From the beginning, shoes have always held a special place in human life in terms of style and foot protection. Even today, they stick to this principle with a higher level of performance for more comfort and safety. But with a market currently saturated with this rapidly growing product, recognizing the right model becomes a difficult task. We have therefore taken the responsibility to help you solve this problem through our selection of the 10 Best Hiking Sandals and their selection criteria.

Today, advanced soles and creative designs are clear evidence of the increased level of comfort and safety in hiking sandals. Truth be told, comfort is king with the right hiking sandals. For this, it is necessary to seek in the models of this product traction (better support or adhesion to the ground), flexibility and impermeability. To these criteria is added the type of design (closed or open). These are the only factors that can allow both men and women to be able to choose a better pair of sandals according to their activity.

How to choose hiking sandals

There are many considerations and functions that must be submitted to the hiking sandals test. And the main points of a good hiking sandal are comfort, waterproofing and traction, i.e. support or grip on the ground. However, it is advisable a priori to determine the type of activity and the most usual use , regardless of the performance and versatility of your hiking sandal.

This allows you to narrow your range of options and increase your ability to make the best choice of that product. Indeed, sandals have a very varied design with materials more suited to one activity than others. This is why it is rather wise to choose a model whose design is deeply linked to your favorite activities. So, you need to choose your best sandals depending on what you plan to do:

  • Hiking: For millennia, the purpose of sandals has always been to allow humans to move from place to place with greater protection and comfort. Today, hiking sandals add waterproofness and light weight to their high level of comfort and protection. This is essential for adventures in landscapes filled with streams. Hiking boots keep your feet dry, well ventilated or oxygenated at all times and less heavy than they could be with trekking boots. They are also easy to put on and take off. Recent trail shoes are extremely comfortable, durable, diverse and suitable for even the most demanding conditions. They are compact, light, strong and resistant to shocks and humidity sometimes. Therefore, a pair of hiking sandals should offer a balance of performance and comfort as well as excellent stability.
  • Nautical sports: For water sports enthusiasts, the essential features to look for in hiking sandals are: grip on wet ground; water resistance; quick drying; the level of breathability; easy on and off. These are the things that are essential for your beach adventures or in river-filled hiking environments: aquatic adventures. An ultra-grippy sole increases your level of safety on slippery and rocky terrain, wet boat docks as well as muddy trails. It’s kind of the core or backbone of your hiking sandals that increase your overall performance in harsh weather conditions. These also allow you to keep your feet ventilated or cool.
  • Travel and urban use: Keep in mind that the sandal models more suited to travel and urban use should be versatile and highly comfortable. This is the category of ultra-ergonomic and elegant hiking shoes to make you both stylish and protected. Style being subjective, you are free to choose the most courtesan sandals that suit your tastes. However, some trails in urban centers require models with treads that offer more grip. Take this into account when purchasing your hiking boots. Besides, the choice of a comfortable flip flop for walking should also take into account the types of design. Thus, you may find yourself with a knife pulled between open sandals (open toe) and closed sandals (closed toe). Either way, closed-end models provide additional protection for users. You then have to work on getting a better fit among the different styles and cuts available in the market.

How to care for your sandals

You can lengthen the life of your sandals by following a few recommendations. Some models are not cheap, so it makes sense to take good care of them and make them last as long as possible, right?

  • Get used to your new sandals: Before you get into the outdoors, wear your sandals around the house so you get used to them and break them in. Your hike will be more pleasant if your new sandals aren’t totally new. Otherwise, you might focus on how much they’re hurting you instead of enjoying the route!
  • Check them before each hike: Before heading out, be sure they’re in good condition. Maybe you need to change the shoestrings or fix the straps. Whatever it is, be sure you take care of it.
  • Clean them after each hike: Remove the debris from your sandals and keep them clean. It’s common for debris to accumulate between the straps, in the spot where the strap meets the sole, and other parts. Using a knife or stick, remove the mud and stones from the soles. Finally, remove all mud and dirt from the sandals. You can wash them in warm, mild soapy water. Check the manufacturer’s instructions if you have doubts about how to wash them.
  • Store your sandals: When you’re not using your sandals, store them in a dry place away from the sun. Avoid keeping them in plastic bags.

What are the best hiking sandals

1. Chaco Men’s Z1

The last walking sandals for us are the Classic and the Cloud Z/1 Chaco (below). They can be customized to suit all sorts, surprisingly supportive and ridiculously strong foot types. It’s also a pleasure to show us our personal style through the personalization of our own pairs or the use of one of the many shop colors and patterns.

Various walks are made by Chacos, ranging from walkers, minimalist fast packers, your writer who walked all of the 2,190 miles from the Chaco Z/1 Classics Appalachian Trail.

2. KEEN Men’s Clearwater

The last walking sandals for us are the Classic and the Cloud Z/1 Chaco (below). They can be customized to suit all sorts, surprisingly supportive and ridiculously strong foot types. It’s also a pleasure to show us our personal style through the personalization of our own pairs or the use of one of the many shop colors and patterns.

Various walks are made by Chacos, ranging from walkers, minimalist fast packers, your writer who walked all of the 2,190 miles from the Chaco Z/1 Classics Appalachian Trail.

3. KEEN Men’s Newport

KEEN Newport H2 looks like a sandal walking shoe. Sandal spirit. Lace-lock bungee capture device ensures safe fit and simple and easy adjustment/unsupply. EVA midsole for improved cushioning, compression-molded. Free of PFC, durable, water repellent, it helps to drain water and extend material quality and life. Multi-directional lugs with raser sip help to grip the slow wetlands superior. No imprint is left while walking within the non-marking outsoles for rubber.

4. Teva Mens M Hurricane

Teva Hurricane XLT2 is priced exceptionally for value and efficiency. These sandals are perfect on land or in water and comfortable flexible straps. In the outdoor industry, Teva is a true symbol. Created by a Colorado River guide in the early 1980s, Teva was the leader in the category of sport and sandalism.

The name Teva is the hebrew word for “nature;’ the hand logo for “friendship” and “water” is the Hopi sign. Return On the website You came from Teva. You came from Teva. In our view, the Hurricane XLTs are one of the market’s best prices.

5. ECCO Men’s Sandal

Sport sandal in a new style, results. Nubuck upper leather with textile lining stretch suit. Dual density, the cMEva footboard treated by Agion helps inhibit odor reduction bacterial growth. Direct, full-length receptor technology PU midsole injected. Smooth outsole rubber. Lightweight and comfortable sandal providing superior comfort on and off the trail daily. The ECCO Yucatan is more appropriate for traveling and everyday wear than hiking because of the lug pattern and the relaxed feel.

6. Teva Men’s Terra Fi 5

The most comforting and durable walk sandal on the market is Teva Terra Fi 5 Universal. This is the ultimate trail foot, since it’s full pu midsole, washable webbing, and quick hook and loop closures. Half pair weight (oz) – half the price of a pair of Teva TerraFi 5 Universal shoes is half the price. It’s time to wake up and smell the terra Fi, for those who had dreamed of a cushy, but sturdy sandal. Look no further than the ultimate durable trail foot.

7. Xero Shoes Z-Trail

Sandals on the Xero Shoes Z Trail are as lighter and thinner as other sporty sandals up to 76 percent. Flexible enough for the pack or pocket to roll up and match. Zero-drop natural stance non-elevated heel. Waterproof. Waterproof. Quickly dry. Excellent grasp and pull. Z-style webbing keeps stable, but in seconds slides on and off. Velcro changes make it easy to fit and we were amazed that, while being so flexible, the soles are very durable.

The Z trails will make you habituate to the first sandal walker because they are unbearable or healthy. For minimum footwear fans, or to use as a comfortable shoe for change in camp, we suggest the Z Track. Our 5000 mile warranty comes from Xero Shoes. People wear Xero shoes in 94 countries, from a walk on a beach to a walk on a trail.

8. Chaco Men’s Odyssey 

The Odysseys of Chaco are a combination of shoe sandals with a comfortable leather and a distinctive look. 3% of income after tax are donated to people-friendly groups and the world. Each Chaco Schuh has an APMA Seal of Acception, which is biocentric. The sandals have performed well for us all over the city and on simple walks, but we wouldn’t suggest them because the design is smooth and unchangeable.

9. Teva Men’s Omnium

The Teva Ominium 2 has a quick-release buckle lacing system, rubber sole and flexible ankle brace. The model was designed to provide optimum comfort with a concealed shock absorbent ShocPad heel.

This hybrid model is ultra-light, respiratory and safe like a shoe. It can be used for backpacking general, walking and outdoor activities. Please note that while it would last in amphibious settings, for extended waterways it will not be your best option.

10.KEEN Women’s Whisper

The Keen Whisper combines breathability, traction and safety perfectly. They are super lightweight and easy to wear, with great toe protection, sturdy leather construction and long lasting construction. You can get great arch support and comfort because they are metatomical in style.

They are one of the best sandals to wet your feet during the spring and summer treks. You’re going to dry up really soon!

Keen claims that the outside is everywhere without a ceiling from beaches to mountains to urban streets. Keen believes in living a HybridLife, which means that she becomes part of a wider society that involves people who build jobs, play outside and look after the world around her.


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