10 Best Rainfly For Hammock Reviews in 2021

What is a rainfly for hammock? When camping, it is always good to use a rainfly or tarp. To prevent from getting wet, you need a rainfly that covers the entire area of your hammock. There are a lot of hammock options to buy; there are a lot of rainfly options as well. We will clear up the confusion for you. An buying guide is provided to make it easier to purchase a tarps.

Styles of rainfly for hammock

  • Rectangular: It is hung in parallel to your hammock. With anchors in place, the ridgeline stretches across over the hammock and then the trap is draped across. Rectangular tarps offer good coverage and because of their size, they reduce the amount of air that is crossed.
  • Hexagonal: Hexagon tarp is made up of six sides. It is a highly effective barrier in shielding against the elements, that being rain and winds. This design allows for more air flow which improves your hammock livability. They are more aesthetically pleasing because they included inward-facing corners.
  • Catenary: The design is similar to a hexagonal tarp, with a curved cut at the corners to increase the air flow, and lower the material needed.
  • Diamond/Square: The diamond cut tarps perfectly fit on the hammock’s ridgelines. They are simple to implement and can be pitched as they only require two anchors. However, the biggest drawback is that this rainfly offers the least amount of total coverage area.

How to choose the best rainfly for hammock?

  • Season: The right hammock tarpaulin will be dependent on what the weather will be like. A light weight rain fly is sufficient for a camping trip. But it would be ineffective against the bitter cold.
  • Size: The size of the hammock is vital to evaluate here. Select a tarp that has a large enough overhang. Bigger tarps could be more heavy and therefore would require more accessories in order to succeed. We recommend a size large enough to provide sufficient coverage for you.
  • Weight: Consider how much space your pack has, and how much weight you choose to take. You should get a mass that you’re happy with. When backpacking, you would consider a tarp of lightweight and compact design that can be stowed.
  • Coverage: The more coverage of the tarp, the more privacy the camper has. Large and complex tarps tend to be harder to pitch and take longer to set up. What constitutes appropriate coverage will vary among campers. Incorporate your own needs and preferences, and roll out from there.
  • Durability: Always go with the top-rated hammock tarps that perform adequately. These will be well-made and of high-quality contents that can endure the elements. When taking a tarp into the bush, it is useless.

What is the best rainfly for hammock?

1. Hennessy Rainfly Hammock

The Hennessy Hammock Hex Rainfly is a versatile choice for hammock and tent camping as well as ultralight backpacking and travel. Made of polyester ripstop fabric, it offers extreme weather protection. Convenient corner straps on the tarp, so the cords won’t get lost. Some users have complained about the quality of the lines, and it is recommended that you consider purchasing a stronger line.

2. Eagles Nest Outfitters ProFly Sil Rain Tarp

The ProFly tarp is made from 210D Ripstop nylon, polyurethane-treated. Weighing approximately 630 grams, the package has ample storage capacity while being compact enough to pack for an ultralight backpacker. Measuring 12′ by 6′ feet, it will work with most standard camping hammocks. One of the negative aspects of the product is that it does not come with stakes. You will have to purchase individual stakes.

3. Wise Owl Outfitters Rain Fly Tarp 

The WiseFly rain fly is designed to provide superior weather protection, water shedding, and breathability. This is significant gear designed to function reliably and also in a compact size.

The premium version includes four heavy duty aluminum tent stakes, six 9-foot-long guy ropes, and six 10-foot-long guy ropes already attached. The Rain Tarp LITE has a high-quality aluminum tent stake that comes with a 4-tie line and 10-feet in length. Also includes a bag.

4. WoneNice Camping Hammock Tarp

Your total protection from the sun can be found in the “double-wide” PU coated polyester of this shelter. This shelter is easy to set up and allows for optimal usage by being able to be angled out, obtaining a huge covered area for preparing food or relaxing, or could be staked down near the ground from all sides of the hammock.

Manufactured with durable yet lightweight, water resistant 210D embossed Oxford fabric, seam taped, while also being exceptionally durable. Offering superb protection from rain and wind; Anti-uv, giving you with great protection.

The tarp comes with a cord adjuster for tension adjustment, and it has 6 attachment loops so you can alter the tarp as needed.

5. 13 Foot Rain Fly for Hammock

Measured 16 feet long when use in the diagonal butterfly position to protect the longest hammocks. A 10 foot ridge-line if used for shading. The waterproof and breathable synthetic diamond-ripstop material with the UV resistant coating provides superior rain shedding ability. We doubled the thickness of the product and doubled water-repellent to it too.

Each tie-out loop and stake has a line-lock tensioner allowing for fast and easy setup without knots, and a pull on the guyline.

6. Ryno Tuff Hammock Rain Fly 

The whole kit weights less than two pounds and folds into a carry case measuring less than ten inches long by five inches wide. Shouldn’t let poor weather destroy your weekend trip. The Hammock and Tent Tarps are impervious to moisture, rating at 3000mm. A 10 x 10 foot field enables one to sleep in a hammock or small tent. Can be set up by staking, either 2 or 4 corners, to the ground.

Made with ripstop polyester, waterproof polyurethane coating, and compact design. The camping tarp can stand up to repeated camping. Four aluminum stakes and six guy lines make setting up the rain fly easy.

7. Lone Wolf 10.5′ x 10′ Lightweight Hammock Rain Fly

A large 10.5′ x 10′ coverage provides adequate coverage from a multitude of potential threats. Our competitors produce rain flys and the products are prone to leaking due to the small perimeter size, as well as around the seams. Along with taped seams, you and your equipment will never get wet.

Our research found that grommet connection points are inferior to a simple loop in strength of attachment. We have developed a point-of-attachment that has been considered among the strongest currently on the market.

8. Sanctuary SilTarp – Ultralight and Waterproof

When nature doesn’t cooperate, the most highly adjustable and comprehensive tarp kit is your best choice. Our Sanctuary SilTarp is the best lightweight shelter. It offers unlimited pitching possibilities with top notch waterproofing and good value materials.

The 30 denier ripstop nylon with silicone/polyurethane coating has five thousand millimeters of hydrostatic resistance. You’ll find yourself completely dry in any weather. The tapered tarp contains 12 perimeter attachment points, making it ideal for lightweight ground tents.

9. Unigear Hammock Rain Fly

In order to experience a more comfortable camping trip, it is necessary to prepare a tent tarp. Unigear hammock tarp will meet the needs of everyone on your next trip. It offers you with shelter and protection from the sun and rain, as well as a space to relax and enjoy your journey.

Unigear tent tarp is made from strong rip-stop fabric, and has a waterproof PU coating. It gives the wearer protection from wind, rain and snow.

For toughness and safety, the 8 rain fly grommets are reinforced with a triangle dual layer. Besides, all fix points are reinforced with double stitches, which prevents them from ripping and leaking even in the most extreme conditions.

10. FREE SOLDIER Waterproof Portable Tarp

Hammock Camping Tarp combines 210T ripstop polyester fabric with 2500 PU waterproof rating, and provides long-lasting coverage, strengthening tear resistant and puncture resistant material with no worries. FREE SOLDIER Backpacking Tarp can be used for obstructing ultraviolet rays and to protect skin from ultra violet rays.

We combined the heat seal and melt process with puncture resistant material for unsurpassed water-proofness. The reinforced ridge seam prevents the connector from falling off, as well as providing excellent protection for the cable during windy weather.

The Free Soldier Hammock Tarpaulin is a versatile rectangular sheet material that is made from quality waterproof fabric.


Hammock rain tarps provide essential protection against poor weather camping. Applying a tarp to your hammock ensures you’ll be protected from harmful or tropical weather. With so many choices available, it is difficult to find the best rainfly for hammock. Hope this article helps you in choosing it.

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