Planning a vacation in the mountains for snow sports? This guide was created for you. I have based on my experiences in Santa Catarina and the Alps to tell you the best ski helmets.

These allow you to protect your head against any impact or icy blizzard. As a gift, you will also be kept up to date with the most trendy ski helmet models on the market.

To plan your next winter vacation and enjoy the snowy landscapes, it is important that you incorporate the best ski helmet among your sports equipment. Some are multifunctional and can be used for both alpine skiing and climbing.

In any case, you should always make sure that the materials of construction of the model of your choice are durable. Go for those that are made with high quality ABS and EPS foam, as these materials help absorb impacts well.

How to choose ski helmets

Skiing was previously content to cover your head during winter sports with a woolen cast or headband. Today a ski helmet has become an important equipment for protection and comfort but also for fashion.

Regardless of your skiing experience, you can still make a mistake or hit your head, and that might lead to a catastrophe.

It is true that some stations will offer you helmets, but it does not guarantee the quality of this equipment. Furthermore, more than one hundred people have possibly already worn it.

But you can get a decent helmet even if you don’t have your own skis and ski boots. It’s the main item for your life saving equipment.

  • The brand: We always want to find a product that provides us with the highest level of comfort and enjoyment while ensuring our protection. It is better to choose known brands that can guarantee through the criteria of the European Standardization Committee or the CEN. In this sense, you’ll have the calm of choosing one of the quality models, for example if only a few brands like Bollé, Poc or Oakley are listed, as they’ll be accredited.
  • Security: As mentioned earlier, it’s important to check if various components of the ski castle, such as the visor, the goggle, the air intake system and the chin fitting wheels, are in good work order for the best safety during snow sports. Whatever these things are easy, they will keep your eyes, ears and head protected. In this way, the manufacturing materials, the processes used for the item you are buying and the safety certificates are duplicated.
  • Other comments on ski helmets:Many forget the importance of this step, and they don’t know. You should be carefully chosen for all sport items designed to protect you. See the ratings and comments from others and experts for an indication of the goodness of a product. You also say you don’t pay attention to top labels and items that are recommended. Forget the concept of cost-effective low quality. You will also be surprised when you read other people’s comments.
  • The price:You cannot naturally afford to buy an object that is not costly in your budget. Details on the price range gives you a sense of how much you can pay. In winter sports shops between $32 and $35 the ski helmet can be found in this case, provided the model is simple and child friendly. The price range for adults with additional accessories and good for ski pistes is between $ 8 and 150.

What are the different types of ski helmets?

Two types of sports helmets are primarily available: hard shell ski helmets or molded caps. We are however entitled to variations or hybrid designs that are a combination of the other two. They have both styles of casket characteristics.

  • ABS helmets: A robust shell or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene has been fitted to this form of ski helmet by a lightweight lining. This design provides less ventilation overall, but appears to be cheaper and stronger. The absorption of impact in case of a fall or collision is outstanding.
  • Hybrids: Helmets are constructed of tough external polycarbonate and EPS foam liner that enables shock absorption. This is an ultra lightweight and comfortable model. It provides good head ventilation while providing impact protection. They are adjustable and customizable and can usually be used in a number of bright colours, with trendy designs. A combination of rough and molded caps are the hybrid helmet. They allow balancing, longevity, ventilation and adequate security.

What are the safety certifications for ski helmets?

There is currently no real global norm of security. You should then review your local rules. But it must be verified in Europe that the ski helmet meets the CEN European Standardization Committee parameters.

What are the best ski helmets

1. Oakley Mod1 MIPS

The MOD1 is a classic skate cask with a basic and low-profile design. The magnet buckle FIDLOCK® makes it easier to connect your cask with your gloves. The fit device BOA® 360 provides a relaxed and tailored wearer experience. The device MIPS® helps reduce rotary forces during a crash and helps to keep you safe. This helmet has a great value, which usually only features more premium helmets.

2. Giro Ledge Snow

Building Hard Shell provides high value helmets. Auto Loc 2 Fit System is a durable and independent fitting system designed to remove the trouble of fitting a helmet. Stick the vent at the front of your helmet to keep your lids clear and fog-free. Carefully developed and tested for working together, the Giro goods are.

The Vertical Tuning feature on the fly allows you to tune in and glide in without removing your helmet. Ear pads removable. Rem goggle retention device removable. Compatible with Giro outdoor technology aftermarket audio systems. Top up to your helmet so you can avoid the hot air. Simple cleaning removal of helmet earpads.

3. WildHorn Outfitters ski

The snowboard drifting helmet features 13 fully adjustable winds that keep you regulated, opened and closed to cool down, and kept in warmth. The outer PC shell is fused into a molded foam that enables the mould to withstand the impact shock. The customizable ErgoKnob fit button enables you to tighten or loosen the helmet to your head. The exterior of Traverse’s ABS and inside EPS. keep your head warm in winter, and your noggin secure.

Remove the earmuffs in summer to ensure superior ventilation when you are on the bike or skateboard. For multiseason sports fans, the Retrospec Traverse H1 is an excellent conversion helmet option. It is perfectly matched to our men Dover and the women’s Frontera ski jackets with a semi-fit helmet hood. Trust your paths and stay safe in your brain.

4. Oakley Mod 5

The hybrid shell configuration of the Mod 5 helmet offers improved safety in common areas of high impact. Integrated ventilation system draws air through the bottom of the lenses, across the border and eventually through the various windings. An additional shock absorption is available in a MIPS layer. Other features include BOA, magnetic buckle from Fidlock, removable ear pads, removable goggle band, and an elegant and removable lining. The mod5 provides a fine balance between premium features and greater security, which allows you to find new limits

5. NEW Anon Men’s Raider

Anon Raider 3 is a traditional ABS shell which, in terms of toughness, does not cut corners. This is one of the only items in this multi-season guide. Passive ventilation helps you keep your head cool, as your fit-system automatically adjusts to fit on your fly. Some may find a deal-breaker lack of MIPS or other angled impact defense. If you’re the one-stop solution for sports defense if you’re the one kind to tear the side padding and liners anyway.

6.Giro Ledge MIPS 

MIPS – Multi-directions MIPS. MIPS. Construction of Hard Shell provides high-value helmets. Auto Loc 2 Fit System (removable) is a robust and self-adjustable fit system that takes the problem out of a cask. Stack Vent on the helmet front that matches your weapons and helps keep them clean and free from fog. Ear pads removable and removable retainer for the goggle. Outdoor Tech Giro audio systems are compatible with aftermarket.

The cask retainer and ear pads are removed, so you can use the cask on the glider more easily. The Vertical Tuning feature on the fly allows you to tune in and glide in without removing your helmet. The Stack Vent was designed based on research that shows that mostly humid, nebulous air comes from the center of the ventilation system.

7. Obex Spin Communication Snowboard

Obex SPIN Communication combines a distinguished style with an integrated wireless microwave and speaker system. With 3 protective layers, an adjustable size mechanism and sliding shafts for an accomplished helmet. SPIN compliments the whole POC’s approach to the patented silicone pad technology to provide superior comfort, fit and efficiency. The Obex communication-friendly helmet will all benefit from backcountry skiing, off piste boarding, snowboarding and other extreme snowboard fans.

8. Smith Quantum MIPS

Koroyd and Smith’s revolutionary exo-skeleton architecture features Smith’s Aerocore. Functional simplicity is the Wayfinder strap device with the Fidlock buckle. 22 customizable slide winds enable you to dispel all the heat that is sure to build up considerable bulk. It’s still a very convenient helmet with all of its bulk, and despite its high price its consistency is indisputable.

The BOA fit system, with a 360° halo configuration with 360° fit system, is available to the Quantum for your individual fit. The base is a quality molded coating, strengthened at common points by rigid polymers. For the right skier, the Quantum is the great helmet, and nothing is wrong.

9. Smith Vantage MIPS

Smith Vantage is a snowsports helmet that protects you from high speed. The Koroyd aerocore design maximizes maximum coverage and improved airflow simultaneously. Vantage provides the Boa 360 fit with a 360 THILO configuration for the most tailor-made fit. The only thing that we can think of is that you’ll find cheaper options for nearly $300 USD, so it’s almost easy to find them.

10. Sweet Protection Switcher MIPS Helmet 

The Switcher is a resort-oriented helmet for sweet safety. Includes an extra shield to spread the impact power over a wider range. With simple to use side tracks, the vents can be adjusted, and the chinstrap can be adjusted via a quick-to-access dial on the rear. It is one of the most sporty helmets of the decade and provides all but competitive freeride skiers with ample protection. Some concerns have occurred about the size but you won’t find a more comfortable cask until you have it fit to your head correctly.


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