10 Best Camping Kitchens of 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

The best camping kitchens give you an area to cook and keep all your gear organized. Camping kitchens have moved on to much larger gas stoves with burners. Camp kitchens are typically more luxurious than a typical home kitchen. We take a look at the top products and highlight their best features. A portable outdoor kitchen gives you a quick and easy kitchen so you don’t have to search for spatulas or keep track of where the tomatoes are.

How to choose the best camping kitchen?

If you find difficulty in choosing the best camping kitchen, here is the complete guide. Think about which camp kitchen to choose for your outdoor trip.

  • Equipment Required: If you already own a stove, you will want a camping kitchen which you can use with your stove. Many camp kitchens will come with a stovetop area where you can store your utensils as well as the stove. You must consider the ratio of camp gear to people in your group and choose an appropriate stove or grill for them. It is important to remember that comfortable height is essential for efficient work. It’s preferable to get more space to start preparing your food, and eat off of the table.
  • Features: Camp kitchen designs can be specific to individual needs. Some features can change how your cooking experience improves. A windscreen will assist you cook quicker by helping your stovetop avoid having its flames flicker. Choosing a kitchen also includes features such as how much cooking space it has. Some camp kitchens come with sinks or basins, while others use liners that are stored separate from the kitchen items.
  • Easy To Use: Products and gears which are simple to use are suggested because you’ll be able to do it quickly and you’ll be less frustrated. Research an outdoor camp kitchen that is easy to set up and provides the most comfortable cooking experience possible. Having a stove taller than yourself makes it difficult to cook consistently, and is difficult to use. Consider investing in a camping portable kitchen that is designed to be customized to your taste and preferences. A fully integrated unit means it’s unnecessary to worry about the details.
  • Portability: The ease of carrying and setting up the camping kitchen equipment is also important. Choose lightweight gears that are easy to handle and highly portable to be able to travel light and comfortably. Many camp kitchens can be easily rolled up and packed away in a carrying case. It will be impractical to purchase a camping kitchen if it’s going to be difficult to transport. The ease of transportation in order to carry gear into the outdoors will be considered. It is important to also consider that your camp kitchen may be used for other campsites. There are other areas of camp in which a camp kitchen will work.
  • Durable: When purchasing a camping kitchen table, the best thing to look for is how durable it is. Look at the design of the table, such as how thick the legs are and the material of the table.
  • Material: The type of material used in your camping table’s construction determines the durability of the table. Tables are constructed from inexpensive MDF materials which are lightweight, but not waterproof. The tables should be made with lightweight aluminum and powder coated legs for additional strength. Fabric components used in camping kitchens should be fire retardant for safety reasons.
  • Storage: A camping kitchen needs a heavy-duty lid that can hold a hot pan, griddle, or grill. Pay attention to handy appliance hooks and paper towel holders too. Cisterns are great for storing water and pests out. Camp tables often feature a handy hook for hanging a light, ideal for a low-light situation.

What are the best camping kitchens?

1. Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen

The Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen has a 31.5-inch height and 21.3-inch width for slicing meats and chopping vegetables. The side stand accommodates most Coleman stoves and coolers, and also makes hanging knives and a mesh organizer available for further storage. When preparing for traveling, the kitchen folds away and is included within a single compact storage case. The only negative is that the legs are not adjustable. The height and width of the kitchen can’t be adjusted. Width doesn’t change, height doesn’t change, adjustability isn’t there, so you can’t make it any shorter or taller. Overall, this camping kitchen is strong and built to last.

2. Pack-Away Outdoor Kitchen Deluxe

The Coleman Lisongin Portable Camp Kitchen consists of a large food prep space. The unit comes with a sink that can be removed if you desire more storage. It provides several storage hooks and shelf space for your home kitchen. It weighs more than other portable camping units, but the overall functionality of this unit exceeds the competition.

3. GCI Outdoor

The GCI Outdoor cook station can be folded flat to save space. This product has four fold-out tables and a wire drying rack which works great for drying pots and pans. An issue is that there is no exterior storage bag, but the bag is easy to fold and carry.

4. Camp Chef Sherpa Camp Table & Organizer

The Camp Chef Sherpa provides a portable camping kitchen designed with the functionality and portability in mind. On the front of the Sherpa table there is a zip fastened zippered pocket. With its 66 lb weight limit, it is very practical and useful.

The Sherpa Camp Table & Organizer is an outdoor dining table, and it can be used as a convenient prep space. The aluminum table top comes equipped with flexible wrap around storage bags for keeping utensils and ingredients. When finished, close up the bags and compress them small enough to fit inside the compartments.

5. Cuisinart CFGS-222 Take Along Grill Stand

Since the Cuisinart Grill Stand folds flat for easy storage, it is readily available for storage. The table comes assembled, and has no parts that need to be secured to each other. The control handle is attached via rivets to the frame, making it convenient to transport and maneuver. Each shelf in the refrigerator has space for beverages, condiments, and seasonings, and also hooks for kitchen tools. Together, there are six beverage holders that prevent tipping and falling. The camping kitchen contains 8 tool hooks.

6. Camco Camping Kitchen

The Deluxe Folding Grill Table by Camco is a piece of equipment that every RV owner should have. This table is lightweight thanks to its high-strength steel frame and durable aluminum top. It is quick to set up and take down, and it folds down to a short size so it can be stored not taking up a lot of space. The backpack comes with a sturdy case and make traveling simple.

7. CampLand 

Folding-out camping kitchen provides a great amount of space for cooking and dining, and a covered space underneath the table for food preparation. This is a walk-around table that’s easy to set-up and break-down and can be carried and transported. A zippered carton provides large storage spaces for food, and can also protect food from bugs and insects. The great quality and craftsmanship of the aluminum, and the quality of the whole set.

8. Giantex Folding Grill Table

The Giantex Folding Kitchen is easy to set up and break down. 46 pounds on the table and 22 pounds on the side table which can hold most of our utensils. The two-shelf bag has extra storage that is ideal for storing supplies and condiments. A  detachable steel windshield shields a customer from the elements. Comes with a protective bag to shield edible items from insects and animals.

This camping table is portable and space saving, and easy to set up. The table is constructed with a strong steel frame, heat-resistant aluminum, MDF board, and PVC bag to increase its strength, durability, and stability. This table won’t weigh much and is easy to transport and store when it is folded and compressed.

9. Happybuy Portable Camping Kitchen

The Happybuy Portable Windscreen Cook Station includes a detachable windscreen. The lightweight aluminum frame structure will stand up to almost any use. The camping table is stain resistant, easily cleaned. I t is easy to assemble and dismantle, and can be carried easily with its carrying case (included)

Its durable aluminum construction allows it to be used in any environment from the beach to the park, garden. This camping kitchen provides storage, a work surface and extension.

10. Camco 51097 Deluxe Camping Kitchen

The Camco 51097 Deluxe Camping Kitchen Table has enough storage spaces and compartments to help you maximize all of your cooking utensils and equipment. There is a large 32″ x 17.5″ stainless steel cooking surface that makes cooking easier. To enhance stability, the height can be altered from 30 inches to 41 inches. You can fold up this comprehensive camping kitchen so it is more portable and space-saving. The total dimension of the Deluxe camping Camco 51097 kitchen table is 64.75 inches wide and 34 inches tall. It  has zippered pockets, removable shelves and mesh vents for optimal storage and organization.


1. Is waterproof camping cookware necessary?

Additional waterproofing isn’t necessary, as long as the camp kitchen is designed the right way. You will most likely use your camp kitchen near water whether it is for preparing food or to check the weather. Most of the materials used in the camp kitchen are water resistant, but we encourage users to further waterproof the kitchen if the manufacturer did not do so. You should examine the manufacturer’s instructions to see if there is a way to make extra waterproof.

2. Where should the camping kitchen set up?

It is best to keep a camp kitchen in an area with good ventilation so it won’t be adversely effected by a fire. You shouldn’t be allowed to place their camp kitchens inside their tents, small tents, or other enclosed spaces. There are times when you have to prepare food outside, and it is best to protect the kitchen with an umbrella or a tree. If you are unable to use any of these, you should consider finding a temporary structure.

3. Is it necessary to use a separate stove to cook the food?

You can have a camping stove that offers the storage of food as well so that you don’t have to pick more items. However, if you are going on an outdoor trip in the winter, an extreme cold weather tent will allow you to heat up your tent with a built in stove or stove hole. Otherwise, you can’t have an effective meal on your own.

4. Should I buy the camping kitchen essentials before going on that camping trip?

A person’s needs and requirements of camping kitchen necessities depend on the situation. However, you can always skip the camp kitchen with tap and sink or the portable camping table as you’ll get your meal without these items. However, you must have both the stove and the cookware in order to cook and prepare your food. However, the standard is different for each person.

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