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Top 10 Best Freediving Watches Reviews in 2021

What is a freediving watch? The best freediving watch is a part of the dive computer family. As the name implies, this first component is a waterproof and rugged watch that can be worn when in the water. It enables the user to gain knowledge about different aspects of freediving, including immersion time, decompression halt, current depth, maximum depth, ascent speed, and so on. The freediving watch is an important piece of equipment for all practitioners of this sport, whether professional or beginner. Without this instrument, diving can be very risky, if not deadly.

Why You Need A Freediving Watch?


If you want to practice freediving safely, you must invest in a freediving watch. Indeed, these technical resources provide several criteria that allow you to monitor your progress in real time during your dive in underwater space. Thus, you will no longer be required to measure your physical results, since the watch will display your location and depth of dive, as well as your apnea time, temperature, and even your recovery time.


Investing in a freediving watch is a long-term dedication to yourself. The system installed in these devices enables you to comprehend all of your dives depending on the data you enter in the piece. As a result, you’ll be able to arrange your sessions depending on the freediving watch’s scores. Additionally, personalization enables you to enhance your success by identifying your strengths and shortcomings when immersed.

The “LogBook” function

The “LogBook” is a critical point of the scuba diving industry. Without this element, you will be unable to materialize your previous diving encounters or progress in diving. Thanks to the automated data recovery feature provided with the freediving watch, you can conveniently fill out your “Log Book.” Additionally, you can copy them directly to your PC or memory card and use them as a digital Log Book.

List Of 10 Best Freediving Watches Reviews

1. Pyle Waterproof Underwater Snorkeling & Diving Watch

Water Sport watch is ideal for wet surroundings for diving, snorkeling, swimming. Backlight monitor electronic light (EL) with the click of the button lights up the watch face. When you are emerging more than 6 meters per minute, the automated dive warning unlocks so you can return safely to the surface. Dive Mode automatically unlocks as you submerge for 1.5 meters deep over 10 seconds. Dive mode shows the dive start date, the time of the dive, the water depth reached and the water temperature. In Dive Mode you still have the opportunity to see if you want the current time. The watch also has an intelligent swimming warning and a reminder of fresh water or salt water dives.

2. SUUNTO D6I Novo Diving Watch with USB

Suunto D6i Novo Zulu is a computer for watching people who take scuba and dive seriously. It includes digital compass and wireless air integration with tilt-compensation. The Zulu strap stays robust and has been designed for military purposes, so be confident it can take hard wear. Price rose from the D4i but is more pricey and comes with an improved price mark than the original edition.

3. Garmin Descent Mk1

Garmin Descent Mk1 is a sports watch built-in dive machine. The panel is in colour, has a charging battery, a GPS surface and a 3-axis compass. It also has a cardiac rate sensor that tracks data during your dives and other leisure activities. Mods and widgets can be downloaded from the ConnectIQ app store, rendering any liberator’s fantasy this all-in-one dive device.

Descent Mk1 is the first dive machine with complete color mapping and position comparison. Surface GPS navigation is available. The proven algorithm ZHL-16c of Bühlmann ensures that you remain inside your dive. QuickFit bands will change the wrist-wearing style to accommodate every day operation or event. You can count between charges in diving mode up to 40 battery hours, in watch mode for 19 days and in smartwatch mode for 10 days. When you reach the water, your device is unlocked instantly displaying your current depth, diving time, water temperature, rates of up/down, no-deco time, stopping decompression detail, battery life and more on the 1.2-inch crisp monitor of your machine. It also acts as a strong coach with our 5x supreme multi-sport GPS watch providing the best features, including intelligent alerts to keep in touch. The watch offers the best features. The 3-axis compass, gyroscope, barometer, GPS and GLONASS ability are included in the built-in sensors.

Garmin’s Dive Machine Descent Mk1 has GPS and GLONASS chart surface navigation monitoring satellite. The compass display is easy to read, and can even be used under water. You can easily double-tap the panel instead of pressing the function buttons using a convenient “tapp to compass” trick. The integrated altimeter gives elevation data and the 3-axis electronic compass tilt-compensated holds your bearings on — whatever how you go. The watch also has an array of sensor features for top-side navigation ABC (altimeter, barometer and compass).

4. Omer UP-X1 Freediving Computer

Dive and Chrono mode free diving computer with a ring of carbon fiber and a heart rate chest brace. If the feature “Dive” is OFF and the Chrono is turned on, the device will be a heart rate sensor for biking, swimming and cycling. You can download any dive information to a special program by connecting UP-X1 to your PC or MAC and view and archive all stored information. The monitor heart rate functions at the frequency of 5.3 KHz. It is cardiac between 30 and 240 BPM and cardiac frequency warning.

The previous UP-X1 and UP-Z1R dive computers created by Umberto Pelizzari have been freediving-based. The UP-X1 cannot be recharged and the UP-R can be recharged. A heart rate monitor is available on all dive computers for hiking, swimming, biking, and personal info.

5. Mares Puck Pro Wrist Dive Computer for Scuba Diving

This Mares freediving computer watch boasts an outstanding dive log time of 36 hours or 50 dives. It features nitrox programming and an ascent rate indicator. Replaceable batteries are used and have a twelve-month life. This model is suitable for divers of all skill levels and provides numerous features that allow you to monitor current dive conditions and progress over several months. The surface interval warnings would notify the freediver when it is time to surface, which is an excellent feature for beginners. This is one of the most user-friendly and stable versions available.

6. SEAC Action Italian Design Maximum Performance Dive Computer

In both fresh and saltwater, the LCD panel can run at 100m deep. Security warnings built-in, alert for breakdown of decompression, upward speed alarm, peak altitude alert. Saved up to 40 hours in the scuba mode and 18 hours of freediving records. LCD display is easy to use. Release mode provides information such as dive/surface time, current and depth. Overall, this is a brilliant look that even from the water can be trendy.

The Action represents the theory of Seac architecture in the search of high value ergonomics and the simplest possible usability. The customizable contrast and backlight LCD panel guarantees perfect data management. The Action line is available with high strength finishes in stainless steel; its straps, push buttons and buckle are covered by an extra thin vacuum film deposition. The “NoFly” time, tissue saturation and the maximum altitude in freediving mode are calculated by Seac Action. If you surpass the MOD, if the decompression stop is not observed and it is uploaded too quickly, then the users get warning signals. The HR dive computers are designed for action and action with sporty but nonetheless sober lines.

7. SHEARWATER RESEARCH Teric Wrist Dive Computer

The Shearwater Teric dive computer features a full-color, high-definition AMOLED monitor. The panel is made of sapphire glass, which is very resistant to scratches. The watch features four stainless steel menu buttons that are 316 Marine Grade. If underwater, the Teric will automatically switch to dive mode. Until diving, it’s a smart idea to review the battery level and dive settings and ensure everything is in working order. The colors are bright, and the deep blacks in the Teric’s show make the other colors shine. It is 1.39in (35.3mm) in diameter and comes with a selection of color-coordinated wristbands to complement the Scuba equipment. If the default font size is too small, you can migrate to the “BIG” layout.

You can choose between two customizable templates for each mode. The OC Recreational Dive Mode is designed for scuba diving with no decompression. When in Freedive mode, the Teric’s displays will be dedicated to freediving, including Max Depth and Last Dive Time. The standard Gauge mode measures depth and dive time and includes a reprogrammable stopwatch and timer. When in Gauge Mode, there is no detection of decompression or tissue tracking. The elevation and descent rates of the Teric are shown in feet per second or meters per second (mps) Rather than per minute, three presets are available: deep, lake, and repetitive. By default, it will also use Big layout.  In the Big Layout, the right part of the home screen is adjustable.

8. Sherwood Scuba Amphos 2.0 Dive Computer and Watch

Amphos is capable of handling double-nitrox mixtures and was designed with full watch features in mind. The Amphos’s four navigation buttons make it easy to use. There are three modes on the watch: Normal (air and nitrox), Gauge, and Freedive. The Amphos logbook will store up to 24 dives and records a wealth of knowledge about your dives. The freediving mode is incredibly detailed, and the level of customization available guarantees your protection when swimming. It is both a dive machine and a wrist watch that is rugged, easy, and trendy. The Sherwood Amphos was specifically designed to accommodate double-nitrox mixtures.

9. Cressi Leonardo Underwater Single Button Diving Computer

The Cressi Leonardo features a two-inch widescreen and a single button interface. Your optimum depth, dive time, battery level, and current depth will all be shown on the screen. The included algorithm is cautious, which means it does not take any chances with decompression. The Leonardo’s internal memory will store up to 60 dives. It is capable of working at a nominal depth of 393 feet and features a wide case. It is one of the more affordable entry-level diving devices available and is perfect for scuba diving. It could be too large to wear on a daily basis. It lacks a PC gui for those who want a multimedia dive log.

Leonardo is the first computer that our wholly owned subsidiary, Cressi Elettronica, built, developed, and manufactured in Italy. It is a fully modular and durable machine fitted with a big UFDS panel. It comes fitted with maximum Nitrox management, a depth gauge mode, and a reset button. The high-definition screen makes it convenient to use and read all of the material. Software that is compliant with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

10. Oceanic Geo 2.0 Air/Nitrox Computer Watch

The Oceanic Geo 2.0 is an outstanding freediving watch of extraordinary quality. It features four buttons for customizing the setup and a very transparent screen. Certain settings can also be changed when underwater, making it much more easy to use. The fact that this watch only tracks 24 dives can be a drawback to certain divers. It is a one-of-a-kind combination of streamlined lines and a sporty style.

How To Choose The Best Freediving Watch

How To Choose The Best Freediving Watch

Freediving or free dive mode

The free dive mode is a function of the dive machine category that is dedicated to this operation. The benefit of this mode is that they can store information about the length of your freediving sessions, your recovery time, the depth at which you begin, your maximum and average depth capacities, and so on. If you’re looking for this sort of stuff, look for those that have this parameter.

The backlight

Backlighting is important when picking a freediving watch. Even when fully immersed, you must be able to decode the details contained in your content. As a result, your freediving watch must be sufficiently bright to enable you to read your personal data even in low-light situations. You can also customize the backlight time on some freediving watch models to meet your needs and prevent exhausting the battery.

The compass function

On freediving watches, the compass feature is incredibly useful. In fact, the compass is nothing more than a miniature compass integrated into your system. Not only does this crown assist you in locating yourself underwater, but it also assists you in navigating and delimiting your diving location. The compass feature can come in handy if you are having difficulty orienting your ships, for example.

The use of nitrox

Nitrox or enriched air diving is an exhilarating experience for diving enthusiasts. If you plan to partake in this sport, your diving watch must be compliant with it. Additionally, it provides the proportion of the agreed combination that it corresponds to. Nitrox and high oxygen diving are very common due to their effects. It decreases diving-related deaths. It significantly decreases the diver’s strain, which has a beneficial effect on fatigue. Additionally, it reduces the time needed for healing.

Notably, diving with nitrox includes specialized instruction provided by security organisations such as the SSI, FFESSM, or PAD.

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