Top 10 Best Bike Locks Reviews in 2021

A bike will always be appealing to the thefts, so it is better to keep it away with a bike lock that is part of the simple equipment you always bring with you if you have it. It is also best to prevent theft. Also drive.

It is not even a simple feature to buy a cheap lock, but so delicate and fragile that this little thieve will soon take your valuable two-wheel vehicle.

Bicycles are not inexpensive, so it’s a safe investing; you need a sturdy, long-lasting and shatterproof piece to do this, but if you’re not familiar with bike locks, we’ve prepared an acquisition guide to find out which locks. You can depend on locks.

Some brands have been developed following trials between parts with the same feature, offering effective safety systems with a lower risk of vulnerability, and the best thing is that a good anti-theft device should not be invested; so read about the best ways to protect your bike against theft.

What is a bicycle lock?

It is a component used to immobilize and prevent theft of a bicycle. Mostly, there is another stationary object that is required, for example a bracket, a pole or another thin object, used to secure a bike against the lock. But there are no limit, since models block the wheels, pedals or the frame without any other tools are also available.

Locking tools are the most powerful, vary in design, size and safety, but larger and heavier are the features which require balance depending on the weight you want for the bike and the portability, design and budget that you need.

Tips for buying a bicycle lock

Let’s start by looking at what you have to think about to find the right lock. It is not only a matter of price or power, but even the form of the lock and its materials need to be taken into account.

Bicycle lock type

  • U or D shape: Both of these are known for their excellent balance between security, price and comfort and are one of the most used models. They have, for example, a very strong, hard to crack locking mechanism as well as a horse-shoe shape, which makes it hard for thieves to use it as a lever. They are also available in various sizes for bikes of various sizes. Its down side is that it limits you to structures of lock size and can, because of their rigid form, be slightly more difficult to carry than chain versions.
  • Chain: It is simply an extended chain, protected also by an enclosure which protects the paint on the motorcycle and has a strong lock on one end. They are very practical and simple to carry because of their shape and length. But they have the weight issue. The lighter models usually are heavier than U-locks, and the lighter models are super safe and sturdy, but uncomfortable to transport. You are therefore advisable to park your bike for a long time in the same position.
  • Folding locks: They are made up of several metal plates that are attached together by rivets so that the device can be folded so that it is fitted conveniently into, for example, your backpack. Or, of course, they’re pliable enough to keep the bike in place. They have a decent degree of safety, actually comparable to U-locks. they are very convenient. The benefit is they have much greater versatility in nature and form than U-models, but they are in some way inconvenient. First of all, placing them is often a little difficult because they are a little more complicated. Second, they can stop working properly after a failed flight attempt, since the rivets are loosened and some plates are trapped. And, because of this very complicated form.
  • Cable: It is very handy and compact, which is a great benefit if you pedal long distances. They are therefore not the most effective, as any weed can easily cut them. This is why they are better for areas of low crime and when used with some kind of lock, as the ones shown below. Indeed, their good price and comfort probably don’t weigh enough to measure how low their power is.
  • Innovative locks: As manufacturers develop new ideas and new ways to protect our bike, new locks are often created. They’re a game, though, because they’re so fresh that they have to be tested before you find the next high-security lock.

U-lock, chain lock or folding lock: which one should I buy?

If you want a model to be taken with you at all times, take one U-shaped as it provides the best balance between protection, price and convenience.

Chains, on the other hand, can be a fantastic choice if you want to fit almost any structure in order for the bike to be secured or maybe leave them out parked for long periods for heavier and denser chains.

Foldable is a perfect choice, on the other hand, if you don’t find it difficult to adapt it because it is extremely compact, lightweight and very sturdy. They don’t adjust to any sort of surface very well, of course.

Convenience and security

In addition to the form of lock, think about yourself personally and what is best for you, and what places you normally visit and how much protection you need. However, U-locks and folding locks for portability are best as they are extremely light and easy to maintain, especially folding locks, which can significantly reduce their size.

The best thing about these locks is that they are super safe and thus provide an excellent balance in addition to being so convenient. If your bicycle can be robbed any time, however, or you cannot sleep in the high-crime areas at night, choose a chain model. They are heavier and less compact, but they provide even greater protection.

Safety tips

You know how important your bike can be and how quick it is for your friends to take advantage of and rob you whether you are a professional bike cyclist who loves to ride around your neighborhood, or it’s your favorite mode of transport, and any further commitment.

It is important to remember other things, such as the crime rate in your town, the methods of the thieves used and expert advice etc, along with the best possible lock and the right methods.

What are the best bike locks

1. ABUS Granit XPlus

The ABUS flagship U-Lock is Granit X Plus 540. U-lock on the market, lightest and safest. Square parabolic 13 mm tempered steel shackle and bowl/lock body. The X-Plus Key cylinder provides the highest level of picking defense. Two locked keys, one with LED illumination. Automatic keyhole cover for dirt and corrosion protection.

The ABUS Code Card makes additional keys or substitute keys easy to order. You can lock your bike in the rain and the cold by mounting two frames. Thanks to a much stronger, lightweight shackle, lighter than the competition.

Vended Secure Diamond rating lock – new class reserved for the most powerful motorcycle locks. The weight is about the same as three and five cans of coke, but it is a lot lighter than most other cans. It is very suitable for multi-lock and multi-bike houseHouses and can be keyed with other ABUS locks. There are two very robust and effective frame mounts available, which means that you can bring it around a breeze.

2. Kryptonite Kryptolok

12,7mm steel fasteners with new hardened double-deadbolts to increase holding strength at both ends. To trigger optional anti-theft security, register your product online. In the unlikely case by default, Kryptonite will pay off up to some value according to the product’s safety value when used properly. Customer support from Kryptonite is certainly the strongest of all brands for the bike lock. In certain cases, Free keys to lower price (or even free) lock substitutions. Read my full, practical analysis of the Kryptolok that offers the best alternatives if you’re not correct. Other U-lock comparison. Or contrasted it on the market with others. You came back to the page from which you came.

3. Kryptonite KryptoLok Chain Bicycle Lock

Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 955 is a brief, mobile safety-controlled mid-safety chain lock. When locked, the interior space is slightly less than normal, but it is versatile to allow you to find more spaces to lock your bike. It is much heavier than a comparable U-lock (it weighs around as 4.5 cans of coke) like all chains but it is still light and short enough to hold wrapped or tossed in a bag around your seat. Read my Kryptoniteryptolok series 2 9 55 Mini hands-on review here.

4. Hiplok Gold Wearable Chain Lock

Hiplok comes with three coded keys that can be replaced. Built for safety, designed for biking. 85cm locking range fully adjustable for 28-44″ Removable, optionally reflective and washable sleeve. Safe Safety Rated gold, with a 12mm hard steel and 10mm hard chain shackles. It is around the same weight as 5,5 cans of Coke at 4.85 lbs (2.2 kg), as all chains. Chain hips are special, as you can wear them like a belt around your waist. This facilitates the transport of them much better than usual chain locks that you usually wrap around your seat. It’s not like it gets lighter somehow than other locks on the chain. But it can be a bit of discomfort if they get longer or thicker. Or they don’t suit at all sometimes!

5. ABUS Bordo Granit XPlus 6500

Specially hardened steel bars with 5.5mm bars and special rivets which provide protection against even the most defined attacks. The ABUS Connection Protection Shield ensures the flexibility of these rivets, but also highly resistant to sciave attacks. It is heavy but not too loud to use for every day at 3.48 lb (1.58 kg). This is a bit heavier than 4 coke cans.

This has won a fantastic top 15 in the ABUS security level system with the BORDO GRANIT XPlus 6500 Folding Lock. It is 33.5″ (85 cm) long and you have plenty of spaces to lock your motorcycle. Just a fraction of the 5,5 mm (it’s smaller brother) is thicker than those of the 6,000. But with a Gold rating from Sold Secure and 2/5 stars from ART.ABLE, this bike lock is substantially safer.

The Abus Bordo GRANit 6500 is the only currently available high-speed folding lock. It is considerably lighter than any Sold Safe Gold bolt. The Sold Stable X Plus 540 230 is heavier and less safe at 1.58 kg. Review: the GRANIT 6500 folding lock Abus Bordo is a good way to deal with high risks. Comprehensive analysis of the 6500 to see how we rate them.

6. Kryptonite New York Standard Heavy Duty

Kryptonite New York lock designed to make bike theft more difficult to break into. 16mm hardened max-performance steel shackle with new hardened double-deadbolts. The lock comes with three keys, including one with an LED light for easily unlocking your bike in the dark. The company introduced the lock in 1994 to rise to the challenge of increased reports of bike thefts in New York. The 16-millimeter-thick steel is extremely difficult to cut with standard bolt cutters and comes with a bracket for mounting the lock on your frame for easy transport. For best results, loop the lock around both the bike’s frame and rear wheel.

7. ABUS Granit 640 U-Lock

The ABUS U-lock is a classic when it comes to securing bikes, and for good reason. The shackle, the case as well as supporting elements of the locking mechanism are made of special hardened steel. Two keys are supplied with the lock, one LED-lighted. ABUS is one of the leading U-locks manufacturers. The ABUS Plus cylinder is designed for high protection against manipulations, e.g. picking. The lock comes with a Code Card for additional or replacement key. It costs $99.99 and goes on sale in black or white.

8. Hiplok Gold Wearable Chain Bicycle Lock

Hiplok GOLD is designed to fit the riders waist without being locked to them. The adjustable-fit belt has a quick-release buckle so there’s no risk of getting locked in. The ten-millimeter-thick chain is encased in a nylon sleeve that’s more comfortable against your body. At just over five pounds, it’s about half as heavy as the Kryptonite chain. Hiplok is an ideal choice for high risk urban areas, especially for people who ride frequently. The chain weighs 2.4kg (5.3lbs) and is rated Sold Secure Gold rated for maximum protection.


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