Don’t go on an expedition in a hostile environment with a simple Swiss Army knife. Choose the best survival knife, instead, so that you can operate easily under the conditions that need such a tool.

In addition, the most sturdy, versace and affordable models are available at the best price in this selection.

A good kit of survival should always include a knife of survivors. The latter preferably should have: a resilient blade, a robust non-gliding handle, ease of sharpening, high versatility, an overall length minimum of 8 inches, a fire-making device integrated or separated, and a firm cover.

The presence of a compass on the kit can be combined with these criteria. Indeed, a military knife with a compass is a great choice for extreme adventurers.

Check out some good knives that can now be purchased.

How to choose a survival knife?

After a short comparison of all the survival knives on the market, we must take into account a couple of important points when buying.

First of all, if you want to walk or climb rocks, you should use a lightweight or even collapse tool. Secondly, it’s better to rely on a model which bends and has a rather thick blade for a raw activity such as hunting.

Third, an iron with a hollow handle would be interesting, where a fire starter can be stored. However, the most important thing in all cases is to prioritize the device’s robustness. Some features you should take into account before you validate the purchase of your equipment are also:

Folding knife or fixed blade knife

You’ll find costly folding and fixed blades on the market. As previously mentioned, folding models are more suitable for adventurers who seek easy carrying and lightness.

Indeed, storing them in a jacket pocket, in a fanny bucket or hanging them on a belt is ever easier.

For harder uses such as cutting wood or hunting or fishing, depend on the fixed blades. You can have better support during cutting with this kind of tool.


The device’s iron should be strong and resistant to corrosion. The manufacturers shall state in their product sheet the references to these two features. In general, the iron strength, resistance to wear and ultimate resistance to corrosion should be stated by the manufacturer.

Try to get a chart showing all these levels of resistance before you buy. There are indeed so many references that before validation of a purchase it is better to have the indications in person.

The shape of the blade

The opinions differ when it comes to picking the blades! Here’s what you should know:

  • For animal and fish butchering, an elevated point is crucial;
  • The drop point is better suited for wood cutting and more stable. It is also a good hunting feature.
  • The flat back is ideal for wood work and food gravure. Nothing is better than lighting the fire, too.
  • The blades are sharp and thick in tantum or machete type. So they are ideal to defend themselves.

A pointed end

Survivors often overlook a steep end in survival knives. The pointed end can certainly be bulky, and if mistreated, dangerous. But for those who want an extra tool for tinkering and especially for fish preparation, it can be better.

The cover

As for the cover, you bet on the leather as much as you can. Covers with good holding force are also reliable. The cover models with fire stones and sharpening stone pockets are also very interesting. In addition, select covers with belt clips and those with several carrying positions.

What is the best survival knives

1. Best survival knives for every budget

Total 9 3/4″ 4 5/8″ 1095 high carbon steel blades in the Scandinavian brass, partly with coyote tan, which have been modified and are very efficient in carving, skinning and other forests. Thumb creek. Thumb creek. Closed to HRC 56-58. Complete tang. Tang. Micarta handles of olive green linen. Handles are fitted with a divot, which can be used to boom the fire bow method. Garden of fingers.

Lanyard hole. Lanyard hole. Pommel features a scraper designed especially for the safety and efficiency of striking ferro rods. Black Kydex belt sheet molded with a metal clip and an integrated Ferro-rod mounting point. Includes 3 1/8″ overall black survival blade and fire starter. Bulk packed. – Bulk packed. Made in the United States.

2. Best survival knives for the money

The 6P model comes with an excellent 1095 steel blade of 6.5″ powder coats. Steel is always an advantage, because it’s so easy to sharpen. Every month it takes just 5 minutes to sharpen rapidly, and it never fails to do so. This kind of weathering will first be shown on the blades and metal surrounding the graving.

It’s much more weather-prone than other steels, which means the blade tends to roost much faster than similar knives. The designers at ESEE are as ergonomic as they are practical to make a knife.

3. Best survival knives for preppers

For quick use of the titanium-coated blade, the Mini Covert Fast delivers a one-hand opening. In any condition, the G-10 handle lends you tacky grip. The Mini Covert directory measures 6.85 inches when it is open and 3.95 inches when it is closed. A lifetime guarantee is supported. Gerber is the world famous knife maker Gerber 22-01967 Mini Covers, which is made by Gerber in the US. Visit, or call 1-800-847-8255 or for more information.

4. Best survival knives for outdoor adventures

The Gurkha Kukri is the compact Gurkha on the other end of the spectrum.

This knife is modeled on the traditional mashet-like knife of the British Army Regiment of Nepal and features a massive 12-inch blade with a curve that makes the knife perfect for foliage hacking.

This is the perfect way to survive – just don’t attempt to take it on a plane!

This product has chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm in the State of California.

5. Best survival knives for bushcraft

REG-HK-218, Full Tang Damascus Steel handmade 15,40 cm Bowie Knife. Black Brown Micarta Rock Solid Thick Blade Handle with beautiful handle. Damascus steel has high quality material for an excellent cutting performance and sharpness. Hardness of the cuff blade has been sharpened into a Sharp Rim by an HRC 58-60 in the lab.

6. Best Survival knives for camping

Companions knife and tool are made in the USA and are sufficiently tough to deal with all your outdoor activities. Has a durable steel blade of 1095 crovan, ideal for splitting onions and skinny games. Nylon sheath filled with glass to maintain the blade sharp and safe. Comes with a hard plastic sheath compatible with MOLLE for safety when you leave the sheet. For security, the knife locks in place, so it does not fail. Grivory’s comfortable handle provides a balanced grip for all outdoor tasks. The flat blade is 5.5 centimeters long and 10 and half centimeters long.

7. Best Survival knives for beginer

A 12-piece Survival Knife Set of Maxam includes a hunting knife, a slingshot, a sharpener knife and a safety lock. It has a ton of survival instruments which can be easily substituted when you run out. The handle fits inside where they are stored safely from the items. Basic fishing gear, matches, bands, security pins, sewing supplies, crab, razor blades, and even thumbnail tweezers. This pack also includes a bandage, a fire starter and matches, anchorage, hooks and weights, a raspberry blade, pin pins, a safety pen and an aguette and thread.

8. Best survival knives for an emergency survival situation

The Bear Grylls Ultimate Serrated Knife was created by Gerber and Bear. A fire starter, sheath sharpener and lanyard whistle are included in the fine-edge knife. Partly tightened blade is made of stainless high carbon steel, for excellent retention of edges. The sheath includes ground-to-air rescue instructions and fire-starter rod flintlike ferrocerium. Comes with the Survival Pocket Guide Priorities that contain essential survival items.


Whether you are in the wilderness or just prepare for an emergency, survival or apocalypse. A good, stable survival knife differs from other knives. When this becomes difficult it will be a key tool to achieve many different duties, the best survival knife with you.

You can do the most important survival tasks, including building shelter, hunting, making improvisation equipment, food preparation, firing etc., with a good survival knife.

Of course, you must know how to perform a number of tasks in addition to a good knife and master a situation of survival.

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