Wherever a flight is required, you must comply with airline laws and guidelines, including the maximum baggage allowance.

Therefore, you can opt to carry a case that must respect maximum weight and dimensions if you have more suitcases than is required.

Get the right suitcase to fulfill your needs on your travels and keep it tight throughout your long journey.

What Is A Cabin Suitcase?

Many airlines can carry a travel bag in what is known as the cabin or hand luggage free of charge. It is true that any airline has different restrictions on suitcase size and weight.

However, most passengers use this readily available luggage, especially on short trips. Another advantage is that the suitcase strap at the airport would not have to wait. Yeah, you’re going to save time, too.

Thanks to their small size, cabin suitcases are easy to identify. But don’t let them trick you, because anything you need for a short trip will fit inside.

This makes it a great option for a business trip or even a family holiday. For a weekend that saves time and space and takes you to the lodge.

What Is The Right Cabin Suitcase?

The person with the correct dimensions and weight is commonly recognized as a cabin suitcase. Yet there are other very important things after that. For eg, there are those that favor rigidity, since they are not deformed and usually avoid scratches and regular bumps.

Others choose soft suitcases to carry more things. But you should still weight that on the suitcase scale so that it does not overdo and that it always meets the requirements of the airline for the luggage in the cabin.

Be mindful that it must be a suitcase with sufficient protection so that all your things can move safely, be it a TSA lock licensed by various airlines or systems. Security for suitcases, keys that you can customize.

If you are a dad, it is best to have a little suitcase so that kids can take it easily. It may be a little smaller than that of adults, based on the child’s size.

A vivid colour will be much easier to remember and your personality will be cool. There are several choices on the market and brands differ, but I have shortened my list of references to the best.

How To Choose A Cabin Suitcase?

Cabin suitcases must fulfill the traveler’s needs. When you decide to buy, note that everyone have their own suitcase bag, backpack, case or suitcase on wheels.

You should know how and what you choose to carry when selecting your cabin suitcase. There are various options:

  • A wheeled bag is the most common option: It is used to transport objects which do not need a lot of security.
  • The lightest pack is a backpack with wheels that can be borne on the road, but also, if necessary, on the back.
  • A semi-rigid cabin with external pockets provides adequate protection for inside objects and can be slightly compressed if desired.
  • The hard case has no outer pockets, but provides greater security for the items it holds. Another favourite is rain resistance.
  • The suitcase is made for corporate transport. Quick laptop access and papers. It has wheels which can be put under the front seat depending on the distance.

Cabin luggage dimensions matter

To avoid extra luggage costs, please remember that airlines allow carry-on suitcases.

In 2015, IATA recommended dimensions of 55 x 35 x 20 cm suitcases, based on the space available in the overhead cabins of the most popular types of aircraft. However, airlines, particularly in North America, reacted negatively, and IATA abandoned its idea of standardizing carriage measurement.

The reality is that different cabin luggage sizes are available on the market – see what sizes various airlines allow. We also show each of them’s approximate internal volumes.

As you can see, they are very similar but there are essentially two most typical measurments of the cabin suitcase, each with a width or depth of 5cm: 55cm x 40cm x 20cm and 55cm x 35cm x 25cm.

Despite their similarity, it is important to be cautious about the dimensions: if you choose a suitcase of 55 x 40 x 20, you cannot travel it in cabins that are just 35 cm wide with it.

Materials: lightest and most flexible acrylic polycarbonate.

Taking into consideration the weight, suitcase weight and force needed to carry it up to the luggage rack when buying a suitcase. There are textiles and, among the stiff, perhaps polycarbonate, the newer, light and versatile plastic material.

Typically these suitcases have zippers and a second zipper that provides inner depth and volume.

If you open the extension, you risk not serving the full size of the bag, except in the case of the most permissive business Iberia.

Internal volume is critical in a situation and we cannot blindly believe what the vendor advertises in order to equate both.

Better with telescopic and double bar handles

Make sure that you firmly attach the telescopic handle with screws, that the handle is comfortable and that the plastic is solid.

Remember to still pull the case into the shop and remember that it doesn’t hit the heel but doesn’t sit too short. Check for at least one meter extension. One thing is that the grip on the hips is strong.

The classic double bar handle with telescopic handle is the easiest and most convenient way to pull the box. The single bar is more uncomfortable and it is more influential.


  • The typical two-wheeled cart.
  • The spinner has 4 spinning wheels to shift direction.

The double spinner has 8 wheels, 2 at each corner, making shooting on uneven terrain more stable than the single spinner. Stop rubber-coated wheels that wear very easily.

Locks TSA

The maker also equips cabin cases with a TSA lock for greater protection.

Details make the difference

Be mindful that even a good suitcase will crack. The main thing about this situation is that essential components such as handles, locks or wheels should be secured.

Some suitcases have an interior lining that can be opened and closed.

Well, it’s built to reach and manage the wheels whether you need to fix or upgrade them.

The zipper is the most widely used zipper, but it is easy to push even though it has a padlock or a combined closure.

Strengthened latches or zippers have some more strength. In the United States, the TSA system makes it possible for prosecutors to unlock the case without cracking the lock.

We have to take our cabin suitcase into account in planning the journey and selecting the destination and accommodation.

Some people don’t want to search their suitcases and choose to fly with their hand luggage only.

But with regard to the maximum cabin suitcase dimensions according to the airlines, it is safer to have the best cabin suitcase which will enable us to go without any concern.

What is The Best Cabin Suitcases?

1. TOKYOTO Carry-on Trolley Luggage Cabin Suitcase

[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FK1Y3DQ/?tag=integraair99-20″ target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#e0314f” size=”10″ radius=”0″]Check Price On Amazon[/su_button]

Suitcase able to charge smart phones. This case is supposed to contain a smartphone charger or tablet. The charger provides connections for all smartphones (USB Connector, Micro USB and Iphone). 100% Airlines CABIN LUGGAGE Certified. Dimensions: 50cm x 20cm x 34cm (55cm including wheels). Extra durable, lightweight trolley case of polycarbonate. Extremely resistant black tube handle, 360º multi-directional 4 wheel handle press button. 360° Multi 4-wheel Directional system. Lock combination.  Only a US or UK registered customs broker has a master key that unlocks. If you have to open a bag and you are not there, you can never crack the bag, open it without harming it.

2. Best 2-piece Lightweight Spinner Rolling Cabin Suitcases

[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/b00hveebmg/?tag=integraair99-20″ target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#e0314f” size=”10″ radius=”0″]Check Price On Amazon[/su_button]

Luggage Package comprises a 21″ and a 25″ lightweight roller travel suitcase. Suitcases are suitable for plane flying, vacations, holidays. The pushbutton handle framework is retractable using aluminum and flexible self-locking mechanisms. These bags are spacious and have an expandable capability that provides 25 percent for both men and women. Best online discount baggage sets with 3-dial safety lock mix.

3. Lucas Cabin Luggage Collection

[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004P99Q3Y/?tag=integraair99-20″ target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#e0314f” size=”10″ radius=”0″]Check Price On Amazon[/su_button]

The Lucas 15″ underseat bag is made of 100% external and internal nylon. The push button, lock, retractable pull grip and recessed inline skate wheels allow you to travel over a multitude of surfaces and cramped spaces. 2 direction and self-repairing nylon reamers and a fully enclosed interior with zippered attachment pockets give packaging and peace of mind. The case has been thoroughly checked to meet the specifications of the overhead cabin for most airlines. Regardless of whether a short trip or an extended journey, the convertible underside carry-on suits your needs. It is suitable for fitting under the seat and/or in the overhead section of most airlines and is great for domestic and foreign travel. It features a lockable pull button handle system that guarantees that your hand is not damaged by a relaxed grip.

4. Constellation Men’s Universal Cabin Case, Carry On Hand Luggage

[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06W55HZWL/?tag=integraair99-20″ target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#e0314f” size=”10″ radius=”0″]Check Price On Amazon[/su_button]

The Constellation universal cabin suitcase is comprised of an expandable front panel and two expandable arms. This ergonomically built case can be expanded to 55 x 40 x 25cm to have a spacious 37 liter volume with 55 x 35 x 20cm. The case is lightweight and simple to carry and has a removable top handle and two wheels so that you can conveniently drag it. The khaki exterior looks both elegant and functional and is made of high-quality fabric.

5. Subtle Patriot Covert Women’s 4 Wheel Cabin Luggage

[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KXYXFL4/?tag=integraair99-20″ target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#e0314f” size=”10″ radius=”0″]Check Price On Amazon[/su_button]

Interior designed for the tri-use isolation system with mesh covered enclosures and an expandable main compartment for optimum capacity. The exterior has 3 distinctive pockets, plus an optical or glass molded shell protective pocket. Multi-directional 4-wheel 360-degree rolling system allows you to turn the whole bag upright or reclined comfortably in the airport. This bag is completed by antique silver rivets, zipboards and pullers, specifically made for Discreet Patriot pockets. Both Subtle Patriot items have a cloaked, padded “carry” pocket that discreetly enables you to carry your cloaked weapon. Support the program NS2 Serves Boots for Suits.

6. CHESTER Minima Carry-On Suitcase

[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07C2M7JRW/?tag=integraair99-20″ target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#e0314f” size=”10″ radius=”0″]Check Price On Amazon[/su_button]

The Makrolon Polycarbonate Hardhell Maxi (lighter than aluminum and more resistance/flexible than other plastics, including ABS) complies with the domestic and international airline specifications of permitted external measurements of TSA and IATA.

Interior dimensions of 38 liters of space or 3-to-5 outfits are spacious. 4 quiet, multi-directional wheels on any terrain for a smooth wheel. 100% Aluminium Telescoping ergonomic handle for maximum control and maneuverability, with 2 lock positions.

Packed with simple handles on top and foot. This cabin bag also has a simple handle on top and foot. The new luggage of CHESTER with spinner wheels is clear genius. Ideal for a short flight or a long term break. The ultimate super light weight, this baggage makes it less difficult to get to your destination. Many drop tests have been performed using our Minima template to ensure that the baggage does not fall.

Let this not be the simplistic architecture incompetence of your situation, when faced with the exploitation of travel, it is assured that it will hold up to whatever you (or TSA) will cast.

As a packing case, the TSA size and built-in combination lock provide you with peace of mind whether you are taking or choosing to check in your baggage. Our Minima baggage is fitted with multi-directional premium wheels that allow a smooth and silent roll in either direction.



What is the normal luggage size of the cabin? How big is a cabin suitcase?

It’s up to the airlines so the overall acceptable size is 56cm x 45cm x 25cm.

What if my carry-on luggage is so big?

Companies are fewer and less flexible when it comes to hand-held suitcases, so you may have to pay tax between 20 and 75 $ depending on airlines, whether the carry-on baggage is exceeds size or weight.

May I take two cabin luggage bags?

You can usually only have one carry-on luggage in economic class and two hand luggage in 1st class.

May I have in my hand luggage a phone charger?

There is nothing stopping you from using a phone charger in your cabin luggage, particularly because chargers are today universal.

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