These days, we are not immune to being the target of a pick-pocket robbery, and what could be more horrible than having someone rob your money, credit card or identification documents.

To cope with this eventuality, there is the anti-theft backpack, they are convenient, and they typically have enough space to go everywhere and carry all sorts of items nowadays, there are versions with the anti-theft features that can help you keep your stuff secure.

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What Is An Anti-Theft Backpack?

Many assume that putting a metal lock around an ordinary bag or suitcase is enough of an anti-theft solution, nothing else is needed. Yet in terms of actual risk, this is the most dangerous thing you can do.

When a robber sees a backpack, he is already conscious that there is something useful inside and uses cutters or other materials to pry off the side teeth of the zippers.

Not to mention, the general material used in the backpack is quickly penetrated.

While a padlock can be a good means of defense, it does not provide adequate protection against burglary, as a high-quality backpack, made of rugged materials, hidden pockets, and the ideal addition to the case,   additional storage compartments, and even compartments that help you to arrange anything and know where anything is missing.

Also, the best anti-theft model can be used if you fly, whether in a laptop backpack or in a travel bag.

What’s the difference between anti-theft backpack and regular backpack?

Hidden pockets

Having your bottles and/or umbrella stolen is not as important or significant as being overseas without your papers because they robbed your wallet.

For objects of significance, such as gold rings, passports, or even electronic memory cards, businesses create secret compartments on various anti-theft bags.

The big point is that these pockets are difficult to locate and to open/use. You will have to remove your backpack for storage, but it will provide a high degree of protection.

Such openings are typically small so as to hide bulges that may be likely to be noticed with the naked eye.

RFID security

With RFID technologies, our information is more vulnerable as the market for hackers trying to hack new contactless cards.

Fortunately, this has already been taken care of by businesses that make anti-theft bags and backpacks and now have security strips for small pockets that obstruct this feature and prevent an external drive from emptying our accounts.

Key lock

One of the best alternatives to the traditional padlock is the use of security blocks which involve the use of a certain combination to open the zipper.

In these locks, the ends of the clasp are inserted into the locking mechanism which prevents opening until the key is inserted.

By the way, personal entry is still ensured and, because it is an anti-theft model, an attacker would not be able to penetrate into your bag.

Materials enhanced

The best anti-theft model designs provide difficult entry, as a result of their protective and storage content is resistant to water, heat, and water hammer without damaging the pocket.

Not only can a robber or pickpocket get irritated this way, but the luggage handlers will be able to hit you (which they still do) but without risks whether there is an accident if you need to search the backpack on a plane trip.

And if you’re thinking about weight, the good news is that you’re getting smaller with these fabrics, and you’re not going to weigh more than extra back padding.

Zippers from YKK

No matter the price, all of the anti-theft backpacks have these initials on their zippers because YKK are the industry leaders for quality zippers. Possessing at least one of these pieces in the backpack provides an extra security.

Since the teeth do not crack, the closure still flows effortlessly and the zipper does not lose strength, these versions are popular around the world, so you will never be left with the backpack half open and everything uncovered. Thus, it is an effective robbery deterrent.

Integrated steel cable

Models specially built for travel use hardened steel cables in the sword region, which requires the backpack to be connected to the metal handles of a rolling suitcase.

When connecting and waiting for a flight, it is incredibly convenient, but it also gives us the reassurance that the backpack will not drop off.


A typical result of purchasing an anti-theft backpack is to continue to carry the backpack out with you while on walks outside.

You get it, I did that too. And I know what you think. There are recent lightweight versions that are ideal for a range of both electronic and non-electronic devices.

It is most valued because the rain cover is water resistant, and in the event of rain, the water will not spill from the backpack.

How To Choose An Anti-Theft Backpack?

Design of protection

The successful development of a backpack is followed by an anti-theft, defensive nature that deters or confuses the robber at first sight.

Each compartment is very organized, formed and finished generally, in such a way that you don’t have to think about it and can use it easily without any worry.


What is not often clarified is that all security precautions will lead to slower or costly backpack entry. The challenge doesn’t have to be serious, though, and an anti-theft model will still be easier.


Companies incorporate good insulation to make this comfort possible, balance weight on the back and shoulder and respiratory mesh cover.

Another function which appears to be very handy is that anything can have a different compartment internally and can be easily identified.


The long life of an anti theft backpack is maintained by safe elements such as polished seams, anti-destruction content and a firm frame.

Layout of the pocket

There are elastic compartments designed for most common gadgets and small objects, in size and weight.

These belts hang each object and place it in the backpack, making space for more in your anti-theft backpack.

In our daily lives, we all need a bag that can bear your personal property like a phone, a smartphone or the like, and the value of a theft-proof backpack is well known.

The only difference is that the better anti-theft backpack has additional protection over a conventional bag. It also has options including an external USB connection.

It is essential to have the best anti-theft backpack to give you maximum peace of mind for all these reasons.

What Is The Best Anti-Theft Backpacks?

1. Vintage Anti Theft Laptop Backpack

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A single laptop compartment holds 15.6 inch, 15 inch, 14 inch and 13 inch laptop. One comfortable front roomy for everyday uses, tech accessories.  USB cable built-in. Use this to connect the battery bank, then connect your phone to the USB port with the original USB cord, and you can easily charge your phone. Sustainable metal with a secret feature to shield your precious artifacts from stealing. Well built for international aviation and day travel. Good option for a laptop, work backpack, office bag for men and women and would be a good choice for middle school, high school, students. Made of sturdy nylon fabric with two “S” padded curve shoulder straps includes lights and power enhancement.

2. Hanke Anti Theft Travel Backpack

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Durable polyester material is waterproof and simple to disinfect, level 4 content. Suitable for travel, business, education, everyday job, etc. Multi-compartment configuration and wide capacity, two ipad and laptop slots. There are several things in all sorts of bags. The built-in cable and the external USB port can be conveniently loaded anywhere. Please use your power pack, this bag does not have a charger.

3. Tzowla Store Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

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100% brand new with high density and water repellent polyester fabric, don’t get easy to damp and promise long lasting use. Many pockets divider, simple to carry 15.6 inch laptop, water bottle, readers and a variety of other pieces. It’s hard to steal personal objects from the pickpocket back pocket, to store your goods like your passport and your currency. The USB Adapter port provides easy access to charge your computers and a secure external link. Get your cell set up and go. Many paddles on the back, shoulder straps and grip make it easy to bear, just feel the weight. The secret theft proof pocket on the back rests against the body of the wearer. The anti-pickpocket bag is difficult to  steal. The secret fraud back pocket evidence is sitting up. so nobody can get into it without you feeling it against the body.

4. Travelon Anti Theft Classic Backpack

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5-Point anti-theft system aims to eliminate 5 of the most prevalent forms of theft. Interior  wall wallet to prevent bearing the added weight of a wallet. The LED light indoor tethered key clip lets you find stuff in your bag. Finely built by the way people currently go around the globe with superior longevity. Both the body and the belts have hurdles that keep bag slashers from reaching the products. Colors were deliberately chosen for most wardrobes.

5. Fintie Anti-theft Travel Laptop Backpack

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The main compartment  features padded sleeves (fits standard 14″ or 15.6″ computers, not ideal for desktop gaming) several divider pockets to accommodate a range of items. Anti-thief back pocket that blocks RFID will guard against stolen personal information. Remote USB port with interchangeable USB 4.0 cable fast charging allows charging the mobile devices. The reflective stripes make you feel on your night trip. The luggage strap helps the backpack to slip over suitcase rails to be transported comfortably.

6. WENIG Business Travel Anti Theft Backpack

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This anti-theft laptop backpack has 3 main pockets, 9 internal little pockets, 2 sides and 1 back pocket. Hold your wallet in your pockets, watch. Slanting pocket front ideal for fast finds like your ID for work, unlock door keys. Two side bottle pockets and a compact umbrella arrange your things. Suitable for storage or transportation, it can be stored quickly. This book bags also waterproof women’s computer backpack. And it’s a perfect gift for women or going to travel. Backpack is made of waterproof and sturdy Oxford metal zip fabric. The travel bag for the business with set password lock and sturdy metal zippers, the back with the secret anti-theft pocket.

7. Kopack Lightweight Laptop Backpack Anti Theft

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Padded strap and back padding provide more back support and ease for your everyday trip. You can open the travel anti-theft backpack 90-180°, pass a security check at the airports, and don’t have to remove your electronic gadget. Great backpack for corporate trips, weekend trips, regular shopping and outdoor events. Two luminous lining glows in the dark to guarantee protection. Crafted with water resistant to scratches and metal zippers for long-lasting use. Cover your precious objects from robbery with a secret anti-theft pocket on the back. Make your ride and travel smoother everywhere you go.


How does an anti-theft backpack work?

It is used for the protection of your personal belongings including a phone, a smartphone and any useful personal effects such as a wallet with your bank cards and RFID protection.

What’s a lock for a backpack?

An anti-theft backpack is a bag that is designed to protect its contents from reinforced materials. Moreover, they are usually fitted with password or code TSA padlocks and all zippers are strengthened and not accessible in order to discourage pickpockets from behaving easily.

Could I wash RFID bags?

It is best not to wash it because it will harm the RFID protection system. It is also advisable to scrub it with a wet tissue.

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