellent stability and balancing characteristics so they sink into the dirt when riding, grasping it and keeping the bike even more sturdy.

Shimano’s rear derailleur is flexible and simple to use, and it provides outstanding mobility between cogs while shifting. The North Woods mountain bike features linear pull brakes, which are standard in entry level, cheap mountain bikes and also can prevent your motion quickly and forcefully when required. The wheel rims are built of aluminum which is both flexible and solid, and is more than capable of supporting the tyre, frame, and user.

6. Mongoose Status 2.2 Mens and Womens Mountain Bike

The Mongoose Status 2.2 is one of the cheap MTB on our list. It has a solid aluminum body with hydroformed tubing and a solid suspension fork. A 21-speed rear derailleur ensures fast shifting and the appropriate gearing for every trail. Lightweight aluminum rims add toughness and carry knobby 2.125″ thick mountain tires that ride over everything in their way. Front and rear V-brakes enable you regulate your pace and come to a complete stop on a dime. On a Mongoose, there was nothing that you can’t manage.

The aluminum mountain geometry frame on the Mongoose Status 2.2 Men’s Mountain Bike allows for better regulation of the whole setup. It has a Shimano rear derailleur and also an SRAM twist shifter. It features a 2.125-inch-wide knobby tyre to roll over something that gets in the way. The Mongoose Status2.2 men’s cheap mountain bike’s braking mechanism is V brakes or linear pull brakes, which are usable on both the rear and front of the bike. The wheels are constructed of a lightweight, solid alloy that is both durable and strong. The bike offers 21 speeds for the riders to choose from and a 26-inch wheel.

7. Mantis Orchid 26 Full Suspension Bicycle

The Mantis Orchid complete suspension bike features a steel suspension as well as a 17-inch steel dual suspension chassis. The steel structure is sturdy and long-lasting, and it will last for several years. The bike arrives partly mounted and is simple to put together. It provides rear and front brakes that have sufficient stopping power to enable you to ride comfortably with no fear of brake failure. It has stock 26-inch wheels with aluminum rims which are not only sturdy but also have the finest off-road ride. It even has a kickstand to enable you hold it straight with no falling against other items.

8. Folding Bike TSM G7 Bicycle 27.5Inch Dual Disc Brake Bike

For those of us with limited room, the Eurobike could be the perfect choice for a cheap full-suspension mountain bike. The name Stowabike comes from the fact which it is actually a folding bicycle. It includes a strong hinge in the center of the Y-shaped frame that allows you to store the bike comfortably.

The Stowabike has a grip change system with 18 speeds. Grip change is a gear shifting feature that functions similarly to the throttle on a motorcycle. To shift gears, simply grip it and twist it. 18 speed ensures you get a total of 18 gears to choose from.

One aspect where you could not find (but is incredibly valuable) is that the bike has a kickstand. You won’t have to lean your bike to a wall, where it might possibly crash and be destroyed. Pull off the kickstand and the bike will be protected from spills.

The Stowabike is not just one of the best cheap mountain bikes under $200, but it really is one of the best folding bikes under $200.

9. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

The budget Huffy Hardtrail Mountain Bike 26″ men’s mountain bike has a steel hardtail body, 21-speed gearing, a Shimano Rear Derailleur, aluminum rims, and twist shifters. A steel riser handlebar and a steel quill stem are both included with the model.

The bike is also effective of handling all forms of off-road cycling. The front suspension fork’s dependable output will enable you to easily ride over trail bumps.

The Mantis family of bikes outperforms most versions accessible from mass-market stores. In reality, it drives and looks like vehicles costing twice as much. For nearly two decades, the Cycle Force Group has introduced a series of amazing labels, offering models in a variety of shapes and price ranges.

The company has created such a diverse selection of bikes which has plenty to choose from, and the Mantis Raptor can be defined as the perfect 1st mountain bike for men.

10. Roadmaster – 26 Inches Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike

The Roadmaster inexpensive mountain bike has many of the high-end technology at an affordable price. The steel frame seems a little bulky, but it offers additional velocity and improves ride speed. You could select the right bike suited for yourself for its flexible seat, which will naturally guarantee your protection on some rough terrains. Shimano’s rear derailleur and 18-speed twist shifters have tremendous speed. Its shining blue and black comparison sticks out beautifully and is a major draw for most customers.

11. Dynacraft Firestorm Boys BMX Street

Its sturdy steel structure guarantees unrivaled durability and efficiency. It can handle rugged terrain thanks to its sturdy structure and suspension. The 20-inch wheel is appropriate for riders ranging in height from 4 foot 8 inches to 5 feet 3 inches. It comes with a lifetime fork and frame warranty, as well as a two-year accessories guarantee. It has an outstanding kind of braking for bumpy terrains, and both the front and rear brakes are linear-pull brakes in event of an emergency. This budget mountain bike’s dynamic and flexible white frame and black tires make it being the focus of attention.


A decent mountain bike encourages you to participate in the sport in a healthy and coordinated manner. Mountain bike characteristics or considerations include material, suspension mechanism, fork, braking, and so on. If you’re looking for a cheap mountain bike, aluminum is the right material for the body. There are several affordable mountain bike options on the market, but each model varies in terms of specifications and materials. Comfort, reliability, and adjustability are priorities for the best cheap mountain bikes under $200. The bikes are long-lasting, easy, and safe, among other qualities.

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