Top 7 Best Camping Showers Reviews in 2021

We always worry about our good hygiene when we stay outdoors. This is our first reason for purchasing the best shower for the campsite. However, before making this acquisition, the views of experienced campers should be compared and the best models compared.

The business offers various kinds of external shower equipment. In addition to the variety of models, quality and price variability is common. It is wiser to compare all features and the value-added ratio to choose the right way.

A good outdoor toilet is available as a kit. The heating system, which is easily deployed and compatible with the electrical energy sources in the installation area, shower screen and shower mat, should, ideally, contain: a flexible hose and a shower head, an easy-to-fill pump or switch tank.

The last two points are optional, but they are still interesting. Find solar models compatible with the cigarette light or work with rechargeable batteries when you go to a place that is not served by electricity. Be careful, above all, about the good product quality.

The different versions of outdoor shower devices

There are various kinds of outdoor grooming equipment on the market. The variety of models allows campers and users in all categories to rely on a product compatible with their true purposes of use. Here are the camping shower styles you need to know:

  • Solar: The solar shower comes as a water pack. This tank has a dark wall capturing the heat from the rays of the sun to heat the water it holds. Solar showers are equipped with a handle on the tank level. They also have a filling opening that closes with a simple stopper. These versions also have a tube to accommodate the tube. This form of equipment is very convenient for walkers and campers. Just make sure that you put it in a very sunny place for at least 3 hours if you want to bathe in hot water.
  • Solar with the possibility of mounting on the roof of a vehicle: When you camp, consider the fixed tank showers on the roof of your vehicle when taking a nice thermostatic bath. These heat the water by the sun’s rays and must be put for a minimum of 2 hours in a sunny spot. Such showers are very practical, since they are still connected to the car. However, they need long-term exposure to the sun and hot water at a temperature of 30°C. If you camp in the summer in the south, they’re fine.
  • With heating system compatible with the cigarette lighter of a car: This model is commonly used in commercial applications. All you have to do with such a system is to plug the working cable in the cigarette lighter of your vehicle and enjoy a little grooming time at optimum temperature. These devices are available in a wide range and can also be decreased in a shower only format.

How to choose a camping shower?

You will still have to shower, whether you go camping wildly or decide to sit in the outdoor area with water and electricity. In both cases, it is safest to carry your own personal care package. With your own washing area you can stop chopping in a place with popular sanitary facilities. Dressing also helps you to enjoy a complete treatment at locations where no corner to wash is available. However, remember the following before making your choice:

The weight: The weight of your empty and complete equipment is important. When you go by car, the weight of empty equipment is not a concern. However, if you intend to ride it around, consider taking a model that weighs under 500 g to prevent yourself from getting tired. Regarding the weight of the device when it is loaded, if after filling the device does not need height mounting, a capacity of 5 gallons which is therefore 20 kg is sufficient. If not, try using a less capable model.

Clutter: In terms of scale, the best option is also made. Before selecting your outdoor grooming kit make sure you have enough space in your car. When in backpacker mode, give priority to folding models with small accessories.

The heating system: You will be able to choose between battery or battery heating, heated wall bags, light heating or even photovoltaic plate heating at this stage. Models that heat water with gas can also be found. You may also choose the devices to be filled with hot water. For comfort, cigarette lighter compatible models are recommended. Using solar models if you are unable to use electricity. For those who have time to kill, it is an excellent choice to heat their water in an old way and then to integrate it in the tank.

The water supply: When it comes to water supply, choose a model that can withstand 2-3 showers if you are in a party! Otherwise, you could take one person to a tank. For the filling mode, choose a large opening tank if there is no way to fill with a tap or tube.

The shower head: The most convenient for the head or the shower head are the ones with a water flow adjustment system. This is a priority, too, if you want to conserve water.

Design materials: Having a high-end outdoor shower for a camper is a great pleasure. Choose showers made of sturdy materials if you are one of those concerned about the criterion. These instruments are made of plastic much of the time. Choose PVC and high-density plastic ideally.

Other criteria to consider: Mobile showers on the market are all worth their practicality pledge. We must therefore always be careful and take into account, in addition to the criteria already listed, the following criteria: The tubing length and the cable length; The power and filling of the tank; The way to repair the tank; The strength of the hand shower; The water flow adjustment.

The advantages of camping showers

There are some benefits to a travel tub. In addition to helping you keep hygiene, you can already store more water for your stay. It can then be used for washing or making dishes. In short, the camping equipment is very practical.

How to properly use a camping shower?

These portable showers are intended to be eco-friendly. They must be used to conserve water in this way. Do not reduce the position of the water flow regulator to a minimum.

Also, please fill in before plugging in if you want an electronic style one. As regards models of solar bags, they have to be properly exposed to the sun for 2 to 4 hours to perform optimally.

What are the best camping showers?

1. Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower

Pump in bucket of water pushes continuous stream of water up the hose and out handheld showerhead. Portable shower offers ideal pressure that’s comfortable for infants, the elderly, small pets and delicate plants. Unit comes ready with suction cup holder, S-shaped hanging hook and flexible 6.5-foot hose. Plugs into laptop or 12-volt car adapter and provides up to 60 minutes of use on a single 2- to 5-hour charge. Only charge this device with a 5V adapter or less.

Do not charge it with an adapter that’s more than 5 volts. May include a wall plug instead of USB. Transforms Sink or Bucket of Water into Instant Shower Stream; One Touch On/Off Switch Showerhead Features One Simple Flow Rate for Comfortable Bathing Experience; Gentle Enough for Seniors, Babies and Pets.

You’ll need your own USB adapter and a bucket or something to hold water to use this shower. The shower has an impressively high rate of flow (1.2 gallons per minute) The charging port is located under a plastic cap on the pump housing. We would love to see a bit longer hose, as this one is just shy of 6 feet long.

2. Advanced Elements 5 gal

Advanced Elements Summer shower comes with the same gravity design in several capacity. Has reflectors, solar and insulator panels, which heat the water in to fill it up, throw it into the light, and have a hot shower. Has a soap and a shampoo pocket, velcro straps that can hold your clothes or other items, and a mirror that reflects yourself. Control the water coming out so you can preserve it with the simple valve on the shower shell to turn off. The larger dimensions of this bladder can also be extremely heavy when filled with water to the edge. But this low-budget purchase is a high-value piece, for a basic camping shower that works better than most other versions. The AE Summer cannot completely recreate your home from the field.

3. Coleman (2) 5 Gallon PVC 

The Solar Heated **Coleman Shower Bag** is ideal for all cleaning needs on a compact and lightweight shower. This product has a practical on/off valve and a capacity of 5 gallons to enable multiple showers. A solid handle doubles for transport or hangs on an overhead branch to achieve the required gravity for water pressure. An on/off valve connected to the head of the shower lets you use as much or as little water as required and many applications from a single fill are sure to be given.

4. Rinse Kit Portable Outdoor Shower

RinseKit POD is the only portable shower that has a garden tube pressure without batteries or pumping. Up to 4 minutes pressurized spray Water holds 1.75 gallons Quickly from the panty (or sink with adapter accessory) Accessories for heaters or pumps may be used. Plugs into a normal 12-volt charging port. The reservoir is easy to refill and heat and pump can be used concurrently from any spigots.

5. Sea to Summit Pocket Shower

The Pocket Shower is made of 70D nylon, a wearstay, waterproof fabric of the same consistency as our Lightweight Dry Sacks. The base has a compact shower head which works with an easy to use on/off twist mechanism to control water flow. The 70D nylon bag is rolling in a 3 to 6-inch bag and adds only 4.3 ounces to the weight of the hiking pack. When unrolled, 10 liters of water can be applied with solar heated water for around 8 minutes of shower time. The black fabric soaks up the sun for an 8-minute warm shower throughout the day in the base camp. The seams are taped absolutely and have a roll-top closure.

6. Reliance Products Portable Showever

Portable Reliance Pump The shower has up to two gallons/8 liters of water and a washable neoprene sleeve with a mesh bag for storage. 6 feet of kink resistant tubing provides more maneuverability than the average mobile shower. It also has an action sensor shower head for quick use and conservation of water. This is not the lightest campsite shower at 3.8 pounds, but a compact shower.

7. Outdoor Portable Electric Camping Shower Kit

The small camping shower comprises just three and a half gallon of water. Designed for outdoor activities, camping trips, a bath for your pet or without water in emergencies. Save more than 30 full showers in one charge. The included shoulder strap allows you to store your trunk easily for beach tours or longer camping trips. It’s smaller than a dairy jug, so you do not find it difficult to stow on weekend trips. The plastic tank contains 2 gallons of water to ensure the cleaning is thorough and compact enough to facilitate easy transport.


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