9 Best Portable Toilets For Camping Reviews in 2021

If you want not to travel longer distances away from your campsite to use the toilet, the best portable toilet for camping is your required equipment. Those pieces are very useful, although rare, especially for people who like to do outdoor activity or adventure in natural surroundings.

The portable toilets, especially in motorhome or campsites, have a modern design, are hygienic, easy to use and relatively low prices.

Ecological toilets and dry toilets are also incorporated on the market that are costlier than portable toilets, but they are durable and are available in various models that fit into their specific function.

You’ll soon find the best options for situations where you don’t have a clean room nearby if you’re looking for a room of that type.

Why you need a portable toilet

  • You will be protected against any infection and disease by toilet attendants or public toilets in gas stations.
  • They are much hygienic and cleaner because you are responsible for cleaning and maintenance.
  • They encourage biological functions to develop healthily, since they go to the toilet in a calmer way.
  • Some people can only comfortably take a dip in their own portable toilet, so much so that they do not bath once, even when traveling, which could be a real health and colon problem. This privacy is provided by a portable toilet because it is “your.”
  • It helps camps to remain clean, disposes of waste appropriately and to throw it where it has to be and not to spread it throughout the camp.
  • This gives you more privacy when you go to the mobile toilet and you can take as long as you need. Some people don’t “go to the mobile toilet” but they take the time to contact them in their biodiversity, which is all interrupted by travel, so a mobile toilet is there to help.
  • It is also necessary to maintain hygiene in campsites to prevent infections, health problems and contamination sources and the appearance of communicationable diseases as an appropriate tool to correctly remove biological waste from your body.
  • Another important advantage of portable toilets is that they can help you avoid bustling when your pants are most vulnerable. Imagine there is no portable toilet on your camp and you must go to the bush to relieve yourself when a forest animal leaves the branches? Fearful and awkward, isn’t it? You forget such a nightmare with a porta-potty.

How to Choose a Portable Camping Toilet

Portable toilets are different from each other. While shopping for portable camping toilet, you have to keep in mind a number of factors and qualities that will help you pick the best one.

All chemical toilets are suitable for any form of travel. Before spending a lot of money on any of them, it is worth knowing their unique strengths, qualities and characteristic.

Still, please note the following:

Waste Disposal

It is about emptying the tank. If there is one thing that characterizes portable toilets, it is that, because they do not have a hose, they have to hold the deposit from wherever the waste goes.

So, this quality is important if you are traveling to places that are different from your own. It is essential that you are clear about whether the landfill can serve as a destination for this waste.

For example, for some camping trips to parks and tourist sites, you may find it convenient to have a flush toilet. However, for some parks and tourist sites, it may be a good idea to check whether it’s practical to use flush toilets because the toilet waste is water after using.

If there are no facilities for your trip, it is best to choose biodegradable bags with a powder that turns liquid waste into solids. Buried, after the correct guidelines for waste disposal.

Toilet volume

Being able to move these toilets around easily when not in use, is also quite useful feature. Here the case is the total number of people who will use it. Having one or two people to leave your family road trip is not much.

Now with this information in mind, you can best consider which toilet options are better to pick. This is from experience because the larger toilet, the larger the tank.

Ease of use

As for ease of use, I would say easy of installation. People should choose the most practical and easy to install option.

It is common for resort owners to provide appropriate toilets in most campgrounds and lodging places for guests. Since this has no complicated setup and should not be hard to install, it seems to be fine.

Toilet size

Here, I’m mainly talking about the dimensions. This is important in terms of the space and features of the people who will use it.

You need to consider not only the area where you are going to put this on the motorhome, for example, but also additional space later to empty it.

You can afford something bigger if you’re going to put it in an area on the campsite. In any case, the height of the people who use it is also useful to take into account because a small toilet cannot support the weight of a person who is too big.


The fact that you remain undisturbed in the portable toilet is one of these devices’ most attractive qualities. You can go to the portable toilet knowing you are enough hidden to do your business without being in the public eye. The idea is that you can get one. Some models come with a private shelter, some are sold separately, they are both very useful and very attractive for various campgrounds. Those with shelter are often used during public events, and those with separate shelters during camp activities are often used.


Many manufacturers make these mobile toilets, each has a unique style and drainage system, and experience has taught me that the better the brand’s reputation, the better the product is.

You will find, among other things, manufacturers such as Camco and CleanWaste with their quality. When you choose one or another, the durability and strength of the retention basins must be taken into account, the last thing you want is to filter nasty scents


It’s not a coincidence that the old word ‘cheap’ is so popular. As far as products are concerned, that is only half true, just because the product is expensive, it doesn’t guarantee quality, and because the price is low does not necessarily mean that it is readily available or has a poor structure, but that quality costs and, often, saving some dollars in something means spending a great deal of money on it.

The difference is that costly toilets often require less maintenance to make cleaner and more efficient use, while the less expensive models require additional maintenance costs. This applies to the camp toilet, and costly models both of excellent quality and durable.


Of course, since these toilets are not your home, you are very risky to believe that you are on the throne of a king but, with certain more user-friendly varieties, you can change from models with harder seats. Although most of these devices are generally tough and rustic, you can always fit in better versions.


While this may seem irrelevant, the fact is this quality is vital, especially as it relates to comfort and because it doesn’t make a person’s condition worse by having a good toilet height. Back or knee problems.

Can you imagine you’re a respectable person and have to sit on a toilet that looks like it was made for elven fairytals for at least 15 or 20 minutes? Well, yes, it’s awful, so producers need to work on this and design toilets which are better for certain levels – find the one you like best!

Maximum weight supported

You will be interested in this subject, because the toilet balance is dependent on it. Some light toilets may have problems with the balance, so you have to settle more or less in them.

Manufacturers have in most cases set the standard weight of a total weight of 150 kilograms, but other brands are very careful in this case to set a number due to variations in their product stability.

A normal toilet may be a good option if you are an average person in height and weight. If children or elderly people use these to prevent unwanted accidents, you should give special consideration to the question of equilibrium and stability.

What types of portable toilet do I need?

There are numerous portable toilet varieties on the market, each suitable for a particular kind of tourism and place. Here we explain the composition of each one.

Bucket type

This model requires no doctorate, it consists of a toilet seat in the bucket where a waste bag has also been placed so that you can relax in it. Ideal for camping and very affordable.


It has its name because its legs can be folded up if they are not in use. It takes little space and is easy to travel. To use it, just unfold the legs and place them on the floor with a hole or waste bag.

Flushable portable toilets

The most modern toilet style is robust, simple, stable and comes in various measurements, similar to conventional toilet styles. Normally there is an area in which the trash comes with a cover. Some models also come with a water tank or two, one to discharge waste, the other to discharge water. It’s not cheap.

What are the best portable toilets for camping?

1. Best Overall

The Basicwise travel toilet is fairly designed without harming its functionality. There is a composting toilet that also has a removable toilet seat. This is like your regular toilet and the seat pan is large enough to give enough support. If you are looking for a toilet with nice features, then the Basicwise Travel Toilet might be the right one for you. This seat can double up as a regular seat because of the lid. If space is an issue, you may wish to consider the next options.

2. Best budget portable toilets

Easy-Go portable toilet from Stansport is a great choice for RVers and campground campers who are looking for a great way to make a quick outdoor john. It has a small bucket just under the seat of the toilet, but it is easy to remove. The unit comes with a number of bags to get you started. There is a storage area for paper towels and other bathroom supplies at the bottom and it’s accessed via a small flip-open door. Which means that it can safely support more than 275 pounds. This portable camping is sturdy, comfortable, easy to use, and has a perfect height. That unit would be a good addition to your tent privacy shelter because it is about 14 inches by 14 inches.

3. Best lightweight and compact

This portable camping toilet features a full sized seat, a good flushing system, and a convenient carry handle. This is one of the most affordably priced portable toilets on the market of the flushable portable toilets. The seat and the tank are detachable, which makes transport of the toilet a bit easier. This liquid fixture can hold 3 gallons of water, which will make 50 to 70 flushes. What is interesting is that the seal means the toilet can not be broken. It is still suggested that you carry deodorizing tabs at all times if you have the stinky experience.

4. Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet

Camco portable toilet features a waste holding tank and a flush tank. The water filler top section is reinforced and can be easily removed and cleaned. To solve this problem, simply apply chemical to your camping toilet.

This portable toilet is designed for camping, RVing, and boating. Its robust plastic construction is durable and portable. 11.5 lbs empty, but supports up to 330 lb. Every Camco Portable Toilet comes with ODT specimens. The top half tank has two and a half gallons of clean, fresh water and a toilet. The lower half waste tank had a sliding gate valve which opens when needed for discharge of liquids.

5. VINGLI Camping Toilet

VINGLI Toilet has a separate waste tank, and it can be filled by a tap. Its piston flush makes it a cleaner version of portable toilets because it does not have a tank. High density polyethylene pipes are safe and odorless. It has a convenient sling and a bag to keep it compact and discrete.

5.3 gallon removable holding tank; 3 gallon periodic flush tank; provide 95 to 98 times rinse. This item is perfect for camping, fishing, boating and off-grid living because it is lightweight, compact and detachable. It features anti-leakage technology. Containerization of the waste prevents its leaking and giving off smells. Tanks of water are filled with fresh water for enhancing air quality. There is a notch on the side of the can to avoid splashing. The design of the seats provide a home-like atmosphere.

6. Porta Potti portable toilets for camping

Porta Potti portable toilet is designed to look like household toilet. It has all the features a top quality toilet should, like a flushed system which can get you more than 50 flushes on a single fill. Toilet is powered by batteries, so you must make sure you have enough 6 AA batteries in your bag. The downside is that the toilet is heavy at fourteen pounds. This is good option if you normally camp in places that are close to parking lots. If you enjoy spending the night under the stars, this is probably not the best solution for you.

7. Green Elephant Portable Toilet for Camping

The Green Elephant portable toilet is good option for campers who want to carry only the bare necessities. It weighs just 3.5 lbs and it folds entirely flat for easy carrying. The stainless steel frame can support up to 250 lbs at a time. The legs of this toilet are made from stainless steel, so you know they are very durable. It is recommended to use 8-gallon waste bags with the Green Elephant toilet. The toilet is only 3″ tall when folded, so it’s going to be really easy to store.

8. Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon Toilet

Reliance’s Double Doodie was specially designed to function with Luggable Loo toilets. It’s so much easier to recycle the bags by returning them back into their proper resources. Bio-gel can effectively prevent odor and has high water absorbency. Some campers use sawdust or other materials with a bucket.

If you don’t mind a toilet in a portable tent, set-up this “Luggable Loo.” Snap-on lid and metal handle allow easy transportation. Perfect for the home emergency kit or a bag to go fishing or hunting.

9. Reliance Products Self-Contained Toilet

The Hassock toilet is made of sturdy plastic and can be used with or without plastic bags. There is a safety limit of 250 pounds for both adults and kids. This toilet is equipped with eco-glue to reduce toilet smells. It is small, so you’ll have to empty it every day, and it might be difficult for older users to squat. It is small and affordable, and it is easy to lift and empty. The toilet is a squat cylinder. It has a round toilet seat, so you might prefer elongated ones.


How to safely empty a portable toilet?

A number of steps are needed to safely and efficiently empty a portable toilet.

First of all, there are specific areas in a large number of tourist and camping centers where toilet and waste can be safely emptied.

In the case of toilets with a bag of waste, the majority of the European countries, including Spain, have legislation requiring the disposal of this waste.

  • Biodegradable bags and toilet paper should be used.
  • Dig a deep hole over 1.5 m. The hole should be more than 91 meters from any source of water or camp, so that organic live, animal waters and other campers are avoided to be contaminated.
  • Drop the bag and put soil on it.

Can a portable toilet be used by more than one person?

Yes, these devices are made for this, but the more users there are the better the device should be maintained and cleaned. Certain devices can resist up to 50 shocks before emptying the tank, but if you do not want to damage it you have to make sure you do not exceed the limit.

How often should they be cleaned?

The toilet should be cleaned each time the waste tank is emptied depending on the size, so that bacteria and stench remain removed. It is advisable to clean the sitting and spray a chemical that neutralizes the stench and bacteria every time you use the seat. Longer models take, and a few cleanings per trip may be enough if the trip is not too long.

Is there a risk to your health?

With portable camping toilets, it is the same as in your home, if you do not properly and periodically clean them, you run the risk of infection, but if you are careless in cleaning, you are prone to all bacteria. The key is cleanliness.

Where are the best places to install portable toilet?

Space with windows and vents for a portable toilet during the journey is more than enough. Something that will have enough leg room is the most suitable choice. In the case of a campsite, I always recommend that you place it in the vicinity but far enough away that the scent will never reach the area where food or tents are offered by other campers.

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