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Top 7 Best Digital Stopwatches Reviews in 2021

I love digital clocks, precise and trustworthy and know you too. Indeed, I hate those models which are defective, hard to use, and do not last for even a few months.

I hear a lot, like the so bad model, where the alarms can’t be turned off and the battery has to be removed before the strange stuff of the clock that operated like a clock but didn’t have time.

I preferred inexpensive models in my particular experience, and even though I managed to purchase some good quality models, I also came across some supposedly sporty models, which broke with initial impact and others. Where it appeared to be to decorate the countdown button.

But I finally got a few digital timers of quality and I will share the experience with you now.

In terms of technology, often it is difficult to know what to look for. However, I’m here to help you choose the best and least expensive digital stopwatches for training, sports, and much more.

I concentrated on the form that should be oval or circular, with slightly square corners to find these ideal products. All is about making your hand ergonomic.

The screen should be well shielded, as should the outside casing of the unit that should be hard and water resistant. The display should also be transparent and readable. You can also use the buttons robust and simple to use.

Finally, it needs to provide countdown, split times and memory functions for the storage of preceding steps. The battery can last for hundredths of a second and helps to contain an alert and a schedule.

What is a stopwatch?

Digital stopwatches are an interval measuring method for an event, i.e. to record the time that is running from the beginning to the end of the event. Driven by keys, the system activates and disables watch indicators. Digital and mechanical stopwatches, each with its own design and characteristics, are available in this respect.

How does a stopwatch work?

Digital stopwatches have buttons for starting, stopping and splitting time intervals. Thus if you are going to calculate the length of an operation, just press the button to start counting, and also press the button at the end of the routine to show stop.

The monitor monitors the time required to complete the assignment and, when desired, by pressing the corresponding button, you can put the equipment at zero setting.

But it is important to be aware that more sophisticated digital stopwatches have other functions such as split buttons to record various intervals of events, such as a relay race.

Do you need a stopwatch?

Stopping clocks are generally accurate, while digital stop clocks are interesting in terms of accuracy in front of their mechanical counterparts. However, due to human error, the results may often be unpredictable, for example if the start or finish button is not pressed at the right time.

What are the uses of the stopwatch?

Sports events like Formula 1, athletics, triathlon, boxing, games of soccer, etc are used with digital timers.

They are also helpful in reality programs, where participants are challenged to go through difficult time trials. This is the case of well-known events in which aspiring chefs, ironworkers, tattoo artists, etc. are participating.

They are also used by teachers to play educational games and by anyone who wants to record the training sessions digitally from home.

Types of stopwatches

A large number of automated stopwatches are available for competition on the sports market. The options can also vary depending on your success, depending on your needs and budget. See the various categories below, therefore:

Timers with basic function

Basic digital timers and single functions also have the ability to start, pause and reset individual events. Typically they have a time clock base, with a regressive counting mode and an alarm.

So you have what you need if you’re an amateur user with the simple stopwatch feature. But if you want something a little more sophisticated, able to monitor multiple activities, you’d better use an interactive multi-function stopwatch.

Multifunction stopwatches

Digital stopwatches with multifunction are more sophisticated stopwatches capable of managing incidents. Trainings and races can be tracked like lap to run memories A multi-line display is given to the device.

These multifunctional devices can also gather waste and store it, which is excellent if the output is tracked for days, weeks or months. But you should also know that the greater the functionality of these products, the greater the payment you will need.

Downloadable and printable timers

These digital timers are provided with a USB port to allow you to connect to a computer or printer. You can download and print all the data contained in this kind of stop watch which is a great tool to help you achieve physical results.

Some of these devices have a printer, although others are not compatible with virtually every kind of printer that you need separately.

Mechanical stopwatches

Manual scan-button for mechanical stopwatches are often referred to as big or “old school” stopwatches. Their biggest disadvantage is that they are not as accurate as digital watch and they are also harder to decipher.

But it’s best if you want a cheap vintage gadget that records your own or other athletes’ success without great performance.

Why buy a stopwatch? – What are the advantages ?

It is definitely important to have such a device in the sports field. For example, if you are a coach, this helps you to tailor your athletes to their full ability, to accurately record their success and to enhance the results.

However, some sportsmen also use your usual bracelet to monitor the details, but trust me to be not precise enough for competitions of this kind.

Good digital stopwatches can also practically remove your requirement of stylus and paper, at least during performances by your athletes, thereby saving you on your way to the competition. Look, although a state-of-the-art chronograph could be used for you.

What should you keep in mind when buying a digital timer?

Digital stopwatches can be pretty pricey, particularly if you’re using a high-end model. But, before buying either of these devices, there are some important things to remember.


When you choose between all the digital timers brands, the shape of the timer is one of the most important aspects. In general, the perfect feature for this system is that it looks like an oval, which has square corners in its construction.

This massage adapts ergonomically to the form of the palm, so that cramps occur due to their hours of holding. A stopwatch with a lanyard is a bonus because it means that you’re not even going to have to keep it much of the time.

Housing and buttons

Another important part of this kind of training hand watch is the bridge. As you know, automated stopwatches can hit your body, they can also fall and sometimes even sprinkle with water. This is why a soft box should be made of tough rubber or hard plastic ideally, as the system normally gets some blows before it can withstand these shocks..

On the other hand, the best option you can choose is digital appliances branded as water resistant and generally affecting. I also recommend that if you use the buttons you select the hard, spring-based plastic, of a decent dimension, that can be easily pressed, otherwise you can easily break them when you give it a short use.


The display on these devices is also very significant. As you know, you’ll have to examine it for a long time and read the numbers correctly. You can therefore select LED-displayed digital stopwatches, which can be read easily.

On the other hand, in the absence or under much light, you will most likely be outside so it is a good idea to ensure that your equipment is backlit.

Timing functions

Time regulation is the most important function of each stopwatch. The aim is to store the cycles and results of an athlete or you in a specific sport in digital records.

Cumulative periods, i.e. from zero, have to be recorded with the digital stopwatches. They will need to be as accurate as possible in counting hours, minutes and seconds.

The best stopwatches can also count split times, which enables you to capture new time slots when recording what you’ve collected. You should know what time and total time are separated in that way.

Divided and cumulative seconds and minutes represent the best optical stopwatches. But equipment with split times can also be found, but only the most recent ones, not the last ones.

This makes a stopwatch with recovered memory able to show you many intermediate times and countdowns if you want to keep track of your progress. These interactive characteristics are definitely very useful for gymnastics and soccer professionals.

Additional features

Some features, including alarm clock and a calendar feature, may be part of the new generation of digital stopwatches.

Similarly there would be devices with a clip which can be attached to your pants and shirt in their style.

Battery life

Battery life is a key aspect in determining digital timers’ performance. Most of these devices operate with a few years of lithium battery charging.

Another factor is that you have to monitor the digital signage of the team over time. It is a warning that a battery shift is imminent if this appears to decrease or fade.

What are the best digital stopwatches

1. Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch

To keep your HIIT training productive and effective, Gymboss timers are designed. It can be set for a duration of two (2 seconds to 99 minutes) and up to 99 times round or repeat. When weightlifting, rest is necessary. Various rest times yield very different results and encourage you to achieve your aims and watch your progress. No rest in time will lead to exercises much longer than scheduled.

Gymboss interval times are the ideal timepiece for walking or can be used to develop pace and lift the anaerobic threshold for experienced athletes. You can benefit by using interval timers if you are a runner who wants to improve your race time, or a walker who wants to learn to run. The timescales monitor if there are replacements, timed work cycles followed by timed rest or sequenced circuits with or without a timed rest for your routine or period. The exercise intervals are different. They endorse the interval time, countdown and clock functions of 90 percent of training programs. Many Crossfit training sessions have time limitations.

Gymboss Interval Timer and stopwatch periods from 2 seconds to 99 minutes for one or two intervals. Timing your positions helps you to manage your breath when moving around various positions. The little vibration of the Gymboss takes you before and during training sessions. It takes only five minutes to do 10 lengths every 30 seconds – it avoids interruptions and distractions so you know that your workout is really getting the most out of it.

The clock feature allows an alarm to be set and the alarm period to be controlled. Auto mode repeats up to 99 times in intervals. It is powered by a AAA battery and a small pager-like, compact design. It is ideal for running, sprinting, HIIT, power training, CrossFit, box, tabata, aerobic and cardiovascular lifting.

2. ACCUSPLIT Pro Survivor

Accusplit Pro Surveyor Stopwatch has a wide display with Magnum XL numbers that make it easy to read and screen. Special Million Cycle Switches which work accurately and reliably when pressed. The time range for this display is 24-hour, shows date and month, event and timeout, and divided and published. This stopwatch is running on the battery of lithium (CR2032), with a lifetime planned of five years. (CR2032)

3. Marathon Adanac 3000 Digital Stopwatch Timer

The Adanac Digital Sports Stopwatch Timer Marathon has a wide display and divided mode for divided events. Laser-tuned clock guarantees a precision of 1/100th. It has a beeping sound alarm clock and resists water, dust and shock. Overall, it’s a nice stopover for coaches, athletes and teachers in physical education.

4. Marathon Adanac Dual Power Solar Stopwatch Timer

The direct or indirect sunlight will recharge the solar powered stopwatch. It has a memory feature that allows you to remember several lap times and split times. In 1/100 a second it is very precise, and you can depend on that. It also acts as a daily clock and a calendar. The user-friendly form and anti-slip ribs make it a hard little thing that you can carry easily. It cost around 20 dollars, which seems to be an unreasonable low price for a quality product.

A durable, easy to use and high-functioning stopped clock, the MARATHON ST083020 Dual Power Solar Stopwatch will keep you updated. It can also be used for hours, minutes, seconds and 1-100 seconds measurements. This stopwatch is quite a stupendous gadget because of its memory and other capabilities.

5. Gymboss miniMAX Interval Timer and Stopwatch

Gymboss miniMAX has a big, easy-to-read display that is convenient for wearing glasses. This stopwatch has time-interval capabilities so that the intervals and split times can be measured. It is shock-resistant and sweat-resistant, rendering it extremely robust. It only has a basic AAA battery and costs approximately 30 dollars to get this stopwatch to work.

It comes with a belt loop, very sturdy, simple to read, very lightweight and convenient for you to always have on your person. It’s sweat proof and shock proof, and all items important to a successful stopwatch are also highly impact-resistant. The many features, the comfortable nature and the battery-changing ability make it a good option. It can track anywhere from 2 seconds to 99 minutes up to 25 different intervals, making it one of the most efficient sport stopwatches and interval timers.

Advanced models developed for very complex interval timing applications. This timepiece is harder to set up, and needs more patience than the Classic or Plus Gymboss model to learn how to use it. Up to 20 services can be saved. Includes built-in Clock and Stopwatch. The belt-clip is secure and removable.

6. Marathon Adanac 4000 Digital Stopwatch Timer

Adanac 4000 has an extra wide monitor that allows quick reading even when daylight is bright. The stopwatch is very precisely tailored to laser precision within one hundredth of a second. It can freeze a split time and simultaneously continue to measure accumulated time. This will keep track, while still counting a cumulative number on the other hand, of the previous split times.

The building of this thing is so good as to make it too dustproof, shockproof and waterproof, making it one of the longest lasting choices. The form and lanyard are ergonomically built to hang it around your neck to loosen your hands. When you buy this stopwatch, it’s very costly at around 12 bucks. This is a very robust object that is resistant to dust, shock, impact and water. All these factors are very important because a stopwatch is often punished with a lot, especially if the athlete is wear them.

7. Extech 365510 Stopwatch

Extech 365510 is a timer for stop-observations, with an accurate up to 23 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds per day. This digital timepiece also works as a snooze clock and an hour chime. It is very robust and able to bear the impact and water because of the tough rubber outside shell. It is ergonomic and user-friendly, along with a wide monitor, to improve the Extech Stopwatch quality.

With the Ex tech stopwatch/clock you can’t really go wrong for about 25 bucks. The Extech stopwatch can also show date and time, which is very handy as the calendar, watch and sports stopwatch work simultaneously. The numerous applications – science, industry or daily – may use the digital stop watch.


As you see, when you look at stopwatches, there are a whole host of different choices. The trick to find the best stopwatch is to analyze your own needs and to equate them with the actual results of the stopwatch in question. Please note, that when looking at different stopwatches, different variables, such as timing features, reliability, design and comfort, are the determining factors to make your purchase happy.

Only leave a note below if you have any suggestions or questions and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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