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Top 8 Best Kitesurfing Harnesses For Injury-Free Training

I’ve always been a water sports enthusiast, now I have fallen into love with kite flying after surfing and snowboarding, literly, but I’m always in the water with my back, so I have to have the best kite harness I can.

My first kite experience was really painful, I pushed my back a lot and when I left the sea, the pain was insupportable because my kitesurfing jacket certainly was not sufficient.

The lower back is covered by the belt, and the training is simple. First, maybe with a removable truss or leggings, I suggest buying the economy model.

You must have specified tastes, desires and expectations in order to select a good harness. A number of questions must be answered, which will help you choose.

Want to kite or is it a hobby permanently? If your last statement is right, it’s best not to spend too much on a low-cost model, sooner or later, but if you make a comparison you can find it easily.

The following characteristics are common: waist type or seat type. The fabrics, efficiency and reliability you need to look at are the least that you would want to do without a kite at sea.

Perhaps a look at this list will support you if you have a question about your decision.

Type Of Kitesurfing Harness Style

Two common Kite harness types are available with their variations, advantages and disadvantages and special characteristics:

  • Waist harness: It sits between the bones of the top of the hip and the cage of the rib. This system helps the body to resist traction and shield the lower and middle back from the equipment. It’s usually easier and gives more movement than a seat belt. Its cut isn’t the right one in that belt, and it tends to go up occasionally.
  • Seat harness: It is shaped like jeans, has brackets between the legs and supports the back of the user. You stop abrupt heights with the seat belts to keep the center of gravity still unchanged. The user sits up and is normally padded in this form of belt. They are larger and harder to extract than tail scale.
  • Harness Specifications: There are surely a number of harnesses on the market that make them most appropriate for your needs and training style, each with specific characteristics. We will describe all this quality in short so that you know them very well: all these qualities are compatible with any kite equipment.
  • Spreader bar and hook: It spreads across the front of the tail line, allowing the weight of the appliance to be uniformly distributed over the entire harvest instead of concentrating on one stage. When you install the hook, the device is connected
  • Adjustment straps: They are positioned on either side of the harness and have the job of tightening the belt to make the ideal fit without being uneasy.
  • Seat belt attachment point: In any belt that you use for kite equipment, this function is extremely necessary and basic. When you begin training, you buckle up and insert an escape line into the harness to ensure that you can stabilize or break the equipment at any time of emergency.
  • Optional divider bar: Some belts have this option, which provides extra protection for your torso from heavy water hits. They stick to the spreader bar and adhere to it

What to look for in the best kitesurfing harness

If you’re looking for these qualities to be able to be in the sea without any problems, it is better to get an excellent water experience with your belt.

  • A comfortable outfit: It’s important to keep in mind that the harrow would be your best bet to find a one that suits you, but the goal is to spend time comfortably, without having to take it off as soon as you put it in, in a quick and easy way.
  • Support: This can be exhausting discipline, but a good handle can provide comfort as you fly over the course of the hours.
  • Sustainable: None of you want to break a product at first attempt, not to mention the fact that the kite equipment has to endure very strong winds and you therefore need a hard, long-lasting and handling harness. Resist bad weather attacks. One of the key characteristics for the purchase is this cost.

What are the advantages of a kite harness?

The fact that you have one of these harnesses when training has remarkable advantages that can help you have a better water experience. One is the flexible support and ergonomic design, which ensures the belt fits the body and also protects the back and maintains a uniform distribution of kite equipment, which provides you with high mobility. Belts are not inexpensive in this discipline, but they will fulfill your needs, so you can ideally see them as investing more than cost.

What is the best kitesurfing harnesses for injury-free training

1. Ride Engine 2021 Elite Carbon Black Kiteboarding

Our most stiff and reinforcing model is Elite Carbon. The brace still uses the unit locking straps, which are custom molded. We introduced 4mm more Fusion Memory Foam at critical places in 2021 as well. On the end, neoprene encloses the ribs around the rims to reduce the pinch. For riders who are having low back pain, it is a top kite surfing belt. The shell is a composite called 12k carbon, 100% carbon dioxide. It’s rock solid and much stronger in my hands than the old Ride engine Prime Series (Hex Core).

Due to the “lumbar lock” method, RE has a low profile across the center of my torso. This is an ergonomic shell contour that locks in the spinal cord. You do not feel twisting or riding as you lock in. This suggests that weaker flimsy harnesses have widespread back pain, which has to do with the past. There is no intermediate either it suits the body or it is not. Be careful to size the harness of the Ride Engine.

For kiting harnesses, movement is evil. Movement causes the harness to torque and push the sides painfully. If you do not use the rear handle pass, two front-mounted leash attachments. New double slip webbed braces that remain in operation in 2021. The new unit ladder lock brackets are very easy to attach and the link is extremely secure.

2. Dakine Pyro Multisport Harness

A large torso riding with less slippage and a wide range of motions is fully supported. I like there’s two points to fit a leash on the front. So I asked my friend Jay for his thoughts. I don’t have a body type wear Pyro’s. Jay wears a medium at the Dakine Pyro and is 6’3″ for comparison. Within Dakine a thermally-molded and in neoprene wrapped featherweight memory spum is used.

3. Mystic Watersports – Surf Kitesurf

Mystic uses body mapping to create stiff horizontal support for diagonal flex. On the back it curves up more than the male specific waist harnesses. If you kiteboard this harness has spreader bars to accommodate every style kiting you could want. Buy the Mystic Gem if you want an excellent women specific kite surfing harness. It’s the best option for the waist harness which molds to your body and has ultimate versatility. The battle belt closure is thick and comfortable. It comes with key pocket and easy to tighten dual webbing straps. The one I tired didn’t come with a hook knife, but I don’t mind buying one after. I enjoy that there is a single leash attachment on the front of the harness because I ride with a short leash.

4. Ion 2021 Kite Waist Harness Riot 9 Red

For foiling experts, 2021 Ion Riot 9 is the perfect kitesurfing harness. The flex index has a price rating of 9 and is the best price. The loom has a new internal lumbar base called “Partial Curv Composite” It has dual sleeves and PVC clips, which last for years. This is the best price of all models for kite surfing. In case of failure of the belt, it has a built-in safety knife to sever the rows and two methods to disconnect it in an emergency. For those who want to use foiling techniques, or who love to play with the kite-riding techniques, the price makes it a perfect choice. It’s the weekly, offbeat look at the top ten riding harnesses, the “Best Kite surfing Harness.”

5. Manera Eclipse Kite Harness

The Manera Eclipse harness is their semi-rigid “tight shell” version. The Eclipse has the ‘Adaptive Shell’ technology as the key design element. The rigidity fades from firm to softer on the edges of the middle region. Gel foam is uniformly and effectively dispersing pressures to provide support for the pillow For the medium size that I tried, the harness is a little long. There is no leash ring on the securing line on the rear of the harness for whatever reason.

Moreover, no D-rings are used on the side of the The Eclipse is built to combine flex with rigidity. It feels flexible on the edges, which is good for tough turns but still hugs my body’s shape. The harness looks like it wraps around my back, but I can feel a frame wrapping around its back when I first wear it. A fixed hook and a leash tab attached to the spreader bar are provided for a spreader. Within Manera, gel foam is used to lower torso pressure to achieve the comfort of a cushion. I like it gives me a peculiar slime feeling as I walk.

6. Ocean Rodeo Session Harness

The most flexible harness on the list. It can either be worn as a waistband or as a seatband. It is also a very comfortable tool that suits the driver best. It won’t wiggle around on your waist, especially with your leg straps. A simple input/output screw bar buckle is provided on the harness.

7. Dakine Pyro Multisport Harness

Compatible with kite or windsurf spreader bar. The inside is molded with foam weight ES moulded. Primary and secondary belt of independent strength. Integrated fastener for handle and leash. Fit to adapt Texon counter and stiffener compository back panel. Ring attachment on the right or left side of the leash. Strengthened shell honeycomb mesh. Pressure point area for memory foam memory. Dakine is one of kiteboarders’ most trustworthy brands. The Pyro provides supreme reactivity and convenience.

8. Mystic MAJESTIC X CARBON Kitesurf HarnessĀ 

Bionic Core Frame Plate offers very rigid protection but stability for your lower back. The lightest, but most robust materials available on the market are the materials that make the frame. The brace is horizontal, but vertically flexible. This makes riding relaxed and sensitive. The foam lines your body’s form into the interior of the harness. This not only makes the harness secure, but also keeps it secured. The way the harness molds to your body form is called “intelligent.”

Best Kitesurfing Harnesses: Conclusion

Focused on comfort, safety features, material quality and fit over looks. Whether you have a long/short torso, are male or female or just want a great deal. Whichever you choose, thanks for allowing Outdoors Informed help you with your research.

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