Top 10 Best Camping Light Reviews in 2021

When it comes to safety, especially when you are away from home, you always want to have infallible equipment, and if we are talking about a lamp to accompany you on your camping holiday, there should be no exception.

The camping light fulfills a lot of task because it is useful to us as soon as night falls in or outside the tent, during our night excursions.

The conditions for it to be the best camping light is that it must be light, compact, portable, with high light output, with a long battery life and of course economical.

To guide you in your choice, we have made a selection of 10 camping lights with their different characteristics.

How To Choose The Best Camping Light

There are many options on the market with different specifications that are sure to give you doubts when choosing, but if you are feeling overwhelmed by so many features, consider the following, which are the main ones in determining which lamp is better than another:


To know the wattage of a lamp, you need to know the amount of lumens it has. This measurement represents the amount of light generated by the equipment and the higher it is, the more it illuminates.

It should be noted that the feature often determines the price, and maybe if we want a powerful lamp it might not be that cheap, but it’s a design ready to meet your needs in the darkness if you have a large store or want to light up large spaces.


Lamps should have control options, the ones that let you choose the level of light intensity to save power or even the mode depending on the environment you are in. Some offer flicker options to send SOS signals.

Battery life

This is a big subject, to know approximately at what level a lamp is, on the market you can find lamps that last from 3 to 300 hours.

Obviously they are better with a longer duration, just as they are not that economical. However, you need to analyze your lighting needs, if you do not have the option of recharging the battery, the duration of the excursion, among other factors that determine your need.


The material of which it is made will define its resistance in the event of a fall, different climates and weather conditions. Aluminum alloy is a good material compared to other simpler ones, of course it is an important factor to consider when choosing the best camping light.


Size and weight are important if you are going to be carrying it in your backpack, although you should know that the dimensions of the backpack are almost always related to power.

Benefits of an LED camping light

Some wonder if an LED flashlight is really necessary, evaluate the cost several times, or even think that it will just be an extra weight on the travel bag, but when they analyze the benefits of the product well, they start. to consider it as a global need that no adventurer can miss by offering the following advantages which will facilitate the journey.

The number of lumens

If you compare LED flashlights with other types of lamps, it is not difficult to see that LEDs provide a greater amount of illumination whether you are using them inside a store or outside.

With this model, you can be sure that you will have more lighting in any space.

Ease of use

They are the easiest to use, requiring no special knowledge or effort. Just turn it on and it’s ready to go.

Respect the environment

This is the preferred characteristic of environmentalists. These lamps, which do not produce leaks, behave in a nature-friendly manner, unlike those which run on gas and use fuel.


As it does not cause heat, it presents a safety bonus, thus reducing any risk associated with low temperatures in a device.


It depends on the quality of the flashlight, but in general LEDs are more durable than other lamps, even up to 10 times longer than regular incandescent bulbs.

Efficient energy consumption

It is one of the most energy efficient models, which is why the battery will last longer before being replaced.

Power supply for LED lamps

There are mainly two ways to charge LED flashlights.

Charging by electrical outlet

These are powered only by electrical networks, depending on what you need you need to check whether it accepts 220 watts, as well as the run time that promises with a single charge, this is very important if camping will be in areas without electricity.

Recharging by solar energy

Convenient for rural areas as it does not need electricity to operate.

What are the best camping lights?

1. UST 30-Day Duro LED

The UST 30-Day Duro lantern consists of a removable globe that can be used as a front or downlight. This lantern is made sturdy enough for even the most robust treks outdoors by its rubberized plastic housing and life LEDs. The lantern lasts almost one month at low temperatures. It also contains an emergency strobe SOS flashing lasting up to 15 days. Duro doesn’t have disadvantages without it, but this is our favorite all-round camping lantern. The Duro is one of our favorite camping, hunting, rental cars and rental lanterns. The lantern is rubberized with a robust, impact-resistant ABS housing and an unbreakable LED for life.

2. Goal Zero Lighthouse

400 lumen with USB output highly adjustable to keep the phone and other appliances powered. Adjustable directional LED light up to 400 lumens. Recharge your internal battery via any USB port or a Nomad Solar Panel Target. Use the integrated hand crank to load immediately and never stay in the darkness. Load a 1.5x tablet, or a GoPro 3x. Using a GoalZero Nomad solar panel to load your Lighthouse 400 from the sun.

One minute of crank is equivalent to 10 minutes of light. Full light and half light are both dimmable and full and half light can be dimmed automatically. Using 360° bright LED light or conserve power and stretch rpm with half the lantern light. The special reflective nature enables maximum efficiency, accessible light.

3. Black Diamond

After a lightweight headlight, Black Diamond Moji is the smallest possible weight sacrifice. A hemisphere of frosted plastic diffuses the 100-lumen LED Bulb to produce wide and soft illumination. The 70-hour burn time is adequate to be heavily used and a few extra AAA batteries can be conveniently carried as a backup. The intuitive adjustment method of Black Diamond encourages dimming and is easy to dimm. The Moji is not as bright as the bigger lanterns of camping and it does not illuminate an entire campground.

4. Streamlight Siege Compact

Five C4 control LEDs, four white and one red, with five performance modes, have been fitted to the siege lantern. It has an indication of the battery level included in the on/off button. The soft, also 360-degree light distribution is provided by reusable, polycarbonate, glare reduction covers. The night mode allows a red LED that can also be an SOS strobe. This is almost as bright as the UST 30-Day Duro and will last at its peak position for 30 hours. The streamlight is two pounds heavier and weights 2 pounds. The streamlights. The Lantern of Siege came short of a prize, but it’s a good lantern all over.

5. Black Diamond

The Apollo lantern has a distinctive design with three spindly legs that fold around an egg-like bulb. It can run on either 3 AA batteries or an internal 2600 mAh rechargeable, or both in succession. Using multiple power sources is handy, but the battery life isn’t all that impressive. The 225-lumen bulb is reasonably bright, and the diffuser makes a soft light. It’s small enough that it’s not a major sacrifice for backpacking, but it’s competent enough to keep up as an all-around lantern. The Apollo shares the Moji’s nifty hanging mechanism, which is just as effective here.

6. Coleman LED Lantern

The 390L Twin LED Lamp Coleman High Output is 299 hours long. The revolving dial provides personalized light settings between high and low. Wetter-resistant buildings deliver consistent performance, even when wet and windy. The Coleman is worth a look if you prefer the traditional looks and no frills. Otherwise, you’ll get more performance elsewhere with a smaller kit.

The Coleman has a loop on the end, but it is not just to hang (the Coleman is too heavy to hang in most tents). No other features are available. All is about simplicity, Coleman is crafted to last. If, in ten years, you want something to continue to work, it’s fine. But don’t pick it up.

7. Etekcity Lantern LED 

Etekcity lantern consists of 30 LED light bulbs with a 360° light consumption individually. Continuous lighting with adequate battery power for at least 30 hours of daily use. The lantern may easily be extended or collapsed, turned on or off and the light you wish to change. The Etekcity is the tightest lantern on the test with 60 lumens. This lantern became everyone’s least favorite with the tough white glare.

The Black Diamond Moji also provides higher value and efficiency for a budget lantern. The top of the lantern has a little space to store small objects, such as changed keys, some new batteries, etc. There is not a lot of room and two metal loops are supplied to hold or hanging. But the battery life is low and the violent beam of the lantern can not be balanced for 12 hours maximum runtime. We will remain clear of this short of warding off vampires.

8. UCO Sitka

A new outdoor lighting solution is the UCO Sitka Camping Laternen with Extendable Arm. The Super Bright LED light source from 12.5 to 26 inches is augmented with an integrated expansion arm. A stylishly portable handle made of sturdy leather. The variant of the lithium-ion is 2.2 lb/s and D-Cell is 4.2 lb/s. 1-year guarantee capped. Two styles are available in Sitka: It can be recharged from the lithium/lithium variant with six D-cell batteries.

9. LE LED Camping Lantern

Brightness with 1000 lumens and lighting with 360 degrees gives you the brightness required. It can be used up to 12-25 hours with 1.5 V 3 x D (Note included) batteries as power supply. Protective grade IPX4, making it ideal for hiking, biking, fishing, dog walking, etc. Energy savings and energy savings, emergency, earthquake, etc. Only brief To change your luminosity to your needs, click the tent light switch.

10.Primus EasyLight 

Lamp is 490 lumens max output and works in warm conditions for around 10 hours. This practical little lantern does not take up much space and runs on isobutane. Primus’s CO2-neutral brand fuel and gas – and is the only non-climate camping fuel to be on the market – is still available in 2013.

Due to the simple light piezo ignition, a warm light output and an easy packaging design, we rented the campsite gear for a week. It started raining as we used this lantern, but it never went out or had any problems. It’s made of glass and will break down if it is dropped. But it’s secure if the included hard case is packed.


What are Lumens?

Lumens are now the way to discover the brightness of a bulb or integrated LED light fixture

Think of lumens as a “new” way of knowing how bright a lamp is. Lumens = light output.

Simply put, lumens (denoted by lm) are a measure of the total amount of visible light (to the human eye) coming from a lamp or light source. The higher the lumen value, the “brighter” the lamp.

How to choose a camping lantern?

Battery operated camping lanterns display a lot of light, are convenient, safe, and you can use rechargeable batteries (obviously not on the trail). The amount of light can be adjusted and there are also flashlights that turn into a lantern.

There are also LED camping lights. LED lanterns last a long time with 4 D batteries (almost 12 days). Battery operated lanterns have a maximum lifespan compared to candle and gas lanterns.

How to maintain camping lanterns?

The maintenance of a camping light seems simple when you take care of it properly by storing it in a dry and cool place and especially make sure you check the batteries so that when you use it it will be operational.

What is the battery life with LED lights?

The batteries in LED lamps have an average life of 4 days but it all depends on the intensity of the LED lamp.

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