12 Steps To Clean Your Bike And Let It Shine

Cycling has its consequences though being fun and safe. One is that every time you ride your bike gets dirty. Ignoring dirt is a mistake because its longevity and movement can be affected too much.

We all know, though, that it’s not easy to clean bikes. So I’m going to try to clarify the steps you need to take to clean your bike effectively.

1. Choose a suitable bicycle cleaner

Let’s begin with a really important point which many people sadly seem to forget. Cleaning your bike is vital, but that doesn’t mean you can clean it with any chemical. If you do, you may have the contrary effect to what you want and destroy it rather than preserve it.

Many opt for bicycle cleaners with aerosolization. Ok, this is not a bad idea. This is not a bad idea. Spray cleaners can and are simple to apply to remove soaked-in stains on the bike frame. Sprinkle it on the surface, wait a couple of minutes, remove it with soap, water and a rag.

The only chemicals that I recommend to clean a motorcycle are sprays. Using the following for the remainder:

  • Chain lubricant
  • Two brushes. One for the tubes (make it relatively large), one for the bike drive system (preferably use a toothbrush).
  • A bucket of water and soap, to soak the brushes.
  • A specific degreaser for bicycles.
  • Lubricant for tubes. Preferably, a light and self-cleaning product.
  • 3 rags. 2 to remove some of the grease, and another to dry and polish it when you are finished.
  • A special cleaner for bicycles.

Now that you have the necessary tools, let’s move on to the second step.

2. Put the bike on something

Here’s another trick that’s going to come in handy. Put the bike on a working surface or repair stand before cleaning. Believe or not, it will provide you more space, independence and versatility to clean it up by holding it in the air.

This will allow you more power over the whole bike and even the tightest bends can be cleaned. You could hang it on a close and secure wardrobe if you do not have a repair stand.

3. Clean up the image

First of all, the frame or the back of the bike is clean. First, it’s the best cleaning place. Secondly, since mountain bikes have very good designs, it is a shame to lose them in dirt.

The frame is the core component of the bike, which consists of tubes connecting the whole “top” of the bike. I say cleaning the top tube, bottom tube, upper duct, lower duct and seat tube with the cleaning of the frame.

Then fill a bucket with water and soap, put a sponge in the bucket and then fill the pipes with the sponge. You can also combine the water with the bicycle cleaner in the bucket, and you can use a soft brush if the dirt doesn’t come off with the sponge.

Do not use liquid kitchen or soap, as the design or paint of the bicycle can be damaged.

4. Don’t forget to dry

The construction of the bike is not perfect and you can be stained with soap and water if you do not care about dried the tubes after washing them.

But be not pitiful. So don’t be pitiful. Dry every rag in the paint until the tubes are fully shiny and dry.

5. Secure the seat

You can upgrade the seat because you have cleaned the desk, if you’re upset.

Many cyclists have knee pain when they’re riding their bike, and the reason could be a very low bicycle seat. If you’ve had this agony, take the chance to change your seat level.

6. Flush the transport network

We’ll turn the heat up a little now. The drive system consists of all equipment and components “turning on” or producing the movement of the bike. It consists of the pedals, cords, cords, chainrings, drive chain and sprockets.

The drive machine will still be filthy. The tours are unavoidable for it to become filthy. And because it consists of equipment that moves the bike, cleaning them frequently is of the utmost importance.

Use the toothbrush I mentioned earlier to clean, dip it with soap and water in the bucket and rub it over these equipment. You can hit some dirt between the chains’ rings and the teeth of the pipe and chainrings with the toothbrush.

Rinse this area with water and soap until everything is clear. Using a degreaser to tear the gears if the soap brush does not work.

7. Lubricate the chain

Recall drying any cloth from gears. They will rust if you don’t well dry them. However, another way of preventing rust is to add lubricant, sprays and chainrings to the chain.

The lubricant protects them against rust, but allows them to remain clean for longer. Be alert, however, how you apply it. Just for a small amount. And after a few seconds, you are waiting and wiping the gears.

You will stick to the gear if you add too many lubricants and do not dry them.

8. Check the brakes.

Now that the drivetrain is done, continue to check the brakes of the bike.

There are several points where the brakes could be inspected, but I suggest you start with the pads. The more you ride your bike, the more brake pads are used. It is well recognized. The more pads you use, the more you use them.

I suggest that during cleaning you look at the brake pads. If you’re unable to see the edges, it means they are badly deteriorated already and new ones should be replaced. New towels shouldn’t be too costly, so don’t worry.

9. Adjust the brakes

The next method of checking the brakes is by the control rod.

You see, the levers are not to move too much, and the wires are to be tight. If the brake levers are pressed and moved before they touch the handlebars, you can bet they are loose and tighten them.

Squeezing them is fast. Turn the barrel adjuster, which is situated next to the brake levers for many motorcycles. I suggest that the brake cables and lever nuts be adjusted if they aren’t working.

You can search a tutorial on YouTube if you need additional assistance. But I do not want to get away from the subject, I will explain it myself.

10. Clean the wheels

Now that you’ve finished with the drive system, clean your bike’s wheels.

It is quick to clean the wheels if they are dirty. Using a sponge to clean the rims and spokes of the wheel with soap and water. It is best to use a toothbrush for the hub (the central part of the wheel that links all spokes, because the room is small and a sponge does not have the same range.

You should also remove stone, glass or things that can punch them and crack them. You can also clean the rubbers. Use a water tube and a rigid bristle brush to clean the rubbers. A specialist rubber cleaner can be applied too.

Moreover, due to the issue of theft and bike locks many new bikes can easily be disassembled. Don’t worry, therefore, if you prefer to take off the wheels for cleanup. The above choice is available for your bike.

11. Inflate the tires

We haven’t yet finished with the tires because you miss the tires. The air pressure in them decreases with each trip as you continue to inflate them. And if the tires have a low air pressure, a little drink on the road would more likely make them punch.

Many are inflated with hand pumps or cords with rubber. Ok, the trick is done by hand-pumps. I recommend, however, that you have an air compressor. First, since it is easy to operate and requires no energy expenditure. Secondly, since the compressors have a pressure gauge that shows the air pressure level in the tire.

You can prevent the rubber blindly from inflating (and risking overdrive and explosion). You can also track and, if necessary, inflate the air level of the rubbers on each ride.

12. Pay attention to the screws

This is another key point. Motorbike washing is necessary, but rinsing can have a little effect on the torches and is unavoidable. Over time, they will rust or get out.

That’s not always you’ve got to do. But continue to check the screws from time to time. Lubricate them so that they will not rust and strain them so that they do not get damaged or get off the ground.

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