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Top 10 Best Power Banks For Travel Reviews in 2021

Portable chargers while you fly are an utter must have. They hold phones and tablets charged so that you can share with everyone your journeys. Not all smartphone chargers and power banks are equal, but we have narrowed them down. Based on consumer feedback and analysis, here are the top 10 best power banks for travel in 2021. We haven’t personally checked all the power banks mentioned below, but we’ve done a horrible amount of testing and pored through hundreds of customer ratings for the ones we haven’t used. In case you’re searching for something a little more budget-friendly, we’ve also provided a shortlist of the best USB chargers for travel.

Why you should travel with a power bank?

The prime culprits of draining your mobile gadgets are lengthy travel days. When you are going through gates, terminals, and Starbucks, a power bank will charge your tablet. Just sitting by an outlet may be confined to urban nomads who want to set up in coffee shops or coworking spaces. To weigh the variables, use this guide so that you can select the right power bank for your travels.

How  to choose power banks for travel

Size and weight

Your power bank is built to be portable, so what else is the point?! In considering which one is correct for you, body height and weight would be significant considerations. In the same room, the charger should be able to fit neatly.

Number & type of ports

There are two major forms of ports: USB and USB-C, which are on power banks. For smartphones and other portable electronic devices, USB is the most popular port available. The power banks range from a total of 1-3 ports. They may typically charge several devices at once as they provide several ports. Verify that both the bank and your desktop are USB-C compliant if you’re searching for a laptop power bank.

Device compatibility

One consideration in if a power bank is going to operate for your computer is the correct output port. The other is the output of the voltage. A smaller computer would have a lower voltage spectrum than a larger device, like a mobile. To manage the necessary performance, verify that your power bank is classified.


Depending of where you are going and utilizing the power bank, longevity would be a consideration. Choose one that is firmly formed and manages to get bumped around.

What is the best power banks for travel?

1. Power Bank RAVPower 16750mAh Portable Charger Ultra

Power Bank RAVPower 16750mAh Portable Charger Ultra

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This time-tested power bank, filled with specialized charging guards, is forged to defend against harm caused by overcurrents and overheating problems. The unit also provides awe-inspiring iSmart technology that distinguishes your computer quite cleverly for optimum charge quality. With a 2A adapter, completely charging the battery bank requires just 9-10 hours. Built-in emergency flashlight or when a light is required.

Compatible with the new iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Mini/12 Pro Max Fine (Data based on internal lab testing) It’s even an airplane-friendly portable charger as well. Control up to 2 smartphones or other mobile devices at once with a current performance of 4.5A in total. Note: Qualcomm Fast Charge is not sponsored .

2. Portable Charger Jackery Bolt 6000 mAh Power Outdoors

Portable Charger Jackery Bolt 6000 mAh Power Outdoors

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Portable power station at Jackery, outdoor power. It is one of the smallest 6,000 mAh loads available, coming in at only 5.3 ounces and measuring just 4.3 x 0.9 x 1.9 inches. For both iPhones, the built-in lightning cable makes super fast charging, TWICE as easy as the first iPhone adapter with the original cable.

Pass-through functionality ensures that during the next adventure, you will have your power bank plugged into the wall, while also charging your handheld devices. With the usage of the built-in Lightning cable and some Apple products, some issues have been identified. This power bank looks much more pricey than it is, with a nicely shiny aluminum coating.

3. Anker PowerCore+ Mini, 3350mAh Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

Anker PowerCore+ Mini, 3350mAh Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

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For your iPhone or Android phone, a lightweight, lipstick-sized adapter will provide a single maximum charge. PowerIQ technology features that identify the form of system that it charges to maximize performance. A USB and micro-USB port, as well as the capacity to recharge entirely in as little as 3 to 4 hours.

As a one-off, this is one of the strongest in the company for an emergency charger. The Panasonic-Sanyo NCR18650BF Lithium Ion cell battery is manufactured in the U.S.

4. Anker PowerCore II 6700

Anker PowerCore II 6700

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The PowerCore II Slim Anker is lightweight enough to fit in your pocket. It will charge twice an iPhone and 1.7 times a Cosmos. Depending on the system you tap into, Anker’s PowerIQ device-detection technology will change charging times. It comes with an 18-month guarantee and a customer support staff that is helpful.

5. Solar Power Bank, Qi Portable Charger 10,000mAh External Battery Pack Type C Input Port Dual Flashlight

Solar Power Bank, Qi Portable Charger 10,000mAh External Battery Pack Type C Input Port Dual Flashlight

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The compact 10,000 mAh power bank comes complete with an incorporated torch and a free compass. It will charge most mobile phones with a full charge between 2 and 2.5 times and it should only take around 6 hours to completely recover when it is empty. This power bank is also compatible with iPhone XR / XR MAX/ XS/XS / X / 8 / 8 plus, Samsung Galaxy S9/S9plus and S8/S8plus, and all other Qi-enabled smartphones as a Qi wireless charging system.

It is splashproof, dustproof, and shockproof for IPX4, rendering it a durable outdoor complement to your equipment for camping, climbing, or trekking. Constructed with a dual bright flashlight, the solar phone charger comes with a compact compass pack, a convenient instrument for outdoor sports such as biking, walking, fishing, driving, climbing, and beaches. With a 5V/2A converter, it is easy to completely recharge yourself for about 6 hours.

6. Aibocn Power Bank 10,000mAh Phone Portable Charger with Flashlight

Aibocn Power Bank 10,000mAh Phone Portable Charger with Flashlight

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This power bank will easily charge mobile phones and tiny devices and provides a capacity of 10,000mAh. At 6.8 x 4.2 x 1.3 centimeters, a little more heavy and at 10.4 ounces, on the heavier side. On the computer, there are 2 USB outputs, one rated at 1.1A and the other at 2.4A. It also includes on one end a very handy flashlight and has a choice of LEDs that light up to signify charging and completely charged status.

7. Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger

Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger

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For its small scale and light weight, the Anker PowerCore 10,000 packs a strong punch. You can spend about three and a half times on an iPhone 8, or two and a half times on a Samsung Galaxy S8. To offer the quickest possible charge for any unit, Anker’s proprietary PowerIQ and VoltageBoost combine.

For you and your equipment, the MultiProtect safety framework guarantees full security. In less than 90 minutes, most smartphones can charge a maximum charge, although most users say that it requires 2-3 hours to completely charge the battery bank from the mains. Comes with our worry-free 18-month guarantee and helpful customer support with Micro USB cable, travel pouch, welcome book.

USB-C and iPhone/iPad Lightning cables are offered separately. No Help for Qualcomm Fast Fee. Crafted from fire-resistant polycarbonate, R durable double-layer shell. Until delivery, each device needs to undergo intense shock, temperature and vibration testing. The client support of Anker is claimed to be excellent by several individuals. USB-C and iPhone/iPad Lightning Cables are offered separately. There is also a micro USB cable, a travel pouch and a welcoming guide included with the order.

8. iMuto 20000mAh Portable Charger Compact Power Bank

iMuto 20000mAh Portable Charger Compact Power Bank

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The iMuto Taurus X4 is smaller than the iPhone 6 Plus and our mobile phone battery adapter is strong enough to charge about 8 times the iPhone 6. 2 USB ports Concurrently charge 2 computers (Max single & total output 2.4A). Devices with limited currents under 1A can not help it. In digital format, specific smart digital display technology indicates remaining strength. LED spotlight for dim or low-light conditions, built-in. Waterproof travel pouch for emergency cases. Warranty for 18 months and helpful customer support.

Please use the USB-C 3.0 cable to connect to the Nintendo Switch. You will charge iPhone X approximately 4.7 times, Galaxy S8 almost 4.3 times, and iPad Mini 4 almost 2.5 times for iPhone X. Nearly all mobile devices are compliant with it. However, gadgets such as Bluetooth headphones, smartwatches and so on with smaller currents will not be compliant.

9. RAVPower Portable Charger 20000mAh PD 3.0 Power Bank

RAVPower Portable Charger 20000mAh PD 3.0 Power Bank

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Max of 20,000mAh, completely able to recharge your phone or tablet many times over. For exhilarating charging rates, strong 18W PD and QC outputs do you a great favor in an emergency. Multiple charging safety built-in keeps the gadgets safe from overheating. Formance for traveling and excellent charging ability with the foreign aviation quota.

It is also compliant with almost all computers operated by USB, including notebooks, smartphones, and tablets. For use with the iPhone, there is also a dedicated iPhone input port. Because of its conformity with the International Aviation Cap, the RAVPower Portable Charger 20000mAH comes under the category of best power bank for international travel.

10. AUKEY 20000mAh Power Bank

AUKEY 20000mAh Power Bank

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There are dual ports in the AUKEY PB-N36 Power Bank that allow you to charge two devices up to 3.4A at the same time. Advanced circuitry and built-in protections keep the computers secure. Driven by AiPower technology for adaptive charging. Backed up by a pledge of 24 months and consumer service.


Investing in the best power bank for international travel will ensure you never lose an important phone call. An efficient power bank will transform the way you use our portable devices when we’re away from home. There are plenty of reasons why you should invest in a portable power bank. Choose wisely and you will be able to extend the battery life of your cell phone, tablet, laptop, and even small gaming consoles, literally anywhere in the world.

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