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10 Best Waterproof Socks of 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Waterproof socks are among the most important items of footwear that you might not be aware of. They’re made of water-resistant fabrics and can be worn like regular socks. The advantage is that all these socks will maintain your feet dry even though it’s raining or you’re walking along a small creek.

Waterproof socks come in a variety of materials, designs, levels of comfort, and other features. To keep your feet as dry as possible, it’s important to pick the best socks for your needs. If you’re looking for a pair of durable socks, we will assist you in finding the ideal pair. My buying guide will take you through the most important things to think about.

What Are The Best Waterproof Socks?

1. Dexshell Hytherm Pro Waterproof Socks

Dexshell Hytherm Pro are ideal for keeping your feet dry and comfortable when participating in outdoor events in incredibly rainy weather. The outer coating is created of abrasion-resistant nylon and elastane, which ensures long wear and a seamless fit. Merino wool is a natural fiber that offers cushioning, odor reduction, and warmth. Water, snow, and wind are both protected by the Porelle hydrophilic membrane.

Sock with a mid-calf length and a lot of warmth. Merino wool terry loop piles run the length of the inside of the sock, providing excellent thermal insulation and a secure fit. Thermal socks with a merino wool cushioned footbed and lining, the Hytherm Pro Waterproof socks. The DexShell goods are not only soft on your skin in harsh conditions, keeping you free of any pain, but they are also gentle on the atmosphere.

2. RANDY SUN 100% Waterproof Breathable Socks

Your feet can stay warm and dry while still being able to breathe thanks to the three-layer system. The socks’ micropores cause moisture and sweat to escape while keeping water out. Chafing and blisters are avoided thanks to the lined heel and toe.

100% waterproof and breathable, wet and cozy, and 100% smooth for a better fit on the foot. You will go on adventures in any weather thanks to our attention to detail, quality fabrics, and thorough inspection. The inconsistency between waterproofing and breathability is easily resolved thanks to a three-layer knitting construction pattern. The seamless toe and strengthened heel provide long-lasting support while preventing thread chaffing and discomfort.

3. Bridgedale unisex-adult Mens and Hiking-socks

Bridgedale Storm Socks are a three-layer mid-weight knee-length lightweight merino wool sock. The outermost layer is almost entirely made of nylon, which is solid, windproof, and abrasion-resistant. Merino fur, acrylic, and nylon offer excellent odor resistance and comfort. They can take a long time to dry, and after they’ve been hung to dry, they’ll have to be switched inside out to dry the interior as well.

A thick resilient terry pad footbed, heel, and ankle provide comfort and cushioning in this midweight knee-length StormSock. Merino Wool is well-known for its antibacterial, anti-odor, and moisture-wicking qualities. Perspiration is transported to the outside through solid state diffusion via a hydrophilic nonporous PU membrane. Bridgedale’s value fit comes from lycra knit in every course, which, along with the smooth toe seam and elastic arch brace, keeps the sock in place and prevents hotspots. These socks are ideal for wading in rivers and streams because they have maximum lower leg coverage and support up to the knee.

4. Showers Pass Waterproof Socks

Showers Pass Crosspoint WP Waterproof Wool Crew Socks are made up of three layers to keep your feet dry and protected from the elements. The inner layer’s merino content is lower than that of the Bridgedale StormSocks, resulting in a somewhat lighter weight waterproof sock with no sacrificing moisture wicking properties. These are the best lightweight running socks on our list due to their lighter design.

The three layers of the Crosspoint Wool Crew socks are a wear-resistant knit outer, a patented waterproof/breathable membrane, and a moisture-wicking, anti-microbial merino wool covering. Our socks, unlike those of our rivals, are made in the shape of a 3-D foot, not a flat plywood foot. And no seam-like ridges, this provides a perfect fit and feel.

5. SEALSKINZ Waterproof Trekking Thick Mid Sock

The Trekking Thick Mid socks have a nylon and elastane outer coat for added durability. The inner layer, which contains 41% Merino wool, provides warmth, moisture protection, and odor control. The hydrophilic membrane is thin and resilient, causing no pain while effectively protecting the feet from water and wind. The knees and insteps of the socks are both elastic, ensuring a perfect match.

Mid-length Waterproof Extreme Cold Weather Sock. Extreme temperature, breathability, and waterproof safety were all taken into consideration when designing this jacket. Flat toe seams help reduce scratching and blisters, and the 4-way stretch is greater than every waterproof sock competitive brand. The Extreme Cold Weather Socks are made of quality merino wool with terry loop stitching to absorb heat and extra insulation in the ankle to keep you comfortable and safe in the coldest of weather. The waterproof severe cold weather socks are extremely breathable thanks to their three-layer structure and special hydrophilic waterproof membrane.

6. Rocky Men’s 11″ Gore-tex Waterproof Socks

The Rocky Gore Tex Socks are meant to be paired with wool socks. Goretex works in the same way as the membrane coating does in standard waterproof socks. Your regular hiking socks will do all of the wicking. They’re cozy but not especially warm, so they’re not ideal for winter hiking. The Rockys are a perfect option for hikers who don’t really need waterproof socks all the time but want to keep them on hand.

GORE-TEX socks have a breathable and durable cotton lining. The abrasion resistance of these socks is given by the outer layer. These 11″ socks come in two shades, black and grey, and can be worn with any outfit since the colors are neutral. The fabric adds to the overall consistency of these socks. GORE-TEX cloth was used to line them.

7. OTTER Waterproof breathable socks

Otter’s mid-length socks will enchant you with the elegant style The socks are fully water-resistant and will keep you dry. The sock’s outer layer is made of a tough polyamide that offers it a rough appearance. The insulating properties of merino wool continue to protect your feet comfortable warm or cold depending on the outside environmental conditions. The acrylic wool used in the socks’ knitting helps to wick moisture away from the feet and expel it to the outside.

The Otter Socks are made of 74% high-strength waterproof polyamide and do not trap water. The outer stocking is made up of 23% Lycra and 3% elastane for a snug fit. If the sock is too big, the foot can wander around inside, causing blisters and pain. CoolMAX CORE technology wicks moisture away from the body, keeping you cool and dry. Made of a plastic membrane with small holes wide enough to enable vapour to exit from the inside but small enough to prevent water droplets from entering.

8. Waterfly Waterproof Socks Breathable

Mesh promotes moisture dispersal and helps to keep the feet odor-free. They offer 4 different sizes to accommodate different foot sizes, and their length allows them to be used for a variety of sports. The producer promises a complete money-back guarantee to prove that they stand behind their label!

Fabric in three layers a protective coating that pulls the membrane away from your skin’s surface for improved comfort and efficiency. Water beads up and rolls off the cloth without soaking it thanks to the durable water repellent finish. A lightweight breathable and waterproof membrane of high durability.

9. NRS Hydroskin 0.5 Socks

This wet suit for pedestrians is suitable for a variety of water sports. ThermalPlus cropped-fleece lining have excellent insulation. Powerspan has unrivaled versatility, whereas an antimicrobial treatment helps to eliminate odors. It’s light and lightweight, and it wicks moisture to the nth degree.

Hydroskin Socks are made up of a thin layer that covers and insulates the feet from cold, damp water. A four-way stretch outer layer allows for increased stability and longevity. The ThermalPlush lining adds warmth, repels moisture, and dries easily to keep you comfortable.

10. OUTDOORSMAN 100% Waterproof Socks

The socks are 100 percent waterproof and have a Coolmax inner lining to keep your feet warm in the cold. Reviewers praised how dry these held their feet, whether they were exposed to moisture for a short period of time or were immersed for an extended period of time. These socks have a mid-calf length and a smooth build, making them ideal for wearing with boots or sneakers. Coolmax, a Dupont cloth, is a breathable, thin fabric that specializes in wicking moisture away from the skin and onto the outer layer, where it can dry.

The three-layer structure holds water out while also allowing the feet to breathe. The socks have a 100% waterproof and extremely breathable middle membrane, as well as a Coolmax inner for outstanding wicking. Fishing, hunting, climbing, camping, and other recreational activities are all possible.

Buying Guide For Waterproof Socks

Why you need waterproof socks?

Here are some of the many advantages of waterproof socks, ranging from durability to comfort:

  • They keep feet warm: Dry socks come in a range of fashions and designs, but they all share one thing in common: they’re designed to keep feet warm while keeping water out.
  • They offer true comfort: the waterproof socks on the marketplace currently look very much like men’s slippers than a piece of equipment, due to their extra insulation, warmth, and high-quality content. Tactical terrain that can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • They offer warmth as well as relief from friction sores such as blisters, which are also exacerbated by wet socks.

How to choose the best waterproof socks?

  • Check the size carefully when purchasing a waterproof sock.
  • Choose natural materials such as bamboo fibers and merino wool.
  • The outer layer must in particular be made of waterproof and resistant material.
  • The inner layer must guarantee you optimal comfort in addition to being perfectly breathable.
  • A sock that is too wide causes discomfort, causes friction and thus causes blisters to appear.
  • I ​will direct you to models with at least two layers for high performance

Types of waterproof sock

The substance that waterproof socks are made of can be said to be closely similar to all kinds of waterproof socks.

Socks come in a variety of types.

  • Waterproof merino wool socks: Merino wool socks are waterproof and can keep the toes warm on long snowy walks.
  • Nylon-based waterproof socks: tend to be breathe better than wool or other materials. Nylon materials, which are often mixed with polyester and spandex, are usually flexible and easy to handle.
  • Waterproof polyester socks: Because of their resistance, it has a long lifespan.
  • Waterproof neoprene socks: Since they are waterproof and highly water resistant, waterproof neoprene socks are usually worn with wetsuits or swimming fins.
  • Cotton waterproof socks: Cotton waterproof socks are soft and cozy, but they are both sturdy and breathable. When cotton socks get muddy, they become a complete disaster. Waterproof socks, on the other hand, use cotton that wicks moisture away and repels water.


If you’re fishing, hiking, or jogging, ensuring your feet are safe from the elements is a wonderful feeling. You will wade across a creek without fear, stomp through puddles without fear, and walk through snow without hesitation. When you put on a pair of high-quality waterproof socks, you’re one step closer to invincibility, and there’s nothing better than that.

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