A hand warmer warms your hands by releasing heat into your hands. Furthermore, make sure that the product you purchase is expected to be able to perform the particular task. There are many types of hand warmers that would suit your personal needs. Besides, you need to be confident of your decision and that you’re using the system would be comfortable for you. You should consider charging comfort, as well as ease of recharging. In this article, the author sets out the details you need in order to pick a heater, and guides you through making your decision.

How to choose a hand warmer?

Choosing the right hand warmer is not easy since there are several types.

Electric vs catalytic vs chemical model

Three options are offered for those willing to buy a hand warmer. In this way, they will limit their options to an electric, a chemical or a catalytic.

Electric hand warmers

Electric hand warmers are the most common commodity in the industry. They are really realistic. As soon as these are enabled, it is ready for use and what the user then does is to place his hands on them to warm them up. They can easily be turned off when it comes to conservation of resources. This model provides multiple features such as flashlight and external phone battery.

The primary benefit of electric hand warmers is that they are rechargeable, odorless, cheap, and they can be used to charge your smartphone. There are several drawbacks. An electric hand warmer does not last as long as an catalytic hand warmers. Their use of batteries is limited depending on the availability of batteries.

Catalytic hand warmers

Therefore, it is a combustion model. This is the chemical breakdown of the former that releases heat. Catalytic hand warmers were available before electric versions were invented.

While they are less common, they are still valued because of their great function, namely autonomy. It is important to realize that catalytic hand heaters can run continuously for up to 15 hours. A system like this can withstand anything, as long as it’s fuel. The catalytic warmer models are most often intended to have a special design. It is critical that you know that catalytic hand warmers emanate a strong unpleasant smell. It is also risky if you carelessly touch this.

Chemical hand warmers

A chemical hand warmer is a model of hand warmer that does not chemically react – instead, it is based on an exothermic reaction resulting from the oxidation of iron. First, the chemical reaction generates heat. The iron powder is handled in the presence of a suspension of water and carbon. Next, the mixture exposed to the surrounding air is brought inside the combustion chamber. It is in especially ski resorts that these hand warmers are used because of their high efficiency combined with their compact nature.

By being in a compact format, exposed chemical hand heaters are much more portable and can be carried in briefcase, backpack, or even handbag, and taken anywhere in the world. It’s all about ease of use, creating a very attractive interface for the user. This kind of device is at an affordable price among other models. Not like the chemical hand warmers, which can only be re-used, it is likely that the chemical reaction cause the present substance to be formed into an insoluble black residue.

Heat length

The best thing to do when considering taking a hand warmer is to educate yourself about its acceptable temperature range. This autonomy is limited for small devices, no more than a few minutes. For large devices, autonomy is between several hours and several days. As a guide, one should understand that the autonomy time of electric heaters varies between 2 and 8 hours. When heating with a chemical stove, it can take between 6 and 12 hours for the product to reach its targeted temp. Finally, the average time a heaters will reach their temperatures is about 6-15 hours.

Single-use or reusable hand warmer

If it really is true that a reusable hand warmer is more costly than a disposable device of the same kind, it is painfully obvious. It is the number one quality of the philosophy of each model that will decide whether you like that type of system. You are an avid, outdoors-type of person who prefers lightweight, personal vaporizers which you can easily carry around with you. You should think of disposable heaters as another option to consider. If you look for a rechargeable hand warmer that you can use over time, you should opt for a hand warmer that can be used for a tabletop, hands-free combination.


To summarize the point that their ratings vary, it is best to focus on catalytic and chemical hand warmer models that heat better than electric models. It also makes electric devices to heat up slower than conventional devices and fuel and common chemical models. Of course, if the model is resonating at too high a temperature, it can be modified to resonate at a cooler temperature. Regardless of the temperature, opt for a hand warmer that offers a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius or higher.

What are the different types of hand warmers?

Here are the most popular methods hand warmers use to generate heat.

  • Crystallization: This types of hand warmer uses supersaturated solutions of ingredients. Basically, when a gel is properly activated it becomes very opaque, and appears clear. The heat generated by the exothermic crystallization of the gel pack is responsible for the opaque appearance.
  • Lighter fuel: is made by combining petroleum with a platinum catalyst. The two molecules react to produce energy by releasing heat on oxidation.
  • Battery: Small containers that are equipped with a battery convert energy from electrical sources into energy in the form of heat.
  • Charcoal: Charcoal is the most “primitive” hand warmer, which is reflected in the simplicity of its design. Charcoal hand warmers usually have an area where charcoal is placed which produces warmth by combustion.
  • Air activated: Finally, there are heaters that use air as a source. They utilize the oxidation process and catalyze it with a salt.

What is the best hand warmers?

1. Best electric hand warmer

Using an 18W charge only takes 3-4 hours for the latest QC3.0 chipset and USB-C power supply protocole. Three heat levels can be chosen by a single button from 95°F to 131°F. The series H01, packed with an incredibly big battery- 10000 mAh 21700 Battery, offers a much more battery life than previous generations.

2. Best hand warmers for skiing

Tundras Hand Warmers are intended to keep your hands comfortable when outside it’s cold. Each package contains 2 hand warmers that are individually used, activated by air, to give your arms and fingers up to 11 hours of soothing warmth. You can use it in your gloves or in your pockets and enjoy heat for hours. The air is activated and heating and heating is easy, just air-shaking. They are TSA approved and made from non-environmentally harmful ingredients so you can throw them after every use. Their hands are cosy and safe for adults and children with natural heat.

3. Best USB hand warmer

5200mAh hand warmer is great for both small and large people. The handhold is good and can be fitted into your pocket. Heating and warming your hands with double sided heating. UL has high safety certificates to prevent you from worrying about the risk of burning your hands.

4. Best portable hand warmer

Using USB-C rechargeable hand warmer, long time is ensured. Fast two-sided heating within seconds, durable heating up to a maximum of 4-8 hours, ensures constant warmth. For you to choose as you need, 4 temperature levels. Tri-level indicator to keep your charge and heating condition remaining. Made from high quality ABS aluminum and flame retardant material, lithium battery eco-friendly. Shock resistant, anti-scald, anti-skid.

5. Best cheap hand warmer

Constructed in a large battery with a capacity of 1000mAh and a full charge of 5-12 hour heat. The surface of the matte texture is anti-skid without sacrificing the smooth touch. 6.1 oz light and compact fits your palms perfectly, easy to hold or to carry in pocket. Strictly tested to ensure superior safety and carefully selected high quality materials.

6. Best disposable hand warmer

Air-activated warming packages are suitable for warming your hands every day and are ideal if your temperature is cool. You provide secure natural heat so that during those hard winter months you can enjoy the great outdoors. Our Disney collection is ideal for small hands and bags. A brand of experts, outdoor sports enthusiasts, spectators, skiing enthusiasts, outdoor workers and anybody who wishes safe, focused warmth in cold conditions trusted all over the world. Our hand warmers have been designed to fit your bags or hand palm.


1. What is the best place to put my hand warmers?

Your jacket pocket is one of the best places to put your hand warmer. You can also place it in your gloves. Moreover, more and more manufacturers offer gloves with pockets specially dedicated to the insertion of a hand warmer. Note that catalytic models will not be able to find room in your gloves. For skiing, the most suitable model is therefore the chemical hand warmer, which is easily placed in the gloves.

2. Are chemical hand warmers bad for the environment?

Chemical hand warmers are, in principle, not environmentally dangerous. In fact, the vast majority are made of natural and non-toxic iron powder. At the same time, the pollutants of the fibers accompanying the hand warmer packet can be noted by some.

3. Can I use hand warmers in my boots?

A chemical heater can be used in your boots. In contrast, you must first make sure that your footwear is not too wide if you have a fuel or electric model. Or you need pairs of boots to place this type of device with a special pouch. Finally, keep in mind that boot warmers or foot warmers are now specially designed for shoes.

4. How long will it take to store my hand warmers?

For a specified period of time, all hand warmer, including rechargeable ones, must operate. Be aware that you will not be able to store these when you have opened them in the particular case of chemical devices.

5. When is the best time to warm your hand with catalytic or fuel?

The catalytic hand warmer is particularly suitable for fishing ice. But you can of course use it anywhere else, and so long as you have enough pocket to insert it into.


You are now ready to choose hand heaters properly and enjoy them to the full. Never forget that the advantages and disadvantages of each model are. Moreover, because they are all affordable, you must take other criteria into account in making your choice. Amongst other things, they relate to the device’s operating mode and the usage you want.

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