The equipment plays a role in mountaineering performance and defense. However, several items on the market, in particular for the climbing harness, do not validate these standards. For your adventures you need the best climbing suit for it, which is what this step-by-step guide will get you.

Types of climbing harnesses

There are eight types of climbing harnesses on the market. The easiest way to choose the right concept for your needs is to define your own climbing style.

Climbing harness complete

Climbing harnesses are designed as the name suggests. They can be used for all types of climbing. It is a great choice for people who do not yet have climbing experience. A full climbing harness comes with a padded belt and leg loops. All buckles are adjustable. There is also a rappelling or belay loop at the front, which allows easy connection to the belt and leg loops.

Gym and sports harness

This type of accessory is the most basic form of climbing harness. They are designed for ULM trips. The interest of a concept lies in its weight and its minimal size. Climbing harnesses for gymnastics can have an automatic single or double buckle belt.

It helps you get on and off the harness easily. There are only two doubles for equipment, knowing that sport and gym climbing does not require a lot of equipment.

Traditional climbing harness

Traditional rock climbing requires more equipment than sport climbing. It starts with a stronger harness, which will ideally have up to four or more buckles. Thick, durable padding is a recurring quality of a classic climbing harness. It also has extra lumbar support for stability in addition to preventing climbing injuries.

Ice climbing harness

The thing that sets this harness apart from all the others is the inclusion of an ice ratchet slot. This is a fabric loop for attaching carabiners to the harness. These will in turn be used to hang ice screws. An ice climbing harness also has a pull loop for storing an additional climbing rope.

Hybrid climbing harness

This type of mountaineering equipment shares several similarities with ice climbing harnesses. The most significant difference relates to weight. Hybrid harnesses are very light and thus allow you to move faster in the mountains.

Hybrid harnesses are available in a tailored version. These are distinguished by a minimum of buckles and little padding. Hybrid trimmed harnesses are also made from fine materials to reduce weight when climbing.

Large wall harness

A large wall harness belongs to the category of specialized climbing harnesses. One of its most remarkable functions is an extra-wide padding for optimal comfort in prolonged periods. This helps relieve pressure on the waist and legs. Many harnesses of this type have at least four gear loops for carrying equipment.

Competition harness

Competition harnesses have similar characteristics to gym climbing harnesses. Both concepts can indeed be used interior. Competition models, however, do not come with equipment loops as they are mostly used indoors. A thin belay loop can be included in the concept depending on the model chosen.

Canyoning harness

Traditional climbing harnesses deteriorate quickly in narrow slots. A specialized model for canyoning is necessary in such circumstances. Their major feature is a seat with additional protection made of waterproof material. They also have a thick and solid structure to prevent wear caused by frequent rubbing against rocks.

What is the best climbing harnesses

1. Black Diamond 

Black Diamond Momentum is on this list the cheapest brace. It’s perfect for beginners and accomplished climbers alike. It has a two-core, bullhorn-shaped tailbelt design to optimize comfort, particularly on hung stands. Its design makes adjustable simple. The all-round padding makes the harness feel almost non-existent, everything in a harness weighing just about 12 ounces.

Adjusting the pace of the tailband buckle saves you time and prevents binding errors. With the TrakFIT modification, your leg loop can be easily adjusted and the flexible elastic rear sill is close to the body. It has 4 pressurized gear bends and is fitted with a track loop for cameras, draws and stands. A supportive CLPE foam insert and long-standing, abrasion-proof nylon shell is used to manufacture the harness with enduring nylon and a flexible working. Black Diamond is the Momentum harness available.

2. Arc’teryx FL-365

Arc’teryx FL-365 is designed to easily travel and defend wherever you are. Warp Strength Technology provides both excellent weight and efficient strength delivery. It comprises other useful features such as self-locking buckles, four slots, four gear loops and more. The leg loops are flexible and you can comfortably use the bathroom with a simple hook on the rear leg elastic without removing the brace.

3. Black Diamond

Fusion Comfort technology and a robust, regulated build make Black Diamond Solution Harn ideal for the best fit for redpoint burns and marathon straps. The brace weighs less than one pound and can fit into tail sizes between 27″ and 39.” Thanks to webbing in the fixed legs, the load is distributed evenly. The Black Diamond Solución has elastic rises and 4 pressure-molded transmission loops that are flexible and releasable. The primary fabric is accepted for those who respect sustainability.

The key fabric for added sustainability is approved as blue-ign. The solution is not the perfect method for conventional escalation, but an ideal sport climbing tool. It has been designed to match contors of body and eliminate pressure points for ease of movement, comfort and support. It can adapt to a range of 27-39cm tail sizes.

4. EDELRID Jay Climbing

5. Misty Mountain

Misty Mountain Cadillac is known for its smooth ride and high-quality construction. Time checks aluminum buckles double pass and webbing of nylon waist belt. Slots made of ice clipper make this an ideal harness for winter weather adventures. 500D Nylon Cordura fabric for increase durability in high wear areas. The harp is also fitted with polyethylene foam padding with cell crosslinks.


Cadillac Mountain Misty is well known for quality building and smooth ride. Double pass buckles tested time and weaving of nylon waist belt. Ice clipping slots make it an excellent harness for winter time adventures. 500D Nylon Cordura fabric for increase durability in high wear areas. The harness is also fitted with polyethylene foam crosslinking in a closed cell.

7. Wild Country

Wild Country Mission climbing harness for men. Designed all types of climbing. V-Flex system in the belt and structure dura weave mesh provides maximum agility with little volume. Ziplock waist adjusts smoothly and remains locked after falling. Add 5 molded materials carrier to facilitate the clipping and carry the necessary material. Most users will find this best suited to sport climbing and a little on the heavy side and thick at the waist for alpine adventures.


How long does it take to use a climbing harness?

With normal use and subject to being well maintained, your harness will have a life expectancy of around three years. Beyond this period, the safety of your equipment cannot be guaranteed. This is especially true if you are professional rock climbing with the equipment in question.

What is the correct tension for a mountaineering harness?

Fit is the essential parameter when using any climbing equipment. Its importance is all the greater with regard to the harness. The fit of a harness is defined on the basis of two specific areas. The first is located above the hip bones.

The second zone is the distance between the leg loops and the belt. It is also defined under the term “climb”. The harness should be designed to provide maximum comfort when adjusting it over these two areas. It should not pull down over the hip bones.

Leg loops are another key part of measuring the tension of your mountaineering harness. They must be well adjusted to your while limiting the tightening. This is true regardless of whether you are using a harness with fixed buckles or with adjustable technology.


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