Skiing is not only one of the most sensational but also one of the most dangerous sports activities. Often it’s so exciting that we occasionally neglect to take safeguards. But make sure that the joy of this sport is complete by choosing the right balaclaves for skiing.

The ultimate way to safeguard your face, hands, and ears from strong winds, colds and especially blizzards is announced. Here we choose the best ski balaclavas according to the exact criteria.

In its consistency, price, production materials, shape and level of comfort, better balaclava is found. And we have picked the best models for you on the basis of these parameters.

What is a balaclava?

The balaclava or ski mask is a warm head or facial cover for snow use, named after the cold Crimean city of Balaklava. The British troops stationed in the town were abandoned cold during the Crimean War of 1854 when food, warm clothing and warm shelter did not arrive at the right time.

They were sent hand-knitted masks which were called Balaclavas. For this purpose they were sent. Different types of ski masks can be made from various materials, all of them seeking to accomplish the same fundamental functions: warmth, comfort and use.

What you choose is essential, not only practical, but also comfortable to use for long periods. Because of the combination of versatility and robustness, neoprene ski masks are becoming more important. And some of the most advanced and severe Balaclava designs come with fine graphics and accessories in novelty types and designs.

How to choose a ski balaclava?

  • Quality: Quality is important when it comes to selecting a snow mask. The concept behind the creation of a ski hood is said to be of high quality. The contrary is just a waste of money. A ski helmet needs to be carefully and qualitatively built.
  • The price: The competition to become a leader obliges marks to favor comfort, quality and, in particular, good prices in relation to the production of their goods. Price takes pride in this package of benefits, since brands are consumers’ buying power. You know also that budgets vary greatly. Therefore, it was important to take account of price to allow everyone to enjoy the best ski balaclavas.
  • Material: The advantages and disadvantages of each material. The main thing is to concentrate on those that deliver more benefits and less inconveniences. Your hood must ensure a high degree of breathing and thermal comfort to improve suddenness. The ideal choice therefore comes from products like polyester, nylon, merino wool and neoprene. They better absorb moisture and have water and odor resistance. They have ski helmets with a long life.
  • Design: Design is based on the facial styles. Is your model ‘real face’ or ‘semi facial?’ You therefore have to remember, based on your sources, which balevah best suits you face. It is necessary therefore to take into account its impact on your peripheral vision. This is important for track racing. In this respect, special attention is needed to adapt (flexibility) and integrate the glasses.
  • Shape: One that is common in size is the perfect winter balaclava. The extended model can fit any form or size without being too loose or too tight. This includes stretch models. The different adjustments are different depending on the activities. Therefore, you need to verify whether or not your balaclava will wear a helmet.
  • Comfort: For a long period a ski mask is also used. We wear it several times a day, especially during our skiing holidays. This is why ease in selecting a ski hood is a must. It means that the skin is absent and the ropes adapt easily so that you can get all the fun that you want to enjoy skiing.

What are the best ski balaclavas

1. Smartwool Mens

The Balaclava Smartwool NTS 250 is made from 100% Merino wool that will keep your head warm. It offers convenient facial protection and allows sufficient room to retain good peripheral vision around the eyes. This balaclava lies smooth and neatly on the face thanks to the contoured pattern, the interlocking knit construction and the flatlock seams.

2. BLACKSTRAP Hood Balaclava 

Skiing, snowboarding and snowmobile riders have been favorites for Hood Facemask since 2008. Features patented design of Exo-Hinge, seamless cast and 4 way stretch fabric compatibility. UPF (UV) is 100% milled tri-blend textile in the USA and blocks a 97% ratio of ultraviolet rays. Fully synthetic, quick-dry and anti-microbial technology. moisture-wicking. However, when it is extended, the completely synthetic material does not provide the best warmth for the front and ear.

3. Ergodyne – Balaclava Ski Mask

The Endrogyne N-Ferno 6823 Balaclava has a long neck, hinged mouth, and padded mouth cover. It’s 100% windproof with added fabric paneling over vulnerable areas to keep elements at bay. While it will fit most heads, fleece is not completely flexible, so fit may be a problem for some people. The fleece material keeps the wearer warm, but it only comes in one size.

4. Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm 

A polyester and spandex combination is made of Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm Hydropull Hood. The smooth silhouette has flatlock seams to ensure a perfectly curved fit. Therma-FIT material isolates the head without restriction, although it is suitable for wet environments thanks to its moisture wicking and dry technology. The greatest disadvantage of this balaclava is the shortened neckline that is anchored to a helmet or parka. However, Nike Pro Combat is a viable choice with full equipment and equipment.

5. Chaos -CTR Howler Multi Tasker

Howler Multi-Tasker Pro with Windshield windproof fleece is a high tech balaclava with a multi-functional hinge. The windproof face mask provides 100% protection from the elements. Hinged construction allows you to move the face mask portion up and down with ease. waterproof and breathable fabric will keep your face warm in the coldest climate.

Lycra binding around the face seals out the elements and the shaped bottom provides full coverage and prevents excessive gathering. This product is excellent for skiing, snowboarding, snow machining, hunting and all cold weather activities. It may run too large or too tight if you don’t get the exact size you need. It is also completely waterproof.

6. Under Armour Men’s ColdGear

To absorb and keep your own body heat, ColdGear Infrared employs a thermo-conductively elastic internal covering. The balaclava shape fitting provides complete face protection in severe cold conditions. Can be worn with a dropped chin or as a more ventilative neck gaiter. The manufacture of a 4-way stretch allows for greater mobility and forms. Sweat & dry material wicks very quickly. Anti-smelling technology inhibits the development of microbes that cause odour. The cap is also attractive, so that when in use the lingers will not fog up.

7. Self Pro Winter Balaclava Ski Mask 

Various balaclava Unisexes. Perfect for men and children – protect yourself and your family. High-tech, soft polar Fleece made from CoolMax Premium. Fits most of one size. Can be worked on their own or any Helmet kind. Tissue is hypo-allergenic and skin-free. Stretch 4-way. Flatlock Seams. – Flatlock Seams. Cleaning machine. Very fast dry. Very fast.

8. ZERDOCEAN Winter Windproof

Keep your face warm with a balaclava, which not only feels amazing, but looks good when you wear it! It is black, army green, dark camo, light camo and gray, so that the rest of your uniform is as good as possible. This Balaclava is worn four different ways.

This is as a mask for the whole face, a gaiter for the neck, a half mask for skis or an open ski mask for balaclava. The material is extensive and has a gentle and comfortable fleece lining, you can use it for winter sports or just to be out in a cold day and while doing it you will look amazing.

9. WTACTFUL 3D Animal Funny Balaclava 

Remember to call all animal lovers because they love a snowboard mask. This hood can be considered both as a winter shield and a costume printed on it by an animal head. The whole thing covers your face, your ears, your nose and your fitness keeps you wet. It is fine, from adults to adults, from men to women, because its stretchable fabric. It’s fantastic for lining under helmets and even for daily use.

10.Nike Pro Combat

Nike Therma-FIT material isolates you and keeps you warm and dry, wicking moisture. Shape-free flat seam construction Comfort fitting fits alone or under a helmet. Underneath the neckline is complete facial defense. When you need it, it covers a neck gaiter. Nylon at 85% / elastane at 15. 85%. It suits the largest one size. It is best suited to any form of skiing or snowboarding activity.


It can be a complicated process to find the best balaclava for your needs. We hope this guide will give you some guidance, whether you’re a skier, a snowboarder or an enthusiast of winter sports.