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10 Best Money Belts For Travel To Protect Your Money in 2021

Are you looking for the best money belts for travel? There are a range of different kinds of travel money belts, including waterproof money belts, RFID money belts and others. A money belt doesn’t substitute a purse. Try to pack a small amount of cash in your pocket and leave the rest of the money in your bag. Throughout much of the country, cash is also a vital part of their national economies. The country in which you live makes you a candidate for robbery. It is a portable and efficient way for people to protect their valuables when on the road. The money pouch is not intended to be a purse either, or a bag. There are a variety of safe products out there to protect your money. One of these products is the travel money belt

Why You Need A Travel Money Belt

Money belts are widely recommended in keeping your valuables secure, and it’s a common practice for thieves. While they will decrease the risk of being stolen by an armed criminal, they are also successful against pickpockets. Money belts are also handy travel wallets, which hold all of your cards, money, and documents organized and in the same place. Others will feel that having a money belt is overkill, whilst others may think them unnecessary since you’re painting an even bigger target on your back.

If you want to keep your money safe and tote-able, we suggest a travel money belt. It’s the most safe means of long-term storage. It is much more difficult to rob a travel money belt than a bag, which is considerably more difficult than taking the money from a money pocket. If the credit cards were in the pocket as well, it would make performing contact with the organization much more difficult.

Getting a money belt at all times is more for insurance than for defense. Hiding a bit of cash during travel offers some liquidity in case of an economic recession. Money belts are not a major financial undertaking and cost anywhere from $12 – $20. Like condoms, it is easier to have one and not use one if the need pops up than wanting it and not getting one.

How To Choose A Money Belt For Travel

Here are the main criteria you need to consider carefully before making a decision to buy a travel money belt:


100% water-resistant belt is ideal to swim and sail. Also in temporary submersion, waterproof money belt holds valuables safe. Breathable fabric will prevent big skin irritation or sweaty patches. waterproofing would ensure quick washing down of surfaces during the day.


There are several various types of money belts, such as travel belts, exercise belts, over the shoulder belts, ankle belts, and waterproof money belts. They are sleek and all-inclusive to keep any thing safe. What you really want is a discrete travel money belt that can fit against your body, not one that attracts attention. Some countries such as South America are infamous for armed robbery, so it might be advantageous to hide cash in a discreet travel money belt.


Material: leather, canvas, nylon, spandex, linen. Some people use natural fabrics like silk to avoid a rash. The fabrics that you chose matter: consider breathability, longevity, moisture-resistance, and (at least some) water resistance. The best money belts are made of lightweight fabrics such as cotton and plastics. Some models have an anti-bacterial function to prevent damage from bacteria that cause odors or mildew growth. Hide all your valuables inside a zip lock bag before placing them on your belt.

RFID Blocking

With RFID blocking technologies incorporated into the synthetic fabric, criminals would be unable to replicate the encoded chip. Radio Frequency Identification may be referred to as RFID. This is a telephone strategy. A number of credit cards and identification cards today are both RFID-enabled, and so the transfer of any data can lead to fraud. Much of the market place travel money belts have an RFID blocking shielding.


Most belts have different sized compartments for passports and certain key cards. Ensure that your money belt is light and simple to wear since you can wear it throughout your whole journey. Money belts are a safe way to prevent sweating when keeping them warm. Hot and humid weather can result in stinging sensations in armpits.

The Best Money Belts For Travel

1. Peak Gear Travel Money Belt with RFID Block

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Peak Travel Money Belt comes from a nylon things with a mesh back to dry your wet back. Inside the outer insert, you can store multiple US passports. Any RFID safe money belt device is extremely protected against electronics theft. The comfort soft strap adjusts snug around the waist to suit both men and women and is the softest strap of its kind. These are built and extensively checked by travelers to make sure they are completely perfect and practical.

2. Stashbandz Money Belt

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The belt can carry just about anything. It’s adaptable and holds all of the necessities. An insulin pump belt that acts as a waist pack and money belt for public transportation. This is a six-inch spandex hip-belt with eight inch wide pockets. Adjustable to fit all X-large handheld telephones and smartphones. Moisture wicking fabrics retain perspiration keeping the body calm, bacteriologically sound, and safe. Baffles is used to make athletes feel more relaxed during their runs. Smiling comfort waist pinchers will mask a muffin top.

3. Boxiki Travel Money Belt

Boxiki Travel Money Belt

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Keeps valuable things such as visa, passes, currency, cards and phone secure and coordinated. Having two large pockets and one hidden pocket, which can hold items safely, is more than enough in this situation. It will shield you from all sorts of unauthorized scans of your RFID-enabled wallets and products. Built of 210D high performance rip-stop nylon. Resists cutting and tearing of clothing, ripping and bursting seams for quality security and long service life. The breathable mesh covering can not be repelled by moisture and creases on your skin. You may even overlook that you are carrying it. This is the perfect RFID-blocking money belt – bullet-proof and bullet-proof. Nice style and simple to use.

4. Active Roots Money Belt w/RFID Blocking

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Improves the protection on your Credit Cards & Passports. So the product is able to keep all of the valuables inside for protection and comfort. It is really waterproof, therefore your things will never get wet. The built is very good looking and easy to carry. It’s an ideal way to keep your travel papers and travelers checks with you everywhere you go.

5. Alpha Keeper Travel Money Belt for Women, Men

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Mesh coin pockets are best used for coins and other small change. You will put such things as your phone, passports, and itineraries into the pouches. The mesh back pocket will have a supportive and breathable surface on your skin. Cover in hot weather without perspiring. Our belts come in sizes 26″ – 45″. If your waist is larger than 45″, don’t worry! The Alpha Keeper is stretchy and will easily fit waist sizes larger than 45″. In fact, a handbag will actually not fit at all, but the Alpha Keeper would fit at least four passports, as well as cash, keys, credit cards, and so on.

It is built out of water-resistant 210D rip-stop nylon hardness, and longevity. It also comes with seven waterproof sleeves, so you can provide extra security for items like tablets, wallets, and passports when not traveling.

6. VENTURE 4TH Slim Minimalist Design RFID Money Belt

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The lightweight and compact RFID Money Belt is considerably like a portable wallet that can carry keys, credit cards, money, or other valuables. Although the wallet also includes a portion that protects the details by shielding it from radio waves using an Rfid blocking content. Like a money belt, our anti-fraud products block most of the normal frequencies for most credit cards and passports. This makes it very hard for identity hackers and hacker scanners to search the cards and passports.

The concept was based on the finest quality materials, and it is extremely flexible and comfortable. The belt is made of leather, but the stretchy quality of the cloth helps it fit tightly against the waist, without making it clear the wearer is wearing the belt. The lining on the back portion of the shirt is breathable and protects your skin from being sticky or irritated. There is plenty of room to store all of the your important valuables, plus your currency, several credit cards, and any travel documents that are required. When it is paired with the currency unique bag the mesh separator inside is used to hold your currency, keeping it different from your daily cash.

7. Eagle Creek RFID Blocker Travel Money Belt DLX

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Eagle Creek’s RFID Blocker is made with a technical design, Blocker Weave material. The properties of this particular fabric support block (emits) RFID readers from stealing information at a range of 30 MHz to 3 GHz. This item is a product made of an ultra soft and pliable material, both the pouch and waist strap. It is designed to retain much of the moisture that is expelled by perspiration and is convenient to wear in urban environments. If you are going to be living in Europe for a few weeks than you might want to start using something like a money belt because it is perfect for many scenarios. It is one of those belts that gets rave reviews from everyone who wears it.

8. Raytix Travel Money Belt With RFID Transmissions

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Raytix Money Belt is an all-in-one money belt that can be worn beneath one’s clothing. It is an ergonomically crafted device that can make use of the hand’s natural movement. Raytix blocks all RFID of transmitting information and reduces the possibility of being scammed. It is recommended that you protect your wallet, passport and credit cards in a place where they cannot be touched by robbers or pickpockets. Thin & lightweight construction makes it a very unobtrusive unit that is extremely easy to take with you while traveling. Water resistant nylon and double release safety buckles are included. Do not bring any emergency cash in the travel money belt.

9. Runtasty 3 Pocket Runners Fanny Pack w/RFID Blocking

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Runtasty’s pack was primarily built for women runners. RFID blocking is a fantastic feature, improving security and the three adjustable pockets are incredibly wide. It is water-resistant, so you would not need to think about moisture or being in a wet environment.

The 10-inch Mobile Pocket can hold your passport or credit card in a soft elastic compartment in the main pouch with room for your cable to go in the second pocket on the outside. It will shield your pocketbook against scratches or spills. The hypo-allergenic nylon and micro-quilted lining is completely water — safe. It is the right size for a man or woman and fits in your bag without fear of losing or putting something off. The elastic band conveniently extends to accommodate a number of pocketbooks. The inner band holds everything snugly and firmly in place. Mindfully put in your pocket, your keys and other sharp objects safely in the second 5″ pocket. Completely water resistant in case you ever do go for a swim and you have a built-in phone charger. Even expands to fit an insulin pump.

10. AUOPRO Hidden Money Belt

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An anti theft belt for travel prevents your RFID-enabled credit cards, passports, and other protected identity documents from unauthorized scanning. Double wasitbands for improved protection efficiency and longevity, won’t sag from all the extra stuff you put in the pockets . Stretchy belts can easily match impressive waist sizes for anybody, and are also a perfect travel companion for ladies, men and children. This money belt for travel is lightweight, thin, unnoticeable under clothing, ideal for travelers and everyday use. The cloth lining incorporated into RFID blocking sleeves defends against unauthorized digital access to credit cards and related products.


As a visitor, it is very important to be careful at all times even if you don’t feel like it. With travel money belt, your money, passport, ID, and even phone are all secure. These money belts are very comfortable and versatile to wear. They are cheap enough to be bought, but they will save you a large amount of money! I wish you to be safe when traveling and experience the most wonderful moments on any single trip you embark on.

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